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Topic #8118716
Snarf123 - Sheila, Josh and Sharon discuss whether or not Ryan might backdoor Matt. 0 Replies #8118716 11:34PM 05/03/2008
Initially Sheila doesn't think so, but then she tells them about all the stuff Alli told Ryan about how they couldn't trust Matty before they left.

Still, Sheila doesn't think Ryan would put up Matty "because he's afraid of Matty."

Sharon sort of fishing to see if Sheila would support getting rid of Matt. She's non-committal -- just says "good luck on that."

She assures Joshua that she doesn't think Josh has anything to worry about.

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Topic #8118724
Snarf123 - Sharon and Josh go to bed. NT 0 Replies #8118724 11:34PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118735
Snarf123 - Sheila goes in to talk with Matty. Adam also in the room reading the Bible. NT 0 Replies #8118735 11:36PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118753
right2erin - nat comes into the room with matt, sheila and aballa. 0 Replies #8118753 11:38PM 05/03/2008
talking about bed situation. matt volunteers to sleep in cursed bed (to get away from nat) and nat says, no mattie don't do it. matt asks if she's joking, she says no. matt hurries out of the room.
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Topic #8118762
Snarf123 - Natty joins Matt, Sheila and Adam in BR. Matt considers sleeping in the cursed bed. 0 Replies #8118762 11:38PM 05/03/2008
Natty beds him not to, that she was already traumatized enough by losing her partner, he can at least sleep with her.

Matt says, Are you KIDDING me right now?

Natalie says no and whines. Matt says ok and leaves.
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Topic #8118767
folieadeux8381 - BB: James, please go to the DR. - James: No! I'm naked! NT 0 Replies #8118767 11:39PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118777
right2erin - sheila and nat talking about how lonely it will be in the HOH now 0 Replies #8118777 11:40PM 05/03/2008
natalie says, well if i get HOH i'll still invite mattie to sleep with me
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Topic #8118872
bigtimebbfan - Natalie talking to Josh, Sharon, James, and Chelsia about her artwork NT 0 Replies #8118872 11:51PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118874
Snarf123 - New sleeping arrangements are: 0 Replies #8118874 11:51PM 05/03/2008
Chels/James in same bed as before (red room w/pullout couches).

Josh/Sharon in Alli/Ryan's former bed (red room).

Sheila (alone) in Boat Room.

Matt/Natty in same bed as before (pink frilly bedroom).

Adam in same bed as before (pink frilly bedroom).

Ryan in HoH.

No one sleeping in cursed boat bed.
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Topic #8118945
Snarf123 - Lights out. Still some chatter, but all in bed it looks like. NT 0 Replies #8118945 11:58PM 05/03/2008
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