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Jen: The only thing we really got goin for us is that no one likes Allison NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:28AM 18/02/2008

Sharon: It's just about attention.. you get a lot of attention and they (Chelsia/Nat) don't,,, NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:29AM 18/02/2008

Parker says he's still on a DR strike (lol) NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:30AM 18/02/2008

Sharon going off again about how she keeps her mouth closed and it's the best thing to do NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:30AM 18/02/2008

Amanda cryign abotu dad again that no one in there knows her pain they didnt have to pick out dads casket NT - raindrop110475
12:31AM 18/02/2008

sharon( who has been making fun of amanda) is tellign her sshes a good person and is doign good thing - raindrop110475
12:33AM 18/02/2008

amanda says shes stuck with White boy --- Jen defends alex saying he was bigger guy asked to talk to you NT - raindrop110475
12:34AM 18/02/2008

Amanda yells (to the cameras?) "If i get naked are you guys going to watch me??" NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:34AM 18/02/2008

Alex talking in the LR about Amanda - Praz
12:36AM 18/02/2008

Jen and Saron trying to leave amanda in HOH and we get flames NT - raindrop110475
12:38AM 18/02/2008

Sharon talking to Josh in washroom, Parker talking to Amanda in HOH washroom, Chelsia and Nat in sauna NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:42AM 18/02/2008

josh says parker is upstairs consolign his gf sharon is replaying for josh everythign amanda said in HOH NT - raindrop110475
12:43AM 18/02/2008

Jen says amanda was strong till josh talked abotu dad James says was low blow but - raindrop110475
12:44AM 18/02/2008

Amanda brings up Josh saying she's ugly "Does he think that bothers me?" then retells the gono/200 guys story NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:45AM 18/02/2008

Amanada tells Parker (again) that she only likes black guys and is mad they set her up with a white guy NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:45AM 18/02/2008

jen says amanda was murdered out there but all agree wasnt there place to defend her NT - raindrop110475
12:45AM 18/02/2008

Amanda talks (AGAIN) about Chelsia pulling her pants down pretending to be her and then reminds Parker how she was wearing a thong last night NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:46AM 18/02/2008

Amanda: I cant believe I didnt say anything Parker: You should have I dont know why you didnt NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:47AM 18/02/2008

we have flames again ( im out for night happy posting NT - raindrop110475
12:50AM 18/02/2008

Amanada retells story (yet again) to Parker about Josh giving STD to 8 guys (first it was gonorrhea but this time she says chlamydia) NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:51AM 18/02/2008

Parker tells Amanda she should throw milk in Josh's face tomorrow. NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:51AM 18/02/2008

Amanda to Parker: I'm sorry.. it's my fault.. cause we flirted with eachother NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:53AM 18/02/2008

Amanda tells Parker that Chelsia tried to apologize... - AmyFromCanaduh
12:55AM 18/02/2008

Matty and Jen talking about Alex/Amanda - Praz
12:56AM 18/02/2008

Amanda to Parker - Do I look like a horse? Am I ugly? (2 minutes later) I don't even care about what he said... NT - AmyFromCanaduh
12:56AM 18/02/2008

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