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Topic #8094925
Snarf123 - Ryan beats Allison AGAIN! 10-1 now. NT 0 Replies #8094925 4:20PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8094945
cjo - Josh in hot-tub with Adam standing by visiting. Josh telling Adam not to 0 Replies #8094945 4:25PM 04/03/2008
stress about the votes. Adam left to go to WC
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Topic #8094965
cjo - James & Chel laying in hammock with Allison. Allison says she should 0 Replies #8094965 4:28PM 04/03/2008
gotten M&N out last week, but Sheila & Adam didn't even consider what everyone else wanted.
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Topic #8094966
Snarf123 - Ryan goes to take a nap. Chels, James and Alli chatting by hammock. 0 Replies #8094966 4:28PM 04/03/2008
More about how the game is hard. (ed. Planes flying over -- hard to hear)

Alli clarifying why she went along with voting Amanda/Alex out, but very hard to hear over hot tub noise on other camera.

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Topic #8095062
raindrop110475 - sharon in HT with josh tellign him to stop his goign off on people till after POV is played cause if ALLI won POV this week they were scr+wed 0 Replies #8095062 4:42PM 04/03/2008
Sharon things this new HOH is who won what kindof questions so is quizzing josh
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Topic #8095069
raindrop110475 - james josh and sharon making fun of chels cause she can drive stick shift NT 0 Replies #8095069 4:43PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095092
raindrop110475 - on other feeds nat is reading bidble to Adam and thinks there are hidden messages in biible for BB is all about the numbers she has counted and those 0 Replies #8095092 4:45PM 04/03/2008
referrign to pages and verses adam is listenign patiently as she reads bible as if it is written about her and matty like the lord is compassionate to those who persavere and her and mattie are always nice and they ghave come through so much then reads a part that says god doesnt liek swear and she says thats all james and chel do is say "I swear" so that means it is for them your not supposed to swear.
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Topic #8095212
DanaRose - Indoor lockdown NT 0 Replies #8095212 4:56PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095221
raindrop110475 - Alli telling ryan at this point she can gaurentee that J/C are not gonna vote for them ryan says no not lookign good but he is gonna tlak to them 0 Replies #8095221 4:56PM 04/03/2008
apparently alli heard chel say tey wanted to take josh to end weather she admits it now or not
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Topic #8095243
raindrop110475 - adam askss alli fi she is gonna play chess with ryan again she says no and adam says never and she says no cause we are gettign evicted NT 0 Replies #8095243 4:58PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095250
DanaRose - Josh going in sauna, Alli, Chelsia and James in KT Ryan and Adam come inside and go to BRs. James joins 0 Replies #8095250 4:59PM 04/03/2008
Josh in sauna. Josh says you have to win HOH James, HAVE TO, and James says you HAVE to win POV Josh, they laugh. James tells Josh i want you to know i have your back, i need you to believe me.
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Topic #8095337
DanaRose - Josh and James plot to take Natalies bible and hide it...(more) 0 Replies #8095337 5:11PM 04/03/2008
They say theres a great hiding place in James' BR. Josh laughs and tells James he has taken some of Alli's things little by little and hides them around the house. James laughs! They leave sauna
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Topic #8095501
BrownCoat - Camera doing extremely slow pan (and close-up) of Josh laying in underwear from toe to head. NT 0 Replies #8095501 5:27PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095532
BrownCoat - Josh/Sharon can't find remote in HOH. Alli, Sheila, Chelsia downstairs chit-chatting about travel (Alli talking). NT 1 Replies #8095532 5:30PM 04/03/2008
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BrownCoat - Downstairs in kitchen. NT #8095540 5:31PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095554
izabbfan - Inside Lockdown over NT 0 Replies #8095554 5:33PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095562
BrownCoat - Josh/Sharon in HOH discussing how Matt is surprised how smart James is. Sharon says 0 Replies #8095562 5:34PM 04/03/2008
"which is awesome because it makes him (James) a bigger threat".
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Topic #8095673
BrownCoat - Josh/Sharon now napping in HOH. My feeds are down - so I'm out. NT 0 Replies #8095673 5:47PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095774
DanaRose - Chels and Sheila are trying on outfits for tomorrow and ALLI is trying to give her opinion! (lol) NT 0 Replies #8095774 5:55PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095783
DanaRose - Matt studying wall of fame NT 0 Replies #8095783 5:56PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095791
catgurl - Matt in KT - just finished eating (alone) Chel & Sheila trying on black dresses, Ali oozing compliments etc. NT 0 Replies #8095791 5:56PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8095827
catgurl - Matt snooping in the ST cupboards and fridge, Ali has her suitcase out, sorta packing while J&C watch NT 0 Replies #8095827 5:59PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8096033
WVpdles - Sheila's now packing her clothes F1. Matt is folding his on F2. Chel is helping Ali pack her suitcase on F3/4 NT 1 Replies #8096033 6:17PM 04/03/2008
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WVpdles - F2 changed to Adam asleep in bed NT #8096038 6:17PM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8096212
pooh5983 - On the feed are 0 Replies #8096212 6:25PM 04/03/2008
Feed one is M,J,S also on feed 2

Feed 3 and 4 are Alli packing

They are also showing the quote on that room.
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Topic #8096465
WVpdles - Ali to Chel while packing. This siren thing has to have something to do with the nominees, why else would they bring it up when we were still here. 1 Replies #8096465 6:43PM 04/03/2008
I just know it does.
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WVpdles - Ali - I just know from a viewers stand point, they want drama. If Ryan and I leave the only couples that would be remotely #8096537 6:47PM 04/03/2008
at odds are you and Nat. I know this show is VERY interactive.
Ali - she had a gut about Sharon coming back too.
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Topic #8096491
WVpdles - Outside Matt and Ryan are making run of Nat thinking there's 27 letters in the alphabet (X, Y AND, Z). And only seeing 3 colors when there's 4 on the 0 Replies #8096491 6:44PM 04/03/2008
pigs toy.
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