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Topic #8092264
DanaRose - Alli talking to J/C, trying to say theyre better off keeping her and Ryan... 0 Replies #8092264 11:17AM 04/03/2008
and she doesnt like how 'some people' dont care if they leave, and she doesnt know how Sheila/Adam will play it if they stay. Alli saying You guys could use us, and dont think I will forget how Matt talked about me, cuz I wont. James says i think you shouldve voted out M/N last week and Chels says Joshuah wouldnt be so mad then. Alli really campaigning and trying to work J/C til Sharon comes out.
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Topic #8092284
DanaRose - Sharon comes out and theyre all talking about the music this morning. (more) 0 Replies #8092284 11:19AM 04/03/2008
Alli says the music theyve been playing is horrible. Alli says shes just chillin trying to keep the peace. Sharon goes in...
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Topic #8092328
DanaRose - Alli continues campaigning to J/C 0 Replies #8092328 11:24AM 04/03/2008
Alli: you can trust me, i can tell you that from day 1 Matt, based on what he says to me Ryan and Nat hes not going to do what he says hes gonna, and thats more than you need to see in the future (saying dont trust Matt) James just says I know and leaves!! Alli to Chelsia" i will do whatever it takes for you, tells Chelsia if she stays "***** going down" cuz shes pissed. We see things and how theyve been hANDLED AND WE KNOW, we know. i love you guys to death and you know that. chel says i know and alli goes inside
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Topic #8092421
DanaRose - Matt in BY talking to J/C about votes...(alot alot more)! 0 Replies #8092421 11:39AM 04/03/2008
Matt saying do you wanna go 2-0? James says if its 1-1 Josh votes out Allison. Matt says Nats thinking one way and Im thinking the opposite. Matt says hed rather the final 3 be M/N J/C and J/S. Even if Alli/Ryan are in the f3...cHELS SAYS IT SUcks cuz she likes Alli, Matt says theyre both equal (S/A and A/R) Discussing different scenarios if one or the other go...Matt syas he doesnt know if hes leaning more towards Balla anymore, he just doesnt know. Matt asks James who would you rather play against in POV? James is evasive and Matt says one couple is stronger that the other. then asks Chels so you love allison huh? Chels says yea but i dont like how shes playing this game. James says he thinks Alli/Ryan will "play" them better, promising all of us everything. Matt agrees, Oh she definately will. James says he doesnt like living w/ Natty, Matt says me either, but thats why they put her here. Matt asks who can you trust more? Chels says neither. James says i guess we could go split, saves you with alli and let josh break the tie. Nat joins them, Matt says I could do that but then you could turn around and be the second vote, James says what you want my word, Matty says no i know how that goes in this game. Matty saying they win nothing, nothing.(i think he meant S/A) James says we should keep Baller cuz it keeps us both safe. Chels says strongly, you dont know that.
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Topic #8092423
Gorf - J/C and Matt talking about how to vote 0 Replies #8092423 11:40AM 04/03/2008
Neither really telling each other anything, both playing defensive.

James suggests Matt vote to keep allison there for keeping his word to her and making sure he has her vote and jury, and james/chelsia vote out allison and let Josh break it.

Matt says whats stopping u from being the second vote and keeping allison here,

talk goes back to the begging, keeps going in circles
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Topic #8092461
DanaRose - More Chels, Matt Nat James in BY talking... 0 Replies #8092461 11:46AM 04/03/2008
Matt says he was never in alliance with Pahka (Parker!) They're all saying they cant trust anyone in the house, not even their partners. Pondering how all in sequester will vote in the end. Talking about how long they have left on the show. Nat thinks they will split up, James and Matt dont think so. They were talking about 'til death do us part' and maybe the siren thing is a death veto or something...and we get flames
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Topic #8092506
DanaRose - Matt and James discussing sitting down with Adam and saying 0 Replies #8092506 11:52AM 04/03/2008
this is the deal, we vote to keep you and this is what you do. Matt say ok, but if i give A/R sympathy vote will that cause me trouble upstairs (J/S) James says talk to Josh, then says, Im sticking with Adam, im voting for Adam to stay. Matt says shake on it, they shake and James leaves. Matt tells Nat the deal, they could vote for Alli and save face for the sequester voting, and a split vote means Josh will send Alli home
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Topic #8092548
DanaRose - Natalie questioning why James would want M/N to vote for Alli to stay 0 Replies #8092548 11:57AM 04/03/2008
says it doesnt make sense. Matt said James is voting for Balla to stay and James pointed out that if M/N voted Alli out they would lose A/R's vote in the end. Nat is arguing that J/C are not trustworthy, James cant stand me and then hes all up on me, Matt says he never said he cant stand you. Matt n Nat catty arguing about how hate is a strong word and Matt says its great that youre in your own little bubble. Still bickering, Matt says im an *****, youre not an *****. I see the bad in people, you see he good. Nat somehow makes conversation about why Matt never talks to her...
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Topic #8092559
DanaRose - While M/N are arguing inBY, James and Chelsia are arguing in KT, all I heard 0 Replies #8092559 11:58AM 04/03/2008
was Chels yelling to James Im just trying to talk to you and walks away
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Topic #8092566
Gorf - James and Chelsia in Kitchen get in a spat, she dosnt agree with how james is handling things 0 Replies #8092566 11:59AM 04/03/2008
james dosnt agree with Chelsia, he asks her if she wants to be king sh#t of the operation
they argue about telling someone tonight the plan

she wants to do it tommorow

james wants to do it before someone else can get ot them

she freaks out and leaves

he says "I hate my partner"
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Topic #8092569
DanaRose - BB: HGs this is a lockdown, plz go outside. James just standing in KT with arms folded 1 Replies #8092569 11:59AM 04/03/2008
my opinion is Chels wants to keep ALLI and James doesnt!
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WVpdles - They were talking about when to tell Ryan/Adam James wants to tonight Chel doesn't NT #8093049 12:38PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8092648
DanaRose - All HGs in BY now, Alli on hammock eating, Sheila, James, Chelsia... 0 Replies #8092648 12:06PM 04/03/2008
and Sharon on couches, all eating except Shanron, whos reading bible. Can hear Adam and Matt playing pool. J/C small talking.
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Topic #8092674
DanaRose - James/Chels on couches alone, James says 0 Replies #8092674 12:09PM 04/03/2008
I think we need to pull A/R aside and tell them why and stuff.
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Topic #8092703
DanaRose - Now Alli crying in KT to Chelsia and Nat 0 Replies #8092703 12:10PM 04/03/2008
Chels hugs her then Nat hugs her. Alli says she doesnt want to do anything or say anything cuz then shes told shes mean or something. (What a manipulator!)
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Topic #8092743
DanaRose - Now Sheila is in hammock crying to Nat... 0 Replies #8092743 12:13PM 04/03/2008
Shes worried about Josh (?) coming after her. Nat still talking about God will come to us cuz were good people and He will redeem us, she runs off to get her bible before they lock down. Nat tells Alli Sheilas crying too, Alli says the away messages are horrible. Ryan agrees.
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Topic #8092791
DanaRose - Nat returns to Sheila in hammock with bible... 0 Replies #8092791 12:16PM 04/03/2008
Again telling the 'put me down' stuff again. Sheila says whether she goes or I go its still upsetting. I could really go! Nat says ask God to give you strength.
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Topic #8092814
MrsKristaBoogie - Chelsia & James on hammock. Chelsia feels like she might throw up. James says she can do it on his chest. Ew. NT 1 Replies #8092814 12:18PM 04/03/2008
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MrsKristaBoogie - not on hammock, on lounge chair NT #8092830 12:19PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8092869
DanaRose - James and Chels talking on towel in BY 0 Replies #8092869 12:21PM 04/03/2008
says he gave Josh his word. Chels says she doesnt feel good and may throw up. Chels asks have you talked to S/A? she says its giving too much time to talk. James says if theres a huge blow up before HOH comp it might be good. Chels says lets tell them tomorrow morning cuz its too much time for them to plot.
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Topic #8092872
my0wn - Chel & James on lounger talking about the vote 0 Replies #8092872 12:21PM 04/03/2008
James saying they can be tru to their word with josh by voting out A/R. Chel mentions that if they tell everyone tonight that give them too much time to talk, wants to wait till tomorrow AM. Afraid of what Alli will do.
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Topic #8092909
DanaRose - James says to Chelsia if theres a big blow up its because of you... 0 Replies #8092909 12:23PM 04/03/2008
(Im thinking they might just vote to keep Alli???!!! Hope not)
Chels says she just doesnt want Matt to know cuz it makes him vote differently. James said i think Matt figured it out so no more needs to be said to Matty. (That gives me hope that theyre voting Alli out!)
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Topic #8092915
DanaRose - HGs this is lockdown go outside and close door NT 0 Replies #8092915 12:24PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8092975
DanaRose - Josh joins J/C, says he requested bb to play Madonna sometime soon...and Josh comes and sits down w/ them...(more) 0 Replies #8092975 12:30PM 04/03/2008
James told Josh that they told Matty what they were doing and Josh asked if it will be 2-0. James says i dont know. (Now I know they'll vote out A/R, sorry for the confusion) Also, can someone do some posting please i have to get my kids from school! thanks
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Topic #8093120
NYTC7 - Sheila/Nat in hammock, Boys on pool table and in yard, Ali, fooling around 0 Replies #8093120 12:46PM 04/03/2008
Sheila/Nat talking about what a possible twist will be
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Topic #8093143
NYTC7 - Sheila saying that Adam has a really good looking brother 0 Replies #8093143 12:48PM 04/03/2008
Nat tells Adam that he needs to introduce her to him

Adam says his brother is HOT, he's a builder, he's single
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Topic #8093164
NYTC7 - The boys are running and dunking the ball as they jump into the pool 0 Replies #8093164 12:50PM 04/03/2008
Josh/Chelsia on lounger watching

Sheila & Nat are still talking about everyone

Can't see Ali
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