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Topic #8093167
NYTC7 - Sheila is going to lay in the shade, Nat staying in hammock NT 0 Replies #8093167 12:51PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093174
NYTC7 - BB telling HGs to tone down the jumping in the pool and to wipe off the windows 0 Replies #8093174 12:51PM 04/03/2008
he said no 360 jumps
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Topic #8093194
NYTC7 - Back from flames, they are complaining about not being able to have fun NT 0 Replies #8093194 12:52PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093205
NYTC7 - Josh cleaned the windows, Sheila on couches talking to Sharon NT 1 Replies #8093205 12:53PM 04/03/2008
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NYTC7 - Chit chat, talking about how the boys never clean up (I guess Josh is not a boy, LOL) NT #8093214 12:54PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093221
NYTC7 - Ali on boat couch all by herself NT 0 Replies #8093221 12:54PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093225
NYTC7 - Sheila telling sharon that she's frustrated that no one is saying how they are voting 0 Replies #8093225 12:55PM 04/03/2008
sharon is reassuring her that she will be okay, josh will freak if that happens

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Topic #8093272
NYTC7 - Josh comes over tells Sheila not to worry 0 Replies #8093272 1:00PM 04/03/2008
(ed. Josh is clearly lost weight)

Sheila says that she knows the he is the tie breaker, but she's still nervous something could happen, people are talking about things too far in advance (ie who would have who's vote on the jury)

Sharon tells Sheila not to stress and Sheila says that she trusts Sharon because she hasn't lied once in the game.

Sharon says I know it's hard to trust people in the game, but no one has a reason to lie to me, we're going to vote how we want regardless of what people say

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Topic #8093297
NYTC7 - Sheila is convinced there are more people coming into the house, because they told her that the show would last until the end of April 0 Replies #8093297 1:03PM 04/03/2008
The alarm is not a sign of something good is going to happen, it's not like a nice little bell saying something good will happen!!

Ali comes and sits on the couch

Sheila is talking about the movie Outbreak w/ Dustin Hoffman, she can't think of the name
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Topic #8093403
NYTC7 - Sharon saying a siren like that is never a good thing 0 Replies #8093403 1:13PM 04/03/2008
Sheila now talking about earthquake drills and fire drills, that's what the sound is like

Sharon thinks it will be on Fri or Sat., once the final 4 are locked in, 1/2 the people are gone and then they will spice it up

Ali - says but what was the point of them telling 10 people about it then?

Sheila says that this is going to go to the end of april, guaranteed, we signed up until May 3rd

Sharon talking about mixing the couples up and bringing people back, she doesn't think they will be split up b/c it's called until death do us part, unless the virus is the death of all the couples

Ali - Josh wants me gone obviously, the alarm threat came right after that all went down, I have a theory but I"m not sure it's right. I think that it has to do with the game, switching stuff up, why would the announce it so early if it was just for the final 8? There's no point of them announcing it if it didn't apply to the final 10.

Sharon thinks that if the alarm goes off, someone is going to come back in that door.

Sheila says they might let us decide who we want to come back

Ali says or America could decide

Sheila - well they got them involved last season, why not this season?
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Topic #8093415
NYTC7 - The couch girls have moved on to talking about if they were good or bad as a kid NT 0 Replies #8093415 1:14PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093437
NYTC7 - Sharon talking about getting a clock for her Christmas eve gift NT 0 Replies #8093437 1:18PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093453
NYTC7 - James/Chelsia/Josh talking about what the will do after the show 0 Replies #8093453 1:21PM 04/03/2008
Chelsia says she will show James some corn fields in Iowa, they could go snowmobiling if theres enough snow.

She wants to see some things in LA, they say they can stay with Neal.

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Topic #8093469
NYTC7 - Ali talking about her ex-bf John, James and Chelsia now playing pool, nat sunning herself on the hammock NT 0 Replies #8093469 1:23PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093499
NYTC7 - Ali saying that her sister in law had Alis parents wedding photo restored and put in a really nice frame for all of them for christmas one year NT 0 Replies #8093499 1:27PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093508
NYTC7 - Sharon talking about how Jacob used to model, but he quit b/c he didn't want to move to NY NT 0 Replies #8093508 1:28PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093542
raindrop110475 - Adam tlakign about how he went to college for fashion or something he made leather handbags for chanel 0 Replies #8093542 1:32PM 04/03/2008
Adam tells them he made shoes and knows how and there is one place in italy that sells the forms. Says he was just in it for Pu**y and says if you ignore the hot models in italy they will be all over u
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Topic #8093549
raindrop110475 - Adam saying ths person he worked with in italy told him chinese would come in prada and take pics and then knock off the clothes NT 1 Replies #8093549 1:34PM 04/03/2008
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raindrop110475 - Hes playing pool with James talkign abotu some course he paid for abroad and how much he knows about fashion industry NT #8093554 1:35PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093551
NYTC7 - BB tells James to put his shirt on NT 0 Replies #8093551 1:34PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093563
raindrop110475 - Sharon says jacob would ebe amazing father but a shi**y husband NT 0 Replies #8093563 1:36PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093564
NYTC7 - Sharon says that Jacob would make an amazing father, but a sh!tty husband NT 0 Replies #8093564 1:37PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093568
raindrop110475 - Sharon says part of reason she came on show was to put distant between her and jacob so he would be forced to do for himself without her help NT 0 Replies #8093568 1:37PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093646
raindrop110475 - Sharon says jacob was bad with money and she did bills and is control freak so she needed to know when he spent a dollar 0 Replies #8093646 1:45PM 04/03/2008
Says drivees her crazy when he told her he would call when he got home and he didnt and that was major problem for her cause he waited an hour to call her instead of callign her as soon as he got home he had to explain he went to bank and stufff that she was worried somethign was wrong because he didnt tell her he decided to run an errand instead of coming hoome right away like he said he would. She says they got in huge fight and was all pissed off he took back stereets home instead of Highway. And he should have called her and told her he wasnt takign it that it shows irrisponsibility to make her worry cause she was watchign clock and knows he should be home in 30 min instead of an hour and she didnt call him cause he would be mad so she waited for him worrying.
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Topic #8093652
NYTC7 - Lockdown Over NT 0 Replies #8093652 1:45PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093677
raindrop110475 - Chel complimenting allison on her clothes says it is from american apparel it is for people who are edgy NT 0 Replies #8093677 1:48PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8093684
raindrop110475 - chel goes to bathroom and BB lets us hear thanks bb NT 0 Replies #8093684 1:49PM 04/03/2008
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