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Feeds back. Alex was in HOH and said to Amanda something about if she wanted to talk. NT - WieKacie
11:46AM 18/02/2008

Josh says to Sheila There is No Humanity in This House - wasteotime
11:47AM 18/02/2008

A little while ago Sheila told Josh that he used the "c" word too many times - CruiseCritic
11:50AM 18/02/2008

ALex staring at guinea pigs, quiet outside and then FLAMES NT - CruiseCritic
11:51AM 18/02/2008

Alex and Parker lounging on the ground on towels and Sheila and Josh - CruiseCritic
12:08PM 18/02/2008

Loungers still lounging and can hear a bird making noises,,, Alex looking to the sky - CruiseCritic
12:10PM 18/02/2008

Sheila says - so what do you think about big dinners - do you think she will sit at the round - CruiseCritic
12:14PM 18/02/2008

Josh wishes for a floatie because he would like to float in the pool - CruiseCritic
12:16PM 18/02/2008

Noone outside is talking. Parker looks to be asleep. Feeds on nothing else but - CruiseCritic
12:19PM 18/02/2008

Parker on his back staring and looking deep in thought...nothing else going on NT - CruiseCritic
12:25PM 18/02/2008

Parker gets up and is walking around yard - Sheila looks up at him and puts on - CruiseCritic
12:29PM 18/02/2008

Feeds back on not much happening - 2 feeds on SHeila and Josh in BY and 2 other feeds are - CruiseCritic
12:32PM 18/02/2008

All feeds on the yard and sheila is kind of watching Alex work out - he is directly to the side of - CruiseCritic
12:33PM 18/02/2008

Matt now outside and said everyone else is still asleep. Sheila says "no music"? - CruiseCritic
12:37PM 18/02/2008

Matt now on the ground sunning himself next to Alex and 2 feeds go - CruiseCritic
12:38PM 18/02/2008

BB- MATT please go to the diary room. MATT - Come on!! Well I am coming in shirtless - CruiseCritic
12:39PM 18/02/2008

Feeds back and Sheila is back on lounger with Josh. Nothing else going on on any feeds except the yard - CruiseCritic
12:42PM 18/02/2008

Josh saying how hot it is outside and he is getting some water. ALex is doing crunches - CruiseCritic
12:46PM 18/02/2008

Josh by the pool and ties the back of Sheila's suit for her. she wraps herself in a towel - CruiseCritic
12:47PM 18/02/2008

Alex telling Matt how BB was begging Parker to come in and he wouldnt and then says "Josh - CruiseCritic
12:48PM 18/02/2008

2 feeds now go to Matt and ALex in BY sunning, no talking NT - CruiseCritic
12:50PM 18/02/2008

BB- Alex, please put on your microphone. Alex - I am not even talking NT - CruiseCritic
12:50PM 18/02/2008

Matt - Day 11 in the BB house, the calm before the storm. NT - CruiseCritic
12:51PM 18/02/2008

Matt says "what is today Monday" alex - mmm hmmmm NT - CruiseCritic
12:52PM 18/02/2008

Matt is quacking like a duck. Both guys lying there in silence. - CruiseCritic
12:54PM 18/02/2008

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