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Parker says he's going to go downstairs and talk to Jen. Amanda says she wants to leave. NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:57AM 18/02/2008

Jen and Matty in BR ... not verbatim - Praz
1:00AM 18/02/2008

Parker says theDR screwed him so he's not going to go when they call him and he's on a DR strike NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:00AM 18/02/2008

Parker says he's going to go downstairs, Amanada says don't leave, they hug NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:01AM 18/02/2008

Amanda says shes going downstairs to tell the DR to give her her stuff (Bag?) Parker: Are you sure thats what you want to do? NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:03AM 18/02/2008

Amanda (puppy dog face): Will you guys come back up here? (Parker/Jen)... *delay* You don't want to come back? NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:04AM 18/02/2008

Amanda plays this card "its okay.. you dont have to talk to me..." NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:05AM 18/02/2008

Parker goes downstairs and Amanada watches on the spycam NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:06AM 18/02/2008

Allison and Jen talking in storage room NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:10AM 18/02/2008

Jen Matty Adam and Natalie in the BR talking about Amanda saying Natalie is a slut... - Praz
1:11AM 18/02/2008

Jen & Alli in storage talking. - Praz
1:13AM 18/02/2008

Jen & Alli still in storage room - Praz
1:15AM 18/02/2008

Amanda went into the DR NT - AmyFromCanaduh
1:27AM 18/02/2008

Sheila and Alli talking in BR then Ryan comes in and Alli confronts him. - Praz
1:28AM 18/02/2008

Natt and Mat backstab there former alliance, and say they want to make a new alliance... - KingMac
1:38AM 18/02/2008

Alex telling Parker & Jen who they need to talk to for wed eviction. NT - KingMac
1:41AM 18/02/2008

Alex Calling Amanda On All Her Drama - janka
1:56AM 18/02/2008

Amanda and Alex's New Rules - janka
2:03AM 18/02/2008

Alex, Amanda, Jen & Parker.... - janka
2:12AM 18/02/2008

Someone spilled water all over Ryan and Allisons bed..... - janka
2:15AM 18/02/2008
Adam and Matt are playing a joke and everyone is taking it serious NT - JoshIzDustinx2
2:17AM 18/02/2008

Jen and Ryan are fighting about the waterbedgate..... - janka
2:18AM 18/02/2008

Now Jen and Ryan are fighting over Sheila said when Jen & Parker leave she... - KingMac
2:29AM 18/02/2008

Adam & Ryan Smoking Outside they think it was Parker who poured the water on R//A bed. - janka
2:31AM 18/02/2008

WOW Ryan says he does not agree with interracial relationships (but hes not a racist, he even has a black freind LMAO!) NT - KingMac
2:36AM 18/02/2008

Now Jen telling Parker that Ryan is not a racist he just does not like whit people dating blacks. NT - KingMac
2:42AM 18/02/2008

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