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Topic #8099789
JimAndJanet - Josh and Sharon in HOH NT 0 Replies #8099789 10:32PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8099810
JimAndJanet - Nat and Baller...nat..reciting her numbers again (wow)..Nat to DR with MATT...she says "oh that's wierd" and then continues 0 Replies #8099810 10:33PM 04/03/2008
to recite numbers. Matt tells her to go in her swim suit to DR..not to change.
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Topic #8099831
JimAndJanet - James/Chels up in hoh with J/S..talking about that BB took the remote out of HOH and tv is off NT 0 Replies #8099831 10:35PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8099891
JimAndJanet - Josh talking about loosing it due to what J/C was told in DR...i missed what they said ..but ev one going to DR in pairs 0 Replies #8099891 10:38PM 04/03/2008
Chels asking for James to keep clothes next to the bed so he doesnt go out in his underware when the siren sounds. He agrees.
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Topic #8099911
folieadeux8381 - Josh is freaking out in the HoH 0 Replies #8099911 10:39PM 04/03/2008
freaking out over the siren and how couples are being called to the DR. says he can't sleep tonight. there's no way now.
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Topic #8099926
JimAndJanet - In HOH the two couples know that nat has been drawing clues on paper and Josh will 0 Replies #8099926 10:40PM 04/03/2008
report it in the DR to get it confiscated...josh is really freaking out about the events becoming real with the tv off and couples to dr
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Topic #8099939
JimAndJanet - Josh VERY animated NT 0 Replies #8099939 10:41PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8099969
JimAndJanet - Theorys abound....josh "maybe it is to fight for a vaccine that keeps you from being evicted for the rest of the season" and the 0 Replies #8099969 10:42PM 04/03/2008
rest of the room says OOOOOOOOH
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Topic #8099987
JimAndJanet - Nat to DR and HOH crowd cheering that she is going to get a penalty nom for the writing on the paper NT 0 Replies #8099987 10:43PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100024
JimAndJanet - BB "hg, you are not to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's" NT 0 Replies #8100024 10:47PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100041
JimAndJanet - josh says he is going to be up all night and they tell him that he needs his beauty rest and her 0 Replies #8100041 10:48PM 04/03/2008
crosses his arms across his chest like he is sleeping. But he is standing and pacing
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Topic #8100057
JimAndJanet - chels and james gone from hoh...and sharon says "they know something" talking about C/J NT 0 Replies #8100057 10:49PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100152
Disneyisme - Josh is so paranoid that only the two couples will be called in to the DR tonight. Sharon 0 Replies #8100152 10:57PM 04/03/2008
keeps telling him that the DR will probably call them in, it's still early in the night. Josh says he will break down emotionally if Alli is here another week...he says "who does not like Malibu Ken?!"
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Topic #8100170
Disneyisme - Josh says to Sharon "Can you even imagine of she stays somehow and ends up being the one to vote me out next week?!" 0 Replies #8100170 10:58PM 04/03/2008
He said he would never recover...Sharon says she wouldn't recover either since she would be evicted twice in this game.
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Topic #8100191
JimAndJanet - Sheila talking about working out....chit chat NT 0 Replies #8100191 11:00PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100194
Disneyisme - Sharon want Josh to chill and go to bed. He is having a fit! He says 0 Replies #8100194 11:00PM 04/03/2008
"do you think I can really sleep with all this going on? And no TV to watch what is going on in the house??!" he yells "The peasants in the field are not happy with the KING right now!!"
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Topic #8100219
Disneyisme - Sharon tells Josh she is ready, she is wearing her military hear, she will not get kicked out of the house 0 Replies #8100219 11:03PM 04/03/2008
by Jen's boyfriend this time. She says "we are going to win this f'ing game!" Josh says how much their lives will be living hell if Alli sticks around.
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Topic #8100259
JimAndJanet - all 4 guys at chess table...josh still pacing in HOH NT 0 Replies #8100259 11:05PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100269
Disneyisme - Josh says he is really becoming paranoid. He says he can not sleep, that he needs to check the whole perimeter to see 0 Replies #8100269 11:05PM 04/03/2008
what's going down...Sharon kind of giggles and says "I do love you, I just don't know what to say to you..." Josh will not crack a smile...he is scary vigilant right now, gathering clothes and putting on a bracelet of his for extra precaution.
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Topic #8100285
Disneyisme - Josh is calling out to Mission control in LA saying "we definetly have a problem, we defintely have some issues here..." NT 0 Replies #8100285 11:06PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100287
JimAndJanet - Nat still in DR? maybe... (dont see her) NT 0 Replies #8100287 11:06PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100296
folieadeux8381 - Sheila was talking about socks and not bringing enough in front of Alli, and Chel said 0 Replies #8100296 11:07PM 04/03/2008
that she could borrow a pair of her socks because she brought enough and never wears them. Sheila was like, "really?" and she said yeah.

Alli, earlier, said Chel slipped up and said something along the lines of her and a dress and how she came in it and could leave in it, and that chel told sheila she could borrow something which made Alli think her and Ryan were going home because why else would she let her borrow clothes and say what she said to her? (sorry if that's confusing!)

Alli got up from the little couch in the bathroom after sheila asked chel about borrowing socks. Her and sheila had been sitting there talking forever.
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Topic #8100311
JimAndJanet - Sheila to DR..nat must be out NT 1 Replies #8100311 11:07PM 04/03/2008
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kitkat07 - Nat in sauna for awhile now NT #8100325 11:09PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8100321
Disneyisme - Josh is saying he will look like s*** tomorrow in front of Julie because he will have 0 Replies #8100321 11:08PM 04/03/2008
bags under his eyes...he says "I mean I don't need much beauty sleep, but I do need some..." he is ranting and very jittery. Sharon is trying to tell him to calm the DR calls Sheila Josh is firing up again...LOL. "Oh Sheila..." Sharon says "they called her in alone not with her partner..."
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Topic #8100344
JimAndJanet - alli swears on her life that matt and nat are voting for her to stay NT 0 Replies #8100344 11:10PM 04/03/2008
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