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amanda is out of DR - jsnoles49
12:00AM 18/02/2008

Amanda out of DR. Alex basically says they need to straighten things out. She says ok and says goodnight to everyone and then josh who curses at her. - LM312
12:01AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says Joshuah told them he has sex with 200 guys NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:02AM 18/02/2008

sharon and jen in hoh with amanda - jsnoles49
12:02AM 18/02/2008

Amanda is out of the DR. Josh announces she out. She comes in the kitchen where everyone is very quiet. - SouthernBelladonna
12:03AM 18/02/2008

DR gave Amanada a picture of her father, Amanda says she'll show it to anyone who didn't diss her dad tomorrow NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:04AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says america will see josh saying she should kill herself like her dad and she cant wait NT - raindrop110475
12:04AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says the DR told her they knew she was telling the truth, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions" is played over the intercom NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:05AM 18/02/2008

Manda said goodnight to everyone and said good night josh and he said F U everyone told him was uncalled for - raindrop110475
12:05AM 18/02/2008

Amanda: I don't want anyone else to come up. Jen: I don't think anyone else will... NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:06AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says she will sleep on floor she wont sleep in bed with Alex NT - raindrop110475
12:06AM 18/02/2008

Jen tells Amanda that "I have to tell you as a friend... Alex is scared to go near you" (since Amanda told everyone he tried to touch her) NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:06AM 18/02/2008

Jen to Amanda: What's a nuse? NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:07AM 18/02/2008

Sharron says she tried to stand up for Amanda and Josh told her if she didn't shut up he'd turn on her. NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:08AM 18/02/2008

Amanda keeps reffering to Nat getting naked last night saying "I wasn't the one naked last night" NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:09AM 18/02/2008

Amanada says Nat is " you know.. kind of clueless..." NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:11AM 18/02/2008

Sharon giving props to herself again about how she's playing the game with integrity NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:13AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says she could call out everyone talks about james being naked NT - raindrop110475
12:14AM 18/02/2008

DR told Alex he's allowed to sleep in HOH bed or living room. He goes to HOH and gets pillow and clothes for tomorrow NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:19AM 18/02/2008

Matt goes into HOH bathroom and says to Amanda "Just so you know I never said sh*t" NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:19AM 18/02/2008

Matt and Alex went into HOH bedroom to get Alex' stuff and Amanada runs into the tub and closes the door. NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:20AM 18/02/2008

Amanada tells Jen/Sharon/Matt/Alex/Parker that Josh told him her he has gonnerrhea and shot in 8 guys mouths when he found out & slept w/ over 200 NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:23AM 18/02/2008

Nat, James & Chelsia in sauna - Praz
12:25AM 18/02/2008

Amanda tells parker and jen that alex said they would be in for a suprise on wednesday - raindrop110475
12:25AM 18/02/2008

Sharon sayign that she had parker and Jenss back but after josh thing tonight they will have to talk ( no true they have planned to vote them) NT - raindrop110475
12:26AM 18/02/2008

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