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Topic #7907914
KaySeeDubya - Sheila in the bathroom. Says morning to Josh, who is still in the shower. 0 Replies #7907914 10:15AM 18/02/2008
Josh mentions something about last night, but it was hard to understand with the shower still on. I heard "I let that bitch have it" and "Aw, hell no".

Josh goes on about Jen, calling her a whore and hoping Ryan breaks up with her.
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Topic #7907919
KaySeeDubya - Alex is up on feeds 3 & 4. He appears to be making coffee. Sheila & Josh are still talking about last night while Josh is still in the shower. NT 0 Replies #7907919 10:16AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7907938
KaySeeDubya - Josh calls Amanda a fat ass and claims she'll be upstairs all day. "Good, I don't want to see that f*cking skank" NT 0 Replies #7907938 10:18AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7907952
KaySeeDubya - Josh says Jen is most likely the racist one. Meanwhile, Alex is putting his floor bed away. NT 0 Replies #7907952 10:19AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7907986
KaySeeDubya - Josh and Sheila now debating who is more hateful between Jen & Amanda 0 Replies #7907986 10:22AM 18/02/2008
Sheila mentions last night how Parker & Jen made no attempt to defend Amanda. Alex enters the bathroom. Apparently there's something wrong with the left side of the shower.
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Topic #7908009
KaySeeDubya - Josh and Sheila still going on about last night...Sheila claims she's never been mean to anyone. NT 0 Replies #7908009 10:26AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908029
KaySeeDubya - Feed update 0 Replies #7908029 10:28AM 18/02/2008
F1 - Sheila showering (close shot)
F2 - Sheila showering (wide shot)
F3 - Alex doing the dishes (close shot)
F4 - Alex doing the dishes (wide shot)

Josh left to go back to his room, likely to change.
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Topic #7908059
KaySeeDubya - Sheila out of the shower and putting lotion or something on her face... 0 Replies #7908059 10:30AM 18/02/2008
Alex is still doing dishes. Josh walks out with clothes on. Alex says "What up, Tex?"
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Topic #7908065
KaySeeDubya - Josh asks what Alex is getting for breakfast. He says he doesn't know. Josh heads to the storage room to get something. NT 0 Replies #7908065 10:31AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908070
wasteotime - Alex up and washing dishes 0 Replies #7908070 10:32AM 18/02/2008
Josh and Alex in the kitchen making breakfast
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Topic #7908079
KaySeeDubya - Sheila still messing about in the bathroom. Josh comes out with turkey patties. Alex is mumbling. I think he mentions last night, calling it WW3 NT 0 Replies #7908079 10:33AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908091
KaySeeDubya - Josh says the house forgives & forgets quickly. 0 Replies #7908091 10:35AM 18/02/2008
Alex says he expects Josh to put him up. "I'm not winning. James & Chelsia want to take her out, though."

Alex says this HOH reign made him an immediate target.
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Topic #7908105
wasteotime - Alex and Josh said it was world war 3 in this house last night 0 Replies #7908105 10:36AM 18/02/2008
Josh says this house forgives and forgets very easily but tells Alex that James and Chelsia want to take out Amanda. Alex says he's a target because he's HOH for 10 days.
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Topic #7908142
KaySeeDubya - Alex just broke a pot by accident NT 0 Replies #7908142 10:41AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908147
wasteotime - Josh said BB is the only true reality show on TV NT 0 Replies #7908147 10:42AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908160
KaySeeDubya - Sheila is out of the bathroom and joins the boys in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #7908160 10:44AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908171
KaySeeDubya - Just saw someone up in the bedrooms. I think it was Matt. NT 0 Replies #7908171 10:45AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908299
KaySeeDubya - Alex is cooking pancakes and used the rest of the soy milk 0 Replies #7908299 10:56AM 18/02/2008
that Sheila was going to use for cereal. She starts to talk about how she can't digest whole milk. Josh is still cooking turkey patties.

Discussion now to the broken pan. Sheila says someone lost a screw last night. Josh is looking for missing screws and pieces that could fix it.

Sheila back in the bathroom blow drying her hair.
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Topic #7908363
KaySeeDubya - Discussion goes back to last night 0 Replies #7908363 11:01AM 18/02/2008
Josh says he very rarely blows up like that. He believes Neil was probably celebrating from it.

Josh says the weather looks to be a good day, but sometimes a good day turns pretty ugly.

Josh goes outside. It's VERY bright. He starts praising to God about being helped with these people. He asks God to fix Amanda as she clearly has something wrong with her.
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Topic #7908375
wasteotime - Josh praying in the backyard 0 Replies #7908375 11:02AM 18/02/2008
"God please help Amanda with her mental disorder because she is CLEARLY not well. Amen"
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Topic #7908459
wasteotime - Sheila and Josh taking about Churches while eating breakfast 0 Replies #7908459 11:12AM 18/02/2008
Both say they watch preachers on Tv when they don't go on sunday. Josh talking about The Cathedral of Hope in Texas and says its the largest gay church in the world
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Topic #7908522
WieKacie - Parker is up. NT 0 Replies #7908522 11:18AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908634
WieKacie - Alex is making M&M pancakes. Josh and Parker are outside laying not talking. NT 0 Replies #7908634 11:28AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908749
WieKacie - Shelia joins Josh laying out. General Chat. Alex chopping up something to feeds the guinea pigs. NT 0 Replies #7908749 11:36AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7908799
NYTC7 - Flames, BB must be waking HG up. NT 0 Replies #7908799 11:39AM 18/02/2008
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