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Topic #7910842
CruiseCritic - Alli says that Jen is like a big witch, stirring the pot and she is the one that 0 Replies #7910842 2:29PM 18/02/2008
got you to not like me.
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Topic #7910858
CruiseCritic - Alli - I dont think you are a bad person, I think you are a great person 0 Replies #7910858 2:30PM 18/02/2008
Amanda says no more game she is only talking to her partner but she will talk to Alli about regular stuff.
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Topic #7910909
CruiseCritic - Alli -The conversation, this is exactly what happened, we are all in the thing doing our 0 Replies #7910909 2:32PM 18/02/2008
toes, before the sh*t hit the fan.

I am saying OMG i am going home BC it will be 2-2 and thinking Amanda will send me home BC she doesnt like me and then Jen says

next week this bit*h is going to flip.

Alli saying Jen was insulting BC she is thinking she is going to stay and that she implied she was going to go after Amanda

Jen saying she is going to flip sh*t up and who could she have been talking about BC you were not around.

Amanda says that she and sharon were not there
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Topic #7910942
CruiseCritic - Amanda and Alli leaving SR on two feeds and Josh, Sheila in kitchen and 0 Replies #7910942 2:35PM 18/02/2008
Josh goes - OMG its my best friends...thats funny. Sheila laughs

Outside looks like Ryan and Jen cuddling in hammock (on two feeds)

Sheila says she was up early, up at 8.
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Topic #7910968
CruiseCritic - Josh is washing up a couple of dishes and Amanda goes up to him and says I realize 0 Replies #7910968 2:37PM 18/02/2008
we say things in the heat of the moment and I forgive you. He says thank you as she walks away. Sheila at counter, Amanda is there as well, standing and adjusting her microphone
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Topic #7911009
CruiseCritic - Amanda thanks Alli for telling her what Jen said last night about why should she go upstairs 0 Replies #7911009 2:39PM 18/02/2008
Amanda says why should any of you tell her to go upstairs.

Alli - I just think Jen is the most, OMG i cant even think of the word...

Sheila says I hope you see the character

Amanda says Alli said to wait til I see the video

Josh says they are all peas in a pods and that is why they should go. Chels is around the counter with the girls and Josh talking about the rash Jen has.

Alli talking about how cool she has been with Jen.
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Topic #7911031
CruiseCritic - Talking about sheets and beds being brand new and how people are getting 0 Replies #7911031 2:40PM 18/02/2008
rashes and bites.

Alli says she doesnt even know what time she went to bed last night.

Josh says he drempt he got in a fight last night, oh wait..that was reality. Amanda doesnt respond.

Chels says this show will break them up
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Topic #7911083
CruiseCritic - Sheila straightened her hair - BB - HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR, 0 Replies #7911083 2:43PM 18/02/2008
please change your batteries.

Alli eating cereal with bananas.

Sheila - when you make a comment like that - talkign about Jen saying He isnt racist, but he has a problem with me being in an interracial relationship.

Talking how Ryan said he does have black friends and it is really sad. Telling Amanda that they are on the same page on that one and it is not good for his (Ryans) integrity
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Topic #7911087
CruiseCritic - BB - James, please change your batteries. NT 0 Replies #7911087 2:43PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911099
CruiseCritic - Around the feeds. F1 Sheila, Amanda at counter saw Natalie in BY on lounger and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7911099 2:44PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911133
CruiseCritic - Matt and Natalie are next to eachother on lounger and Sharon is sitting on the end talking with them 1 Replies #7911133 2:47PM 18/02/2008
big group in the kitchen. Parker outside. SOmeone came outside and they are all saying GOOD MORNING colonol (not sure who they are talking to)

(I gotta go make dinner, someone please take over)
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CruiseCritic - oops, looks like it is Alex on lounger with Natalie. James was on ground next to the lounger #7911216 2:53PM 18/02/2008
( I thought it was Matty BC i could hear his voice)
Josh and Chels on big chair in WC. Amanda and Sheila chatting in kitchen ALL feeds in the house right now (and I gotta go)
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Topic #7911296
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on Josh and Sharon - working on his nails? (Ed- I really gotta go) NT 0 Replies #7911296 2:58PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911356
Melonie - Josh and Sharon in the Sauna room talking to Parker 0 Replies #7911356 3:03PM 18/02/2008
Josh is painting a sign with nail polish "Drama Free Zone"
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Topic #7911418
Melonie - Nat and Amanda talking in the bedroom 0 Replies #7911418 3:07PM 18/02/2008
Discussing who said Nat thought she would be with Matt outside of the house. Amanda tells Nat they can't trust Jen, Jen is probably going to go home. Talking about Jen and Ryan fighting last night and someone pouring water on the bed. Amanda asks if they broke up. Amanda tells Nat she never called her a whore.

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Topic #7911455
Melonie - Nat tells Amanda that everyone in the hottub said that Amanda said she was a slut NT 0 Replies #7911455 3:09PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911492
Taffy - All 4 cams on Amanda and Natalie... 0 Replies #7911492 3:12PM 18/02/2008
Amanda says "I promise you, I never called you a whore"...Natalie tells Amanda that Sharon and Joshua and Chelsia were saying that...Amanda is surprised that Sharon said 'it' too. Amanda says she would never bash Nat, that Nat is the only one that's real in the house. Amanda tells Nat that Allison was the only one who consoled her last night...Amanda tells Nat about what Allison told her (Amanda) about Jen...Nat tells her that it is true that Jen says those things...Amanda asks why then is Jen pretending to be her friend...Amanda tells Nat that Allison told her that when she goes home (Amanda) she's gonna ask herself "why did I believe that person?" Nat agrees...
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Topic #7911502
Taffy - Amanda tells Nat that she won't talk game with anyone else but Alex and...Natalie NT 0 Replies #7911502 3:13PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911569
mcoop - BB: "Houseguests, this is a lock down, please go outside" NT 0 Replies #7911569 3:19PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911570
Melonie - Outdoor lockdown called. NT 0 Replies #7911570 3:19PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911594
mcoop - Amanada and Nat in the HoH Room 0 Replies #7911594 3:22PM 18/02/2008
discussing the hair dye the DR just gave to Amanda.
Amanda told Nat that she was going to DOR unless they gave her hair dye.

they will be doing each others hair later on tonight.
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Topic #7911633
mcoop - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7911633 3:25PM 18/02/2008
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Topic #7911672
Taffy - Amanda and Natalie seem to be best friends now... 0 Replies #7911672 3:28PM 18/02/2008
They continue to rehash things, then talk turns to dying Nat's hair, Amanda will do it for her...BB announces that all HGs are to go outside...Amanda asks Nat..."So, hey, if I hear anything, just come to you?"...Nat "exactly"

Most are outside now. Jen is still inside getting dressed...(I think the camera got a shot of Jen's boobs while she was getting dressed, ed)...Jen's still walking around the house...foth
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Topic #7911684
mcoop - All houseguests now outside 1 Replies #7911684 3:29PM 18/02/2008
Adam and Matt are teaching Sheila how to play pool.
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mcoop - CORRECTION #7911704 3:31PM 18/02/2008
Alex and Matt are teaching her. Adam is sitting on the outside couches.
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Topic #7911756
Taffy - Outside, Sharon asks Jen what did the doctor say about her rash...Amanda says she 0 Replies #7911756 3:34PM 18/02/2008
hasn't seen him, yet....that BB has to call him.

2 cams on the couch where Amanda is huddling, wrapped in a hoodie, and James is sitting down and two cams on Josh and Sharon sitting with their feet dipped in the hot tub...then foth
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Topic #7911789
lillink - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7911789 3:37PM 18/02/2008
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