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James tells Chelsia that Josh told him about Alli and Shelia being lesbian partners - MtDewAddict
6:45PM 18/02/2008

James and Chel talking about what they'd do with the money. NT - MtDewAddict
6:47PM 18/02/2008

Most people are eating. Parker/Sharon/Matt sleeping. James/Chel talking NT - MtDewAddict
6:52PM 18/02/2008

HGs finally finishing dinner. Smokers are outside. Sleepers still asleep. Not much happening NT - MtDewAddict
7:09PM 18/02/2008

James, Josh and Chel are making fun of Amanda not understanding why Josh blew up at her NT - MtDewAddict
7:15PM 18/02/2008

Shelia and Josh talking about how Jen/Park better be leaving - MtDewAddict
7:21PM 18/02/2008

James and Alex in sauna. Chel/Jen/Ryan are in the spa room. - MtDewAddict
7:27PM 18/02/2008

James and Alex agree that everybody got "the shaft" in their own way NT - MtDewAddict
7:28PM 18/02/2008

Alex says that "not too many white men are as blessed as you are" to James - MtDewAddict
7:33PM 18/02/2008

Alex and James talking about reading blogs saying a Transvestite was in the house - MtDewAddict
7:36PM 18/02/2008

Adam and Shelia are talking about strategy - MtDewAddict
7:42PM 18/02/2008

Alli says she hasn't talked to Ryan all day - MtDewAddict
7:49PM 18/02/2008

All feeds on Sheila and Adam talking about BB seasons they've seen NT - MtDewAddict
7:53PM 18/02/2008

Feeds all switch to Alli and Amanda in BR - MtDewAddict
7:56PM 18/02/2008

All feeds on the group in the of rent, wages, cars, gas, etc NT - MtDewAddict
8:01PM 18/02/2008

They've got Nat started on Oregon again - MtDewAddict
8:05PM 18/02/2008

Amanda talking about Salt Lake City - MtDewAddict
8:09PM 18/02/2008

Parker and Matt are now running around the backyard exercising. Sharon and someone else are in the hottub (sounds like Alex) NT - MtDewAddict
8:12PM 18/02/2008

Alex and Sharon talking about the fact that Alex says he's not going to fight about Amanda running around showing herself off. - MtDewAddict
8:14PM 18/02/2008

Sharon talking about the fact that Park refuses to go to the DR and he's been flipping off the cameras all day NT - MtDewAddict
8:18PM 18/02/2008

Sharon says she is the "motivational speaker" for the house - MtDewAddict
8:21PM 18/02/2008

Nat and Josh are in the sauna talking that the vote is going to be 4/0 to get Jen/Park out NT - MtDewAddict
8:33PM 18/02/2008

Nat and Josh talking Amanda trying to be friendly with her NT - MtDewAddict
8:35PM 18/02/2008

Nat said that Amanda has been apologizing to everybody after last night - MtDewAddict
8:39PM 18/02/2008

Nat and Josh making fun of Amanda being so competitive about looks with the other girls NT - MtDewAddict
8:41PM 18/02/2008

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