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Topic #8117564
stewart - James and Chels now in the KT with Ryan, Matt, Adam,Sharon and Natt.. 0 Replies #8117564 9:36PM 05/03/2008
Sharon looks a bit nervous, isnt saying alot..Ryan
is peeling the label off his beer..Ryan says its
going to take a few days to adjust to not having
partners...Ryan goes to the door to try to hear
whats going on outside..Chels says the comps are
going to be so FUN now! Josh now joins the group.
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Topic #8117618
stewart - Chels says she peels the bottom label off her beers but not the neck label.. 0 Replies #8117618 9:39PM 05/03/2008
and she slaps it back on, that it annoys her friends.
Josh is eating a cookie and complaining there is
"nothing in the house to eat." Adam dunking his in
some milk.

ryan has his hoh key around neck, reconnecting his mic
pack, black ballcap on backwards.
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Topic #8117683
stewart - Ryan says they are still banging away outside. Josh tells him that he will hear every little noise in hoh... 0 Replies #8117683 9:44PM 05/03/2008
Adam and Chels go to the SR...she tells him that she
thinks he is strong and intelligent but when he was
with S he was a floater..he says "so i'm f"d", Chels
says "no not necessarily" they both leave.
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Topic #8117700
stewart - BB yells "Stop that" (again)..everyone in KT wondering why. NT 0 Replies #8117700 9:46PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8117744
stewart - Natt is cooking fish and sometihng, Chels is making baked potatoes... 0 Replies #8117744 9:51PM 05/03/2008
Ryan talks about the door not opening..Chels and Nat
say Alison didnt want to hug anyone..Josh says he was
afraid Alison was coming to "get him"...Josh wonders
how this factors into her "puzzle"...Ryan says A claimed
the whole time that she had it figured out, says it only
brought up more questions in his mind than it did answers...
Matt says "i told her today she dont know when to keep
her mouth shut"...M,R,J all ragging on Alison thinking
she had everything figured out, never shutting up
....says they KNOW that Jen is happy.

Matt and Josh both say they think A has a crush on Ryan.

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Topic #8117758
coz - Josh just said that he would commit suicide if America votes Allison back in the house. NT 0 Replies #8117758 9:54PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8117828
stewart - Shelia is crying to Adam...he is listening, says she wont be able to hang out with the other girls... 0 Replies #8117828 9:59PM 05/03/2008
that she did like talking to alison..that she is very
smart...that it is alison boyfriend johns birthday today
and maybe she can see him...they both agree that it
was a horrible & sad exit for her, that she was so
excited and then she was so dejected

shelia says the ppl in the house are horrible and mean
and will stoop to any level to win...Adam mostly listening
and agreeing

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Topic #8117916
stewart - Shelia is now complaining that alison was right, that the house is going to come after her & Adam.. 0 Replies #8117916 10:07PM 05/03/2008
says again that "some ppl will do ANYTHING to get the money"
and that it doesnt mean anything to some of them.

Adam says he thinks he is good for a few weeks. Shelia
agrees, says Ryan wont do that to him.

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Topic #8117959
stewart - Adam tells S he is going to read the whole Bible before he leaves...she says "good for you..that she needs too also".. 0 Replies #8117959 10:10PM 05/03/2008
Adam then lists off all the Books of the Bible
that he has read.

Adam says Nat gets alot more history out of it.
Shelia asks him what he believes, how was he raised.
He says Roman Catholic, sheila says she was too.

Adam says he got thrown out of school when he lived
in Cherry Hill NJ. Shelia leaves, Adam is reading Bible.

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Topic #8118110
stewart - Matt goes to talk to Shelia. Nat & Chels are cleaning dishes. NT 0 Replies #8118110 10:24PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118125
stewart - Chels and Natt are talking about how hysterical it was seeing Matt & Nat in the veto comp... 0 Replies #8118125 10:26PM 05/03/2008
she didnt remember kicking him or the kissing.

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Topic #8118173
stewart - Josh, Matt, Adam are talking about how FURIOUS alison was & prob still is... 0 Replies #8118173 10:31PM 05/03/2008
Josh making fun of alison saying "america was going
to keep her" (they are in sauna room, house still on
indoor LD)...Matt filing his nails...J,M,A all say
they have been biting their nails like crazy

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Topic #8118186
stewart - Natt comes in and grabs a file..sits down next to Adam and asks him what happened to his finger.. 0 Replies #8118186 10:33PM 05/03/2008
he says he broke it, that his mom put it in a vise
when he was little.
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Topic #8118213
stewart - Chels comes in says a light went out again..Matt leaves with her... 0 Replies #8118213 10:35PM 05/03/2008
Nat,Josh, Adam still in sauna room...Natt and Matt
had just been talking aobut how he leaped across
the room and wasy like "bye, peace"..Josh said he
wanted red lights to go off..Josh says Sharon was
worried Jacob was coming back

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Topic #8118222
stewart - BB "Matt please exchange your mic for one in the SR" NT 0 Replies #8118222 10:36PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118241
stewart - Adam is knocking on the walls..Natt is imitating how Adam eyes go buggy... 0 Replies #8118241 10:39PM 05/03/2008
Josh says they are trapped. Natt says she had
permanent chills for like 2 hrs after they were
first read the announcement.

Josh leaves Natt and Adam. Natt tells Adam that
all Alison did was lie to her.

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Topic #8118262
coz - James: I'm a bisexual bicyclist (to Josh) NT 0 Replies #8118262 10:42PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118276
stewart - Natt is doing Adams nails...Chels comes in sits down, wonders whats going on tomorrow, says she needs a shower... 0 Replies #8118276 10:44PM 05/03/2008
leaves Adam and Natt. Josh is moving his stuff into
drawers. Matt and James talking about baller.
Sharon comes in.

BB "Chelsea please go to the DR"

(i'm out, handing off)
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Topic #8118300
lalali - josh turns his pillowcase inside out 0 Replies #8118300 10:49PM 05/03/2008
because it was Allison's and he doesn't want her face all over his pillow
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Topic #8118355
WVpdles - Ryan's having matt/adam guess what ali's secret was. They went from cop to escort, to phone sex. Now they're getting warm with con artist. NT 0 Replies #8118355 10:56PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118359
right2erin - ryan hinting to matt and aballa that allison is a pro gambler. 0 Replies #8118359 10:56PM 05/03/2008
totally ruining her game if she comes back
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Topic #8118489
Snarf123 - Sheila, Nat, Sharon, Josh in BR talking about Allison. 0 Replies #8118489 11:10PM 05/03/2008
Sheila going on and on about Alli's education and experiences and how this just wasn't her game, but she tried so hard.

Natalie saying that J/C were going to get rid of her and Matty next and that all she does is smile and talk about the Holy Spirit.

Sheila -- James is snakey. You never know what he's thinking.

Sharon reminds them that the walls are thin.

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Topic #8118517
coz - Matt has seen Allison's Myspace page because he knows that her headline is "The Rookie" NT 0 Replies #8118517 11:13PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8118587
Snarf123 - Boys still talking about professional gambling while Sheila and company continue to talk about J/C. 0 Replies #8118587 11:18PM 05/03/2008
More about the beer/wine distribution the other night when Natalie got so upset and also tonight in the HoH room. Sheila asked for one of Ryan's beers and Chels snapped NO, he only has 4. Sheila didn't like that.

Chels walks in. They change subject to who everyone thinks will go up.

Nat leaves for bathroom.

Chels says Ryan said he didn't know what he was going to do -- there are so many different ways. Strategically, none of us, she says.

Josh -- you don't think moi?

Chels says no.

S- Why?

Chels - Because we're not very strong, physically against him.

Sheila -- Who?

Chels -- Baller

Sheila -- yeah but then Matty can go out there and win POV and he's screwed.

Chels -- yeah, see that's why I don't know

Sheila -- Come on, are you kidding me, I don't think he'd take that chance. He'd definitely not going to do Adam.

They don't think he'll put up Matt either.

Chel asserts that it would be smart for Ryan to put up Matty and Adam.

Sheila isn't buying it.

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Topic #8118636
Snarf123 - Bedroom crew talks about the food competition tomorrow. 0 Replies #8118636 11:24PM 05/03/2008
Josh thinks it will be teams, 4 against 4.

Chels says it's hard to know if people are still working as couples or as singles. She doesn't think Matt and Natty are.

Sheila says she and Adam won't be working as a couple.

Chels says she doesn't know if she and James are, that she thinks he might totally go (and she makes a swerving motion with her hand).

(ed. uncomfortable silence after she says this -- looks like no one believes her)
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