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Topic #7915217
MtDewAddict - Park/Matt in HT talking to Sharon and Alex 0 Replies #7915217 8:44PM 18/02/2008
Park says he took Sharon's advice and is just watching people and listening not saying things. Trying to be less dramatic like she's told them to do.

They've been calling her mom. She said earlier she felt like she was 43 instead of 23 in this house.
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Topic #7915259
excellence482 - Natalie telling Joshuah she doesn't forgive Amanda. 0 Replies #7915259 8:49PM 18/02/2008
Josh thinks Amanda will got try to win back Matty, too. Laughing back on Josh's horse comments last night.

Nat: She deserves it. She brought it on herself.
Josh: She wants to bring you into it.
Nat: She wants to bring the target off of her and onto us.
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Topic #7915279
excellence482 - Matt: Josh is a girl. Girls sympathize on this stuff. 0 Replies #7915279 8:51PM 18/02/2008
Wants to play the "Nat card on him".
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Topic #7915310
excellence482 - Parker apologizing to Matt for keeping the Jen/Ryan secret. 0 Replies #7915310 8:54PM 18/02/2008
Parker: Allison does not deserve to be here.
Matt: She might be intelligent and the smartest, but she's not book smart. She's solving puzzles, just needs the common sense. She's overplaying it.

Sharon joins them in the HT
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Topic #7915340
excellence482 - Parker, Matt, Natalie, Sharon making fun of Josh's screams/squeal. 0 Replies #7915340 8:58PM 18/02/2008
Matt making fun of Adam dressing up.

Nat: Wherever I go, Matty leaves. It's like I'm a disease and I'm gonna infect his ###

Random chit chat, talking about piercings.
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Topic #7915376
excellence482 - Josh in shower, Allison talking over the door. 0 Replies #7915376 9:02PM 18/02/2008
Hard to understand, talking about Ryan something? Maybe Natalie/Matt?

Discussing the scale in the bathroom, Allison is 116 lbs. and Josh is 180 (wants to get down to 165 to look decent)

Allison wants 5 lbs off her stomach/back.

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Topic #7915396
excellence482 - Ali: Ryan, I dont know what he's doing. He's a wildcard, I don't get him. I feel like.. 0 Replies #7915396 9:05PM 18/02/2008
I have to carry him. Here's the thing. I pretty much know that I'm not gonna win. Nobody wants Ryan to win because everyone hates Jen. I just want to push the right people to the end. I've been with you (Joshuah) and I totally support you.
Josh: You're your own best advocate.
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Topic #7915413
excellence482 - Josh talking about his "boyfriend?" Chase. 0 Replies #7915413 9:06PM 18/02/2008
Josh: He's a true romantic.
Ali: You're so gaga over him.
Josh: If he's there, it's meant to be.
Ali: Totally.
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Topic #7915425
excellence482 - Ali: You are...phenomenal. 0 Replies #7915425 9:07PM 18/02/2008
Think about this. You are on television three nights a week. He can see you. You are on his mind. All the time. They see us.
Josh: Maybe too much of me.
Ali: I adore you.
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Topic #7915458
excellence482 - Sheila/Amanda/Chelsia talking about 3 wheelers around flower table. 0 Replies #7915458 9:10PM 18/02/2008
Amanda: Do they make those anymore?
Chelsia: I flew off the back of a snowmobile and it run me over. I jsut let go. Couldn't do it anymore.
Amanda: My mom crashed into a cast iron stove.
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Topic #7915527
excellence482 - The boys left the HT and now Natalie/Sharon in there. 0 Replies #7915527 9:18PM 18/02/2008
Hard to understand them, but they're talking abt Matt and Natalie wanting to be coupled together Day 1.

Now talking trash about a girl (Amanda, maybe?)

Sharon: She thinks everyone is her best friend in the house.
Natalie: Oh I know!
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Topic #7915617
Bigjock4u9 - Alli wants to tell josh the truth if her or sheila gets HoH and sheila goes he's GAY he will use that card against us NT 0 Replies #7915617 9:27PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7915659
mcoop - Josh, Nat, and Shannon in hottub talking about Jen from last season 0 Replies #7915659 9:34PM 18/02/2008
and all her Jensa Member shirts and stuff. Saying how stupid it was.
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Topic #7915685
mcoop - Alli and Sheila in bathroom discussing their sexuality 0 Replies #7915685 9:36PM 18/02/2008
and talking about if they win HoH, they will tell Josh about their fake lesbian relationship, and if he has a problem with it, he can be put up on the block too along with amanda and alex.
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Topic #7915826
mcoop - Alli and Sheila nervous about what Josh will think of the fake relationship NT 0 Replies #7915826 9:48PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7915898
mcoop - Parker & Nat in sauna 0 Replies #7915898 9:53PM 18/02/2008
discussing votes.

Parker wants him & jen, and matty and nat in final two. said he would take second place to matty and nat, he said they deserve to win.
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Topic #7916085
wasteotime - Natalie reveals her Big Brother Strategy! It's Jenius! 0 Replies #7916085 10:08PM 18/02/2008
Natalie explaining to Parker while in the sauna her "Legally Blonde Strategy" MOST rEdiculous thing ever! Natalie recounts how Elle from the movie Legally Blonde never revealed her clients alibi. That she was having liposuction and the fact that she was loyal and never broke her word Elle won the case. RIDICUOUS(sorry for the commentary but that was hilarious)
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Topic #7916114
Praz - sharon telling sheila and alli about jen threatening adam 0 Replies #7916114 10:11PM 18/02/2008
sharon: the day of the ceremony jen for once was around me which never happens and she was talking to me and adam comes up and she said to him you have to get your girl to vote like you promised because you know you guys are a huge target next week.

Alli tells sheila and sharon that she told ryan that the next decision they don't agree on, she gets to decide because of what she's had to put up with.
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Topic #7916148
Praz - Talking about adam and Jen 0 Replies #7916148 10:13PM 18/02/2008
Sheila (quoting Adam): I'm not the best looking guy in here, and those are the guys who are targeted.
Sheila: those are the guys who are out of here! Adam has every episode of this show on DVD- he has watched every one of them! I am thinking he knows this game better than anyone.
Now Sharon is making fun of Jen (I think) because she said that she has watched every season too! They are all laughing because she (Jen) is going to be voted out and she said she was going to win
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Topic #7916292
Praz - Sheila Alex and Alli talking about the structure of the game this season 0 Replies #7916292 10:28PM 18/02/2008
Sheila doesnt seem to have watched any previous seasons because she was asking about who she gives her vote too (the DR) and asking Alex about what happens on each day and how everything works.
Now Alli is still complaining about Jen being a disgusting person and what she did last night (about the song Jen made up about Alli's wardrobe --I'm assuming) really disgusted her (Alli.) Alli tells Sheila and Alex in confidence that she really thinks Parker has pissed off CBS. How he wont go to DR, change his batteries and keeps flipping the cameras off. Sheila says it is selfish because so many people applied to be on the show. Then we get flames.
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Topic #7916376
Jessica_Rabbitt - Josh is telling Sharon about "Sheila and Alison" affair. NT 0 Replies #7916376 10:35PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7916382
wasteotime - Josh is revealing that Sheila and Alii are a couple to Sharon 0 Replies #7916382 10:36PM 18/02/2008
josh REALLY thinks that shelia and alli are lesbians! He ha sNO idea that they lied to him!
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Topic #7916419
Praz - Josh telling Sharon the lesbian secret... 0 Replies #7916419 10:39PM 18/02/2008
Josh: Get ready ... it's the biggest secret in the house. there is another couple in the house.
Sharon: you're scaring me! I don't think I want to know.
Josh gives Sharon a crown.
Josh: There is another couple and I just found out.
Sharon: now I'm getting nervous
Josh: Sheila and Allison are lesbians and they have been together for over ten (?) years.
Sharon: Get the ***** out!
Josh: You can not - no one knows except for me.
Sharon laughs but is majorly shocked.
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Topic #7916553
mcoop - We Just got the FLAMES (FoTH) on SHOWTIME!!! NT 0 Replies #7916553 10:58PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7916736
KingMac - WOW josh talking about how amanda showing her dad's picture... 0 Replies #7916736 11:23PM 18/02/2008
Shiela says he was a ggod looking man, josh says oh well you win some you loose some. WOW he is taking this too far.
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