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Topic #7885881
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda and nat are in the hammock. They are both complaing about their partners. 0 Replies #7885881 3:20PM 16/02/2008
Nat is upset...sounds almost like she could cry. "He promised he woulsn't say anything"

Now she's mad at Ali for something...

Most other HGs are on the couches. Ali has rollers in her hair. Jen is under a blanket...they're discussing hairstyles.
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Topic #7885886
Julie - Natalie on the hammock with Amanda, crying and visibly upset that Allison told Matt that Natalie could see herself dating Matt after BB and that Matt 0 Replies #7885886 3:21PM 16/02/2008
can't approach her and has other people sort it out with her instead. She tried to talk to him just before the lockdown was announced, but she's not going to grovel and she's aggravated that he expects her to beg. She tells Amanda that Matt also tried to touch her last night and that he tried to kiss her.
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Topic #7885944
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Sharon are talkling by the HT, can't make out a word. Amanda/Nat are still in the hammock . 0 Replies #7885944 3:26PM 16/02/2008
Nat is upset about Matt...that he hasn't talked to her.

Amanda says Alex hasn't talked to her either.

Both say the boys have tried to kiss them, but they have turned them away.
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Topic #7885962
Julie - Natalie laments that Matt doesn't talk to her, constantly pulls away from her, and has only spoken a few words to her today. She doesn't comprehend 0 Replies #7885962 3:27PM 16/02/2008
why he claims to have no feelings for Allison and is merely strategising with her; she thinks it's illogical and counterintuitive since Allison's the one's going home. It seems as though she's vacillated again and gone back to voting to evict Ryan and Allison, unless she's just playing Amanda.
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Topic #7885971
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda and Nat leave the hammock and join the group on the couches. The fire pit has been lit. Everyone looks cold. 0 Replies #7885971 3:29PM 16/02/2008
Josh, James and Sharon are in the HT, but aren't talking much.

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Topic #7885984
SouthernBelladonna - The group around ther fire pit talk about the show scedule. Jen says BB told her the live eviction is Wed. NT 0 Replies #7885984 3:30PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7885986
Julie - Most housemates gathered on the BY couches; they finally seem to have come to the realisation that the live eviction is Wednesday. NT 0 Replies #7885986 3:30PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886020
SouthernBelladonna - Nat, Matt, and Parker are playing pool. Adam is milling around the BY. 0 Replies #7886020 3:34PM 16/02/2008
Frequent brief FLAMES for some reason.

Josh, James and Sharon still around the talking.

The other Hgs are around the firepit
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Topic #7886095
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila says Adam would not have been her 1st choice, but she's really glad he's her partner now. 0 Replies #7886095 3:43PM 16/02/2008
She says he's very intelligent and unpredictable and that's great in this game.
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Topic #7886112
Julie - Jen and Ryan are totally captivated by Natalie's wedgie revealing some camel toe. Jen says they've got to tell her. NT 0 Replies #7886112 3:45PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886134
Julie - The group on the couches talking about Natalie's revelation last night that she can use her crotch as a reservoir in the tub & squirt the water out NT 0 Replies #7886134 3:48PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886182
Julie - Alex complains about Amanda's voice, making fun of its squeakiness and saying that she's like Bart or Lisa from The Simpsons. NT 0 Replies #7886182 3:54PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886244
Julie - Nothing of much interest happening right now. Alex talking about his job as a DJ/MC, getting attention from girls; Sharon talking about clothes. NT 0 Replies #7886244 4:04PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886288
Julie - Alex hassling Amanda about her pet exclamation 'bueno' from across the BY. 0 Replies #7886288 4:12PM 16/02/2008
Ryan says they're just giving her ***** and she replies, 'I don't care; he can go and try to finger another girl.'
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Topic #7886345
Julie - Ryan and Sheila debating the merits and authenticity of some cinematic effects in porno flicks; the details of the argument can be spared, really. NT 0 Replies #7886345 4:18PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886393
Julie - The lockdown is over. Alex asks if the house want to eat early or late; they unanimously answer early. NT 0 Replies #7886393 4:25PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886448
Julie - Natalie relays her conversation with Amanda to James and Adam. 0 Replies #7886448 4:33PM 16/02/2008
They say that Amanda and Allison are both "*****", but that Allison will get hers in time and they need to focus on the goal at hand. Natalie says she knows and assures them she's not deviating from the plan and has no intention of using the veto; she's just frustrarted.
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Topic #7886460
SouthernBelladonna - Nat is telling James and Adam that she does not want to use the veto. She says one of that couple has to go. 0 Replies #7886460 4:34PM 16/02/2008
She says she's not going to risk anything.

She's saying she's annoyed with Amanda...wanted to be in the hammock by herself and Amanda wouldn't leave her alone. The guys point out that the guilty party (meaning Amanda) always come to talk.

They comment that the house "is so High school right now"
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Topic #7886461
Julie - They believe that Amanda was the one who ignited the Matt/Nat/Allison rumour and approached Natalie at the hammock earlier to fan the flames. NT 0 Replies #7886461 4:35PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7886489
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Sharon talk. Josh says Amanda is the troublemaker in the house. 0 Replies #7886489 4:37PM 16/02/2008
They say they have to make sure Nat doesn't crack.
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Topic #7886807
KingMac - Nat pours her soul out to Matt about how she thinks he is avoiding her because... 0 Replies #7886807 5:15PM 16/02/2008
of what Allison said about Nat wanting a relationship with Matt outside the house, he says don't believe what anyone says unless it comes from his mouth, she leaves and he winks to the camera and gives a huge smile. Man he is Americas PLAYER.
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Topic #7887147
Taffy - Amanda is complaining to Parker about Alex... 0 Replies #7887147 5:53PM 16/02/2008
Parker asks her what did she do to start things..."Nothing!" says Amanda...She tells Parker that Alex has been unbelievably Jealous since day day 9...Parker doesn't seem rattled by Amanda's 'problem'...Amanda tells Parker she doesn't date guys like him (Alex) Parker smiles. Amand keeps going "I met you a week want me to do what?, for real...i don't know why they did this to us (BB)" Parker: yes, this is sh*tty...Amanda: If he was at least nice to me...
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Topic #7887174
Taffy - Amanda to Parker : I'm pissed, I wanna go home...I WANNA GO HOME! NT 0 Replies #7887174 5:55PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887303
KingMac - Allison talking to Josh and Sheila saying America loves us. They want us to get them out the house. NT 0 Replies #7887303 6:08PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887312
KingMac - Allison telling Shelia she figuerd out some sort of puzzle and she will tell her later. NT 0 Replies #7887312 6:08PM 16/02/2008
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