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Topic #8106416
NYTC7 - Ali says that M/N should have said from the get go that they were voting for A/R 0 Replies #8106416 12:40PM 05/03/2008
They would have had a chance

Ryan says if anyone other than J/S would have won HOH we would have been in a great position

Ali is regretting now voting for M/N because no one would have been mad at them

Ali says she doesn't regret it but it screwed them
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Topic #8106938
MsPink - all feeds back on allison and ryan and she still says she knows the answer to the puzzle NT 1 Replies #8106938 1:18PM 05/03/2008
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ostra - Alli told Ryan about her being a professional gambler, Sheila joins and they're talking about puzzle again NT #8106977 1:21PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106966
NYTC7 - Ali just told Ryan that she's a prof. gambler, Sheila already knew NT 0 Replies #8106966 1:20PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106971
raindrop110475 - Alli says she has gambled over a million maybe 2 in her lifetime and she took in 5K and won 60k 0 Replies #8106971 1:20PM 05/03/2008
and so that is joshs salary for 2 years says every bookie in Boston knows and calls her and that she gambles for a living.
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Topic #8106984
MsPink - allison says that the puzzle has nothing to do with inside of the house NT 0 Replies #8106984 1:21PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107276
DanaRose - Alli STILL talking about her theory with Ryan and Sheila, she says 0 Replies #8107276 1:44PM 05/03/2008
its completely Mattys fault she and Ryan are leaving. she still says theyre coming back. Ryans finally heard enough and gets up to leave.
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Topic #8107314
DanaRose - Alli saying to sheila if she comes back w/ Ryan it'll be totally different. Sheila is the only one... 0 Replies #8107314 1:47PM 05/03/2008
she trusts here.
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Topic #8107390
ostra - Ryan is back and asks for a minute with ALli, Sheila leaves, Ryan wants Alli to tell him the puzzle 0 Replies #8107390 1:54PM 05/03/2008
the lights went out for a second, Alli freaks out, Sheila pops her head in, Ryan says they're not done, lights go out a couple more times, Alli is completely freaked out, is sure somethig is about to happen right now
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Topic #8107391
DanaRose - Ryan comes in and asks Sheila to excuse him and Alli, Ryan asks what Alli thinks she knows about the game...Alli answers... 0 Replies #8107391 1:54PM 05/03/2008
theres 30 blocks different colors in "there" red blue yellow green. Theres 4 colors throughout the house. Theres 8 things in every room, everywhere. Theres 8 letters in the case and 2 each of those letters...makes 16 letters. Then theres divide and multiply and equal sign so...and it has to do with outside the house and the hudson river virus...think about it Ryan...Alli says ok div the house, equals what? divide by 8...alli laughs and says i dont know if i should tell you...Ryan says im your partner just tell me Alli says SWEAR you'll have my back NO MATTER WHAT. they agree. Lights go out in bb house Alli screams nervously but i can see theyre all ok and FLAMES
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Topic #8107416
Chilltown327 - Lights flicker and allison ssatrts freakin out. ryan says probably nothing NT 0 Replies #8107416 1:55PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107419
DanaRose - Lights go out in BB house, Alli nervously screams Its Happening! and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8107419 1:55PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107480
ostra - back from flames, Alli and Ryan still in sauna room, talking about 8's NT 0 Replies #8107480 1:58PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107493
ostra - Neil and Alli figured out those are all of theirs initials there ( on the blocks?) one of them is even drawn with a marker NT 0 Replies #8107493 1:59PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107550
ostra - Alli goes back to the guinea pig's cage to check the colors and letters again, back to Ryan, writes her findings on a napkin, goes back again NT 0 Replies #8107550 2:03PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107560
DanaRose - Feeds Back, Ryan and Allis convo continues... 0 Replies #8107560 2:03PM 05/03/2008
missed alot of it thanks to flames, but Alli said all their initials are in 'there' (?) Alli says when you divide Ryan and Jen and add Alli/Parker its going to be a whole story on here to the end and in the end youll have to crack that story, and I know the story. I could put that thing together in 2 seconds and no one here is gonna figure it out. Its gonna go in order of who was evicted. The colors mean nothing its to throw us off. Alli goes to GP cage looking at blocks again, checking if there is an 'R' in there. Looking thru tubes to smaller 'pit-stop' GP cage, back to Ryan, shes writing in polish on napkin, green 6 blue p for parker. (sorry im writing exactly what theyre saying but not understanding it either)
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Topic #8107620
DanaRose - Alli showing Ryan something, still writing on towel, Ryan staring at GP cage...(more) 0 Replies #8107620 2:06PM 05/03/2008
James comes in d they are quiet for a sec. Alli says thats all of our initials in there and FLAMES. (wonder if shes really on to something...why all the interruptions from BB??? food for thought)
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Topic #8107804
DanaRose - Alli and Ryan in sauna room again...(Alot more) 0 Replies #8107804 2:15PM 05/03/2008
Alli says some are numbers, 6 or 9 she doesnt know which. THe virus is gonna happen, we're gonna have a virus, the virus will split you up but we're gonna be gone! I hope u would stay true to me Ryan says i would. Every time you divide the house, thers 8 of everything, putting it together like J/Ps initials then u divide like you and jen. Jacob and Sharon were Addition cuz they were together, Its all the initials and i looked theres every single persons initials in the whole house. now shes talking about a walnut, peanuts and asparagus.(?) Then Alli says their (BB) not gonna wanna end the Josh/Allison rivalry. Ryan thinks theyre def going home. Alli saying the lights flickering means something. Ryan doesnt think so. Alli says the virus is going to happen TODAY. Its going down. They (BB) wanna keep me here i know it.
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Topic #8107823
DanaRose - Alli: If that siren goes off, we're staying! NT 0 Replies #8107823 2:16PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107837
DanaRose - Ryan asked Alli about her gambling and FLames NT 0 Replies #8107837 2:17PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107892
DanaRose - Alli says Atlantic City is trashy and their blinds are too low...she tells Ryan... 0 Replies #8107892 2:19PM 05/03/2008
that if he saw her gambling he'd like die. Shes a big big tipper too they LOVE her at the casino. Alli" Im a mastermind at this sh!t, and all the people here are calling my bluff cuz they know. Alli said shes a professional gambler for 6 years now but stopped about a year ago.
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Topic #8107948
DanaRose - Alli said she looked at Alex and Amanda and her gut said keep them here but she didnt go with her gut, when she gets the gut feeling in... 0 Replies #8107948 2:21PM 05/03/2008
gambling and doesnt go with it, shes usually f#*ked FLAMES
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Topic #8107964
MsPink - trivia NT 0 Replies #8107964 2:22PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8107973
DanaRose - Trivia, FINALLY new trivia on feeds NT 0 Replies #8107973 2:22PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8108233
DanaRose - Still new trivia.. NT 0 Replies #8108233 2:44PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8108249
DanaRose - New trivia is asking questions and giving wrong answers, now its just scrolling thru all answers, now it seems to be back on track NT 0 Replies #8108249 2:46PM 05/03/2008
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