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Topic #7903917
AmyFromCanaduh - Parker says he's going to go downstairs and talk to Jen. Amanda says she wants to leave. NT 0 Replies #7903917 12:57AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7903957
Praz - Jen and Matty in BR ... not verbatim 0 Replies #7903957 1:00AM 18/02/2008
Jen: Chelsia likes me, I know that.
Matty: earlier today they were going to vote for you.
Jen: Even if I have to ***** make a deal that says hey keep us we win HOH next week and i'll put up alex and amanda, cause in my defense, they put me up why shouldnt i put them up.
I don't trust James.
Matty: no, but i think you should try to make a deal with them tonight.
jen: Parker thinks we should wait until tomorrow.
Thank god sharon doesn't hold a grudge.
Matty: seriously you are lucky!
At least you got one vote, I won't ever go back on my word.
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Topic #7903962
AmyFromCanaduh - Parker says theDR screwed him so he's not going to go when they call him and he's on a DR strike NT 0 Replies #7903962 1:00AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7903972
AmyFromCanaduh - Parker says he's going to go downstairs, Amanada says don't leave, they hug NT 0 Replies #7903972 1:01AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7903991
AmyFromCanaduh - Amanda says shes going downstairs to tell the DR to give her her stuff (Bag?) Parker: Are you sure thats what you want to do? NT 0 Replies #7903991 1:03AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904009
AmyFromCanaduh - Amanda (puppy dog face): Will you guys come back up here? (Parker/Jen)... *delay* You don't want to come back? NT 0 Replies #7904009 1:04AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904021
AmyFromCanaduh - Amanda plays this card "its okay.. you dont have to talk to me..." NT 0 Replies #7904021 1:05AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904035
AmyFromCanaduh - Parker goes downstairs and Amanada watches on the spycam NT 0 Replies #7904035 1:06AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904093
AmyFromCanaduh - Allison and Jen talking in storage room NT 0 Replies #7904093 1:10AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904105
Praz - Jen Matty Adam and Natalie in the BR talking about Amanda saying Natalie is a slut... 0 Replies #7904105 1:11AM 18/02/2008
at first Jen is trying to defend Amanda saying that what she said wasn't that Natalie was a slut and that Nat was there in the hot tub when she said something... but then Nat reminds her that other things were said and after she left.
Parker walks in the room and Adam says "Whats up Slut?" to parker. Parker comes to Nat defending Amanda saying "she never called you a whore" and then we get flames
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Topic #7904145
Praz - Jen & Alli in storage talking. 0 Replies #7904145 1:13AM 18/02/2008
Alli is scolding Jen for not portraying herself on this show as the good person that she is... because Jen and Amanda made fun of alli's unmatching bathing suit. Jen defends herself saying she is not the only one who goes into the DR to make fun of people. Alli says Absolutely, but that doesn't mean you have to be that person too.
Alli is trying to make Jen feel guilty about beind such a bad person.
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Topic #7904179
Praz - Jen & Alli still in storage room 0 Replies #7904179 1:15AM 18/02/2008
Alli telling Jen she could grow and learn from this. That her talking behind Alli's back is only damaging herself (Jenn)... Alli insists that the comments about her bathing suit did not hurt her (yeah right) but continues to confront her about it.
Then we get flames.
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Topic #7904363
AmyFromCanaduh - Amanda went into the DR NT 0 Replies #7904363 1:27AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904379
Praz - Sheila and Alli talking in BR then Ryan comes in and Alli confronts him. 0 Replies #7904379 1:28AM 18/02/2008
Now ALli is yelling t Ryan because he didn't tell her that his girlfriend Jen was talking about Alli's outfit in the DR.
Alli: You're suppsoed to be my partner and you didn'tt ell me that is so shitty. that is ***** up, ryan
ryan: I told them that it wasn't right that it was ***** mean and hateful.
Alli: and that's your girlfriend? Wow I would love her too she's ***** hot - she is ***** GAY she is the ***** queerest girl here
Ryan: she is my girlfreiend
Alli: you are also in a game and I am your partner!
Ryan: Good for you to ream her, I was proud of her.
Alli: I was very tasteful and then she came in here and told everyone.

Sheila: When did the song happen? What was the song?
Alli: she said she has made fun of me in the DR several times.
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Topic #7904522
KingMac - Natt and Mat backstab there former alliance, and say they want to make a new alliance... 0 Replies #7904522 1:38AM 18/02/2008
a new alliance with Shiela and Allison, and Matt says he is washing his hands with them (Alex&Amanda,Parker&Jen) Matt says he knows Parker & Jen are going home and he does not care.
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Topic #7904555
KingMac - Alex telling Parker & Jen who they need to talk to for wed eviction. NT 0 Replies #7904555 1:41AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904696
janka - Alex Calling Amanda On All Her Drama 0 Replies #7904696 1:56AM 18/02/2008
Alex is trying to explain the game to Amanda. That she opens her mouth, when she not the center of attention, and she's ruining their both game.
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Topic #7904767
janka - Amanda and Alex's New Rules 0 Replies #7904767 2:03AM 18/02/2008
1. Amanda needs to drop the Daddy Card.

2. Be Ears, don't speak about anyone.
Amanda points all they all talk ***** and Alex says they do but they're waiting for you to say something and twist it. Let them do all the talking. Amanda ask if she can talk to Alex since she will not be talking to anyone, and they agree he will listen to her bitch all the time.

3. Try to make up with Josh,

4. If Amanda likes Parker, Alex doesn't care. Just don't hide, and give everyone else to gossip about....and don't play stupid 12 year old games.
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Topic #7904862
janka - Alex, Amanda, Jen & Parker.... 0 Replies #7904862 2:12AM 18/02/2008
They come to the agreement that the others are trying to break them up, them being Matt, Nat, Jen, and Parker. They're not playing the game but Joshua is, he's being ears, sitting around listening to everything and everyone, holding on the information against people.

They're going to try to sway votes for Jen and Parker tomorrow....Alex is going to sleep on the floor and they'll start again tomorrow.

They seem somber and lessons learned but you never know..........

Alex - I know they're not liking Amanda, but maybe we can cut a deal with Josh. Ovbviously he likes me, he made my bed outside. Josh does feel bad about the Dad comment and he will apologize about it, but that's it. I don't know why he exploded, he doesn't say much, it wasn't even about him.

Amanda is crying....

Alex: I'm going to bed, and the lights are going to go off until you fers go to go to bed.

Alex leaves.

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Topic #7904880
janka - Someone spilled water all over Ryan and Allisons bed..... 1 Replies #7904880 2:15AM 18/02/2008
They're trying to figure out the culprit. Matt asked if Ryan thinks Jen did it and Ryan said I wouldn't put it past her.
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JoshIzDustinx2 - Adam and Matt are playing a joke and everyone is taking it serious NT #7904897 2:17AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7904916
janka - Jen and Ryan are fighting about the waterbedgate..... 0 Replies #7904916 2:18AM 18/02/2008
Jen think's it's ridiculous that they think she pour the water on the bed, she was with Alex, Parker and Amanda. She claims shes not that immature, and she can't believe that Ryan would think she was pour it on his bed of all people.
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Topic #7905024
KingMac - Now Jen and Ryan are fighting over Sheila said when Jen & Parker leave she... 0 Replies #7905024 2:29AM 18/02/2008
is going to tell Ryan something HUGE about how Ryan has an issue with Jen dating a black guy.
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Topic #7905056
janka - Adam & Ryan Smoking Outside they think it was Parker who poured the water on R//A bed. 0 Replies #7905056 2:31AM 18/02/2008
Sheila and Allison hinting at Parker about Ryan being racist, in the bedroom.

Jen comes outside, and she asked what's going on and Ryan doesnt want to talk about it.

R - There's something that needs to be told to me.
J - Just tell me
R - No, I don't know yet and I dont know if I want to be talking to you after it comes out
J - What? What?
R - Were going to find out
J - what, can't you just talk to me?
R - No
J - We are not going to let this game affect our relationship
R - Its going to if you are talking ***** behind my back making me look like a bad person.
R - Im worried about what you are telling other people
J - About what? About you
R - She's not telling me
J - Who allison?
R - Yeah
J - Right, why did you tell her I made up a song
R - I didnt thats why shes mad at me.
J - Well you were the only one I told
R - You like a real good person, going in there with Amanda. You like a real good person Im sure to America
J - I really dont care
R - Welll you should and when I find out what;s going on you will be the first one to know about it.
J - I have never done anything behind your back, you're my boyfriend, why would I say anything about you.
R - Because you open your mouth sometimes without thinking.
J - No, not about you. I'm up on the block because of you.
R - Well I'm sorry, you're going home.
J - That's nice.

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Topic #7905115
KingMac - WOW Ryan says he does not agree with interracial relationships (but hes not a racist, he even has a black freind LMAO!) NT 0 Replies #7905115 2:36AM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7905160
KingMac - Now Jen telling Parker that Ryan is not a racist he just does not like whit people dating blacks. NT 0 Replies #7905160 2:42AM 18/02/2008
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