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Topic #7912184
CruiseCritic - Adam is washing up some dishes. No conversation right now on F3 NT 0 Replies #7912184 4:09PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7912197
CruiseCritic - Jen and Ryan cuddling on chair in WC and Amanda talking to them about how much 0 Replies #7912197 4:10PM 18/02/2008
her jeans cost - around $30 and Jen says thats not bad.

Amanda tells them how Josh threw her the finger every time he went by her picture today.

Jen says she is sleeping with Ryan tomorrow night and then says she might as well do it tonight.....

Jen thinks she is going home
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Topic #7912211
CruiseCritic - Jen saying how she wants to make chicken noodle soup and she might make it for her and Ryan 0 Replies #7912211 4:11PM 18/02/2008
and nobody else. She tells him she is wearing the jeans he always begs her to wear. He says he likes them
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Topic #7912230
CruiseCritic - Jen showing Chels something in the WC that is broken. talking about putting it in SR 0 Replies #7912230 4:13PM 18/02/2008
and Nat is asking for scrubbies or pumice for their feet. Chels said the pumice is broken.

Going thru some bathroom supplies. Jen putting lotion on her face and Ryan is in the john
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Topic #7912244
CruiseCritic - Jen rubs her chest area a bit and is starting to itch all over...strange looks in her eyes. 0 Replies #7912244 4:15PM 18/02/2008
Now putting on something that looks like a lipstick on area on her chest.

Ryan comes out and she says "that was fast"
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Topic #7912255
CruiseCritic - Ryan gets in shower and asks Jen about some lotion that is in there and she says 0 Replies #7912255 4:16PM 18/02/2008
its there BC she puts it on when she gets out of the shower. He says it is going to get wet, she says that is ok

Nat is in shower next to Ryan and he asks "How is the water Natalie" and she says good.

Jen opens door to showet to take a peek and FLAMES
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Topic #7912271
CruiseCritic - Jen putting on eyeliner and Ryan and Nat in the shower. Jen says Ryan is making funny noises 0 Replies #7912271 4:18PM 18/02/2008
and he says he is whistling. Jen tells him he isnt allowed to whistle.

Parker comes in to WC
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Topic #7912284
CruiseCritic - Adam brings big load of clean towels into the WC and someone says WTG Adam and then 0 Replies #7912284 4:19PM 18/02/2008
feed switched to kitchen counter where James is eating with a bag of chips in front of him. Sheila in kitchen as well getting a snack
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Topic #7912302
CruiseCritic - Amanda on floor next to a couch that Sharon is sitting on. SHaron asks her 0 Replies #7912302 4:21PM 18/02/2008
what she said about James. Amanda - just what I said yesterday - his attitude.

Sharon - i told Josh that i was not here for the first couple of days that this sh*t went down so you can make the decisions.

Amanda - what do you think he will say?
Sharon- I dont know, but I will do whatever he wants to do for the first week
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Topic #7912312
augie - Alli and Chel in the sauna. Alli telling Chel that Sheila and her will not share any money, it's one for all (still pretending to be 0 Replies #7912312 4:22PM 18/02/2008
a couple with Sheila). Chel is worried about Alli in the
"relationship" and Alli throws Shiela under the bus saying
that Sheila is too cocky and goes overboard too much.

Alli tells Chel that Parker went to Adam and held his
neck making Adam swear to vote to keep Parker. Chel is
horrified - Alli says that Parker is threatening everybody.
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Topic #7912313
Broodmore - Parker says better hope I don't come back 0 Replies #7912313 4:22PM 18/02/2008
says if he comes back, those who are against him will pay with their asses
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Topic #7912314
CruiseCritic - Parker comes in and asks where everyone is and Amanda says in the steam room 0 Replies #7912314 4:23PM 18/02/2008
and Matt goes "scheming"

parker says those that are against him will pay.

Amanda talks about there being too much down time. Sharon thinks after Wednesday things will start moving.... eviction, HOH, food comp etc.

sharon says there will be sh*t going on. Amanda says they put us in here too early
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Topic #7912315
augie - Allie telling Chel that Mattie is playing all the girls and both the girls don't trust him. NT 0 Replies #7912315 4:23PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7912320
Taffy - Allison and Chelsia inside the sauna.... 0 Replies #7912320 4:23PM 18/02/2008
Allison tells Chelsia "Like, I love you and I think you're an amazing person, and I know we're gonna be friends when we leave the house"(hmmm...where have I heard that before?ed.)...Amanda is still talking to Sharon in another room...
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Topic #7912333
CruiseCritic - Parker says he should go in sauna because there is nothing to do but he doesnt feel 0 Replies #7912333 4:25PM 18/02/2008
like sweating. Matt doesnt want to sweat either. AManda says she had celery for lunch and she had an apple and a banana today - a good way to eat when you are stressed and to lose weight.

talk about someone saying they cant make lasagna BC they dont have enough cheese.

Feed switches to Nat doing her makeup with a towel on her head. Parker just tells Natalie "wherever Allison is is where I need you to be" Jen is right next to Nat doing her hair
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Topic #7912348
augie - Allie says that Mattie is trying to be "America's Player" trying to be with everybody. Chel wondering if other people will come into the house - like 0 Replies #7912348 4:27PM 18/02/2008
Mattie had his ex-girlfriend make it to almost the end.
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Topic #7912360
CruiseCritic - Parker says to Nat to make sure Alex knows that he isnt trashing Alex 0 Replies #7912360 4:28PM 18/02/2008
Natalie says she wants to save BOTH their as@es.

Natalie says she will go talk to them. Parker saying that they have never done anything to Josh and he thinks he has had words with Allison before.

Nat now trashing how Alli did her bicep exercise... Jen says Allison talks trash about everyone else...
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Topic #7912370
CruiseCritic - Jen saying it could just be the three of us and then there would be no more Amanda NT 0 Replies #7912370 4:28PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7912377
CruiseCritic - Jen is straightening her hair. Nat saying she likes curly, but so much easier to straighten 0 Replies #7912377 4:30PM 18/02/2008
Jen - I like how Sheila and Adam came to this revelation too (sarcastically)
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Topic #7912394
augie - Alli telling Chel that she and Sheila have known each other for 10 years, but been "together" for 4 years 0 Replies #7912394 4:32PM 18/02/2008
of college and 4 years of grad school. (ED...hmmmm dumb)
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Topic #7912397
CruiseCritic - Sheila, Adam and Parker at the counter. Lotsa smiles. Parker is eating 0 Replies #7912397 4:32PM 18/02/2008
Adam saying "I miss everyone of you babies and kisses from Waller?"

Sheila laughs and Adam says they all know who waller is. Parker says it is so hard for him BC he works all the time. SHeila says bit you are in restaurants & bar scenes.

Alex came in with a beer and wonder who wants a shot of beer.
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Topic #7912410
CruiseCritic - Alex has the beer and he is filling little shot glasses and yells 0 Replies #7912410 4:33PM 18/02/2008
yo yo who wants a shot.

Matt is asleep on one of the couches and Amanda is still on floor talking to Sharon.
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Topic #7912449
CruiseCritic - Amanda talking about her Dad right now to Sharon and it gets quiet. Amanda 0 Replies #7912449 4:36PM 18/02/2008
says she doesnt want her nails to come off BC she is picking at them. SHe asks Sharon if she picks at hers and sharon says no.

Amanda says her nails are turning yellow.

Amanda says look at last year, everyone was so mean to Jen and she had not ONE person to talk to.

Sharon - we talk to you.

Amanda - just not Josh
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Topic #7912553
augie - Chel just giddy with how different Alli and Sheila are but how cool that they get along so well. 0 Replies #7912553 4:44PM 18/02/2008
Chel asking where they live and Allie giving her answers
real quick - without stuttering. Chel asks if her parents
are good with it and Alli assures them they are "cool".
Also that Sheila's son is so cool.

Now Allie is asking questions about Chel's last boyfriend.
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Topic #7912583
CruiseCritic - Amanda talking about how Josh said she was ugly and says that she hasnt even 0 Replies #7912583 4:47PM 18/02/2008
kissed Parker or anything. SHaron sneezes twice and BB tells her not to obstruct microphone

(I gotta run again)
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