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Sheila in the bathroom. Says morning to Josh, who is still in the shower. - KaySeeDubya
10:15AM 18/02/2008

Alex is up on feeds 3 & 4. He appears to be making coffee. Sheila & Josh are still talking about last night while Josh is still in the shower. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:16AM 18/02/2008

Josh calls Amanda a fat ass and claims she'll be upstairs all day. "Good, I don't want to see that f*cking skank" NT - KaySeeDubya
10:18AM 18/02/2008

Josh says Jen is most likely the racist one. Meanwhile, Alex is putting his floor bed away. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:19AM 18/02/2008

Josh and Sheila now debating who is more hateful between Jen & Amanda - KaySeeDubya
10:22AM 18/02/2008

Josh and Sheila still going on about last night...Sheila claims she's never been mean to anyone. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:26AM 18/02/2008

Feed update - KaySeeDubya
10:28AM 18/02/2008

Sheila out of the shower and putting lotion or something on her face... - KaySeeDubya
10:30AM 18/02/2008

Josh asks what Alex is getting for breakfast. He says he doesn't know. Josh heads to the storage room to get something. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:31AM 18/02/2008

Alex up and washing dishes - wasteotime
10:32AM 18/02/2008

Sheila still messing about in the bathroom. Josh comes out with turkey patties. Alex is mumbling. I think he mentions last night, calling it WW3 NT - KaySeeDubya
10:33AM 18/02/2008

Josh says the house forgives & forgets quickly. - KaySeeDubya
10:35AM 18/02/2008

Alex and Josh said it was world war 3 in this house last night - wasteotime
10:36AM 18/02/2008

Alex just broke a pot by accident NT - KaySeeDubya
10:41AM 18/02/2008

Josh said BB is the only true reality show on TV NT - wasteotime
10:42AM 18/02/2008

Sheila is out of the bathroom and joins the boys in the kitchen. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:44AM 18/02/2008

Just saw someone up in the bedrooms. I think it was Matt. NT - KaySeeDubya
10:45AM 18/02/2008

Alex is cooking pancakes and used the rest of the soy milk - KaySeeDubya
10:56AM 18/02/2008

Discussion goes back to last night - KaySeeDubya
11:01AM 18/02/2008

Josh praying in the backyard - wasteotime
11:02AM 18/02/2008

Sheila and Josh taking about Churches while eating breakfast - wasteotime
11:12AM 18/02/2008

Parker is up. NT - WieKacie
11:18AM 18/02/2008

Alex is making M&M pancakes. Josh and Parker are outside laying not talking. NT - WieKacie
11:28AM 18/02/2008

Shelia joins Josh laying out. General Chat. Alex chopping up something to feeds the guinea pigs. NT - WieKacie
11:36AM 18/02/2008

Flames, BB must be waking HG up. NT - NYTC7
11:39AM 18/02/2008

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