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Alli says that Jen is like a big witch, stirring the pot and she is the one that - CruiseCritic
2:29PM 18/02/2008

Alli - I dont think you are a bad person, I think you are a great person - CruiseCritic
2:30PM 18/02/2008

Alli -The conversation, this is exactly what happened, we are all in the thing doing our - CruiseCritic
2:32PM 18/02/2008

Amanda and Alli leaving SR on two feeds and Josh, Sheila in kitchen and - CruiseCritic
2:35PM 18/02/2008

Josh is washing up a couple of dishes and Amanda goes up to him and says I realize - CruiseCritic
2:37PM 18/02/2008

Amanda thanks Alli for telling her what Jen said last night about why should she go upstairs - CruiseCritic
2:39PM 18/02/2008

Talking about sheets and beds being brand new and how people are getting - CruiseCritic
2:40PM 18/02/2008

Sheila straightened her hair - BB - HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR, - CruiseCritic
2:43PM 18/02/2008

BB - James, please change your batteries. NT - CruiseCritic
2:43PM 18/02/2008

Around the feeds. F1 Sheila, Amanda at counter saw Natalie in BY on lounger and FLAMES NT - CruiseCritic
2:44PM 18/02/2008

Matt and Natalie are next to eachother on lounger and Sharon is sitting on the end talking with them - CruiseCritic
2:47PM 18/02/2008
oops, looks like it is Alex on lounger with Natalie. James was on ground next to the lounger - CruiseCritic
2:53PM 18/02/2008

All 4 feeds on Josh and Sharon - working on his nails? (Ed- I really gotta go) NT - CruiseCritic
2:58PM 18/02/2008

Josh and Sharon in the Sauna room talking to Parker - Melonie
3:03PM 18/02/2008

Nat and Amanda talking in the bedroom - Melonie
3:07PM 18/02/2008

Nat tells Amanda that everyone in the hottub said that Amanda said she was a slut NT - Melonie
3:09PM 18/02/2008

All 4 cams on Amanda and Natalie... - Taffy
3:12PM 18/02/2008

Amanda tells Nat that she won't talk game with anyone else but Alex and...Natalie NT - Taffy
3:13PM 18/02/2008

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lock down, please go outside" NT - mcoop
3:19PM 18/02/2008

Outdoor lockdown called. NT - Melonie
3:19PM 18/02/2008

Amanada and Nat in the HoH Room - mcoop
3:22PM 18/02/2008

FLAMES NT - mcoop
3:25PM 18/02/2008

Amanda and Natalie seem to be best friends now... - Taffy
3:28PM 18/02/2008

All houseguests now outside - mcoop
3:29PM 18/02/2008
3:31PM 18/02/2008

Outside, Sharon asks Jen what did the doctor say about her rash...Amanda says she - Taffy
3:34PM 18/02/2008

FLAMES NT - lillink
3:37PM 18/02/2008

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