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Topic #7913908
MtDewAddict - James tells Chelsia that Josh told him about Alli and Shelia being lesbian partners 0 Replies #7913908 6:45PM 18/02/2008
Chelsia can't believe Josh told because Alli and Shelia don't even know that Chel told James.
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Topic #7913923
MtDewAddict - James and Chel talking about what they'd do with the money. NT 0 Replies #7913923 6:47PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7913992
MtDewAddict - Most people are eating. Parker/Sharon/Matt sleeping. James/Chel talking NT 0 Replies #7913992 6:52PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914198
MtDewAddict - HGs finally finishing dinner. Smokers are outside. Sleepers still asleep. Not much happening NT 0 Replies #7914198 7:09PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914241
MtDewAddict - James, Josh and Chel are making fun of Amanda not understanding why Josh blew up at her NT 0 Replies #7914241 7:15PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914299
MtDewAddict - Shelia and Josh talking about how Jen/Park better be leaving 0 Replies #7914299 7:21PM 18/02/2008
Josh saying that Amanda said she's never done anything to him and he doesn't understand. Shelia says if Alli/Ryan leave she's going to take Amanda/Alex out. She says she'll start screaming because everybody would have lied to her about hating Jen/Park.
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Topic #7914374
MtDewAddict - James and Alex in sauna. Chel/Jen/Ryan are in the spa room. 0 Replies #7914374 7:27PM 18/02/2008
Amanda comes in (she's been wearing jeans all day, by the way) and James/Alex are laughing at her it seems.

Jen is talking about her prom dress coming from Frederick's of Hollywood.

Alex and James are in the sauna talking about the next HOH competition.
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Topic #7914399
MtDewAddict - James and Alex agree that everybody got "the shaft" in their own way NT 0 Replies #7914399 7:28PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914459
MtDewAddict - Alex says that "not too many white men are as blessed as you are" to James 0 Replies #7914459 7:33PM 18/02/2008
Talking about Parker making comments about his "Taint Slap"
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Topic #7914495
MtDewAddict - Alex and James talking about reading blogs saying a Transvestite was in the house 0 Replies #7914495 7:36PM 18/02/2008
...apparently before they got to the house they saw those blogs. Alex said he thought at first it could be Natalie but Matt "tested the waters" and they know it's not...but it's possible that she "got that **** fixed".
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Topic #7914571
MtDewAddict - Adam and Shelia are talking about strategy 0 Replies #7914571 7:42PM 18/02/2008
Adam saying his plan is working...not to be the hottest guy or the loudest...he says he's not always the loudest. They are talking about Dr.Will and ED from previous seasons.

Shelia says that he's doing a good job flying under the radar. She says it's good she pretends to not like him much so people think they don't see eye to eye.

She's complimenting his strategy
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Topic #7914655
MtDewAddict - Alli says she hasn't talked to Ryan all day 0 Replies #7914655 7:49PM 18/02/2008
Shelia saying that Alli really needs to look at how Ryan acts...and Alli says Jen told Ryan "You've never been with a woman as hot as me"...and goes on AGAIN that Ryan should be with her.

Alli says that Ryan said he was going to propose to Jen at the finale
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Topic #7914704
MtDewAddict - All feeds on Sheila and Adam talking about BB seasons they've seen NT 0 Replies #7914704 7:53PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914739
MtDewAddict - Feeds all switch to Alli and Amanda in BR 0 Replies #7914739 7:56PM 18/02/2008
Amanda says she's not going to talk to anybody anymore, and she's going to let Alex make all the decisions from now on.

Alli says she hopes Alex picks them if it's a 2/2 vote
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Topic #7914774
MtDewAddict - All feeds on the group in the of rent, wages, cars, gas, etc NT 0 Replies #7914774 8:01PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914826
MtDewAddict - They've got Nat started on Oregon again 0 Replies #7914826 8:05PM 18/02/2008
Seriously, that state needs to pay her for the incessant talking she does about Oregon
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Topic #7914858
MtDewAddict - Amanda talking about Salt Lake City 0 Replies #7914858 8:09PM 18/02/2008
She says that she was told she was "drinking the devil" because she was drinking Starbucks. She said that they don't like caffeine, Catholics...etc...and that they are required to tithe 10% of their income or they can't go to churches. She said she hates it there.
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Topic #7914883
MtDewAddict - Parker and Matt are now running around the backyard exercising. Sharon and someone else are in the hottub (sounds like Alex) NT 0 Replies #7914883 8:12PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914920
MtDewAddict - Alex and Sharon talking about the fact that Alex says he's not going to fight about Amanda running around showing herself off. 0 Replies #7914920 8:14PM 18/02/2008
He says he's "not that guy"
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Topic #7914945
MtDewAddict - Sharon talking about the fact that Park refuses to go to the DR and he's been flipping off the cameras all day NT 0 Replies #7914945 8:18PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7914987
MtDewAddict - Sharon says she is the "motivational speaker" for the house 0 Replies #7914987 8:21PM 18/02/2008
Alex talking about what he can do to stay in the house longer because of the Amanda fight last night

(someone else wanna take over for now?)
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Topic #7915109
MtDewAddict - Nat and Josh are in the sauna talking that the vote is going to be 4/0 to get Jen/Park out NT 0 Replies #7915109 8:33PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7915132
MtDewAddict - Nat and Josh talking Amanda trying to be friendly with her NT 0 Replies #7915132 8:35PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7915170
MtDewAddict - Nat said that Amanda has been apologizing to everybody after last night 0 Replies #7915170 8:39PM 18/02/2008
She said that Amanda has denied calling her a s**t and a w***e. Amanda keeps asking if Matt/Nat are going to put her and Alex up if they win HOH

Nat and Josh agree that Jen/Park have to go then Alex/Amanda then Ryan/Ali because if Ryan wins Jen wins.

Josh making fun of Amanda saying "watch the tapes" to see the truth and that CBS is not going to give everybody a stack of recordings of the entire time they've been in the house. He's tired of her saying just wait 'til they see the tapes.

He says that Amanda and Jen are the entire reasons for drama...and that when they go the house feeling will change.
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Topic #7915186
MtDewAddict - Nat and Josh making fun of Amanda being so competitive about looks with the other girls NT 0 Replies #7915186 8:41PM 18/02/2008
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