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Topic #8091335
DanaRose - flames, (prob another wake up call) NT 0 Replies #8091335 9:30AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091358
DanaRose - Matt and Nat up, J/C stirring and Adam hasnt moved!... NT 0 Replies #8091358 9:33AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091370
Timot - Chelsia is up and talking to Ali 0 Replies #8091370 9:34AM 04/03/2008
who finally found Ryan

Chelsia is still tired.
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Topic #8091371
DanaRose - Chels changing batteries in SR, then goes to bathroom, Alli finally... 0 Replies #8091371 9:34AM 04/03/2008
found Ryan on hammock, (i guess she didnt know where he was.) Matt brushing teeth
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Topic #8091396
DanaRose - Matt hugging Chelsia from behind in bathroom... 0 Replies #8091396 9:38AM 04/03/2008
Matt asks if he could get away with sleeping in the BY and Josh says well, Ryan already has the hammock! Chelsia doing makeup Josh eating inKT
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Topic #8091410
DanaRose - Nat up now in KT with big black bobby socks (?????) 0 Replies #8091410 9:39AM 04/03/2008
Josh says the hanna montana playing was a gay mans fantasy, Nat laughs and says she wants to lay out but they will prob call her in DR right away.
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Topic #8091441
DanaRose - Matt, sheila and Alli laying out in BY, Ryan snoring in hammock, BB says 0 Replies #8091441 9:43AM 04/03/2008
Allison please put on microphone, she does and Sheila rolls over to her back. Matty sits up but no one is talking at all!
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Topic #8091524
DanaRose - Sharon telling Josh shes trying to figure out every "single-ass" scenario... 0 Replies #8091524 9:52AM 04/03/2008
says that if they bring ANYONE back it wouldnt be good. Especially in this house with these crazy ass mother f'ing people. Josh says well they brought you back! Sharon now brushing teeth
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Topic #8091532
DanaRose - Chelsia joins crew in BY, all still laying out in silence NT 0 Replies #8091532 9:53AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091551
DanaRose - Josh and Sharon in HOH, Josh in shower, Sharon now goes to get batteries NT 0 Replies #8091551 9:54AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091598
DanaRose - Sharon looks at crew in BY and does the usual pit stop at the guinea pig cage, 0 Replies #8091598 9:59AM 04/03/2008
She says Hi Hunnys do you want something...then says hold on...goes to change batts and calls GP's to large cage where she can feed them. Gets apple from fridge cuts it up (wait, its a pepper i think!)
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Topic #8091636
DanaRose - Sharon says Guinea Pigs hear her cutting fruit and theyre freaking out, now Nat is 0 Replies #8091636 10:03AM 04/03/2008
there trying to see them. Sharon feeds them and by accident drops paper towel in cage. She says *****! dont let them eat it to Nat and gets a long spork but cant reach the paper towel, (kinda funny) she gets tongs but still cant reach. She finally gets it. Says to GPs sorry friends!!
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Topic #8091647
DanaRose - Outside crew of Ryan, Matt, Chelsia, Sheila and Alli must be asleep, still no talking NT 0 Replies #8091647 10:04AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091652
DanaRose - Adam is up says good morning to Sharon and to bathroom NT 0 Replies #8091652 10:05AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091662
DanaRose - James just went out to BY, just lays down with 'crew' ALL still in silence, (tense? or asleep?) NT 1 Replies #8091662 10:06AM 04/03/2008
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DanaRose - *Natalie is there too NT #8091667 10:07AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091690
DanaRose - Sharon just said to Josh, the hot chick just had to wake up the boys (adam n james) cuz theres stuff to do today. BB: change batteries HGS) NT 1 Replies #8091690 10:09AM 04/03/2008
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DanaRose - (sounded like hot chick was on bb staff) NT #8091797 10:24AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091698
DanaRose - Matt/Natslie called to DR NT 0 Replies #8091698 10:10AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091733
DanaRose - Sahron and josh scramble to get ready, all HGs are surprised theyre 0 Replies #8091733 10:14AM 04/03/2008
being called in so early. Sharon in shower josh in mirror (but where else would he be??!) Sheila just took a dip in the pool and is back on lounge chair.
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Topic #8091785
DanaRose - Josh goes to BY, stsnds by crew and says Lively crew out here and goes back inside. Goes to fridge. NT 0 Replies #8091785 10:23AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091834
DanaRose - Josh and Natalie talking about votes... 0 Replies #8091834 10:32AM 04/03/2008
Natalie says for sure theyre voting out Alli/Ryan, Josh is too if he has to break tie. Nat says she and Sheila were in shower and Alli comes outta nowhere saying you dont need to change for anyone Nat, and she wasnt even talking to Alli Nat tells Josh They A/R keep telling her and Matt they owe them, M/N owe R/A a vote, but theyre not giving them a vote.
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Topic #8091887
DanaRose - Josh to BY, joins Chelsia, Alli Sheila Ryan and Adam, BB:James Chelsia plz go to DR NT 0 Replies #8091887 10:39AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8091922
DanaRose - Matt and Nat in bathroom, 0 Replies #8091922 10:43AM 04/03/2008
Nat says she wants to study with Matt cuz they have to win and Matt says I know we do. Then Matt goes outside. Ryan goes to Bathrm and he and Nat are talking about how drained they are being in the house. Nat goes to BY and Ryan is brushing teeth
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Topic #8091950
DanaRose - Nat to BY, says hi everybody, hi 8-Baller ,you have risen . Adam says hi and 0 Replies #8091950 10:47AM 04/03/2008
all is quiet again. Matt is swinging on the hammock, Adam and Matt go to KT to make some food, Nat asks if they will make her something and they say yea, she says loudly thanks Matty and matt gives her the finger as he walks into the house
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Topic #8091994
DanaRose - Ryan, Adam and Matt in KT... 0 Replies #8091994 10:52AM 04/03/2008
making breakfast. James comes out of DR for glass of water, BB told him he was too raspy! He has to go back in DR. Adam blows his nose, picks it, wipes it in tissue and continues cooking WITHOUT washing hands. (EWW)
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Topic #8092047
DanaRose - Chelsia in KT now, makes comment about Ryan eating pina colada yogurt, 0 Replies #8092047 10:57AM 04/03/2008
Matty comes in and keeps grabbing at Chelsia. They go into SR to get stuff for breakfast with adam. Back in KT, theyre all trying to figure out how to make egg beaters. Theyre gonna try them. James back and Nat comes in too. BB: James plz put on your microphone
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