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Topic #8101751
BBTenAddict - Flames. (right after Adam was saying that he thought he was going to walk out into the kitchen and find someone in the house.) NT 0 Replies #8101751 2:03AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101762
BBTenAddict - Feeds back. James, Adam, and Josh in kitchen. James tells Josh that he's losing it. NT 1 Replies #8101762 2:06AM 05/03/2008
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WVpdles - josh adam james said the brain of BB (the room behind HoH) is busy tonight they keep hearing the elevator going up and down NT #8101768 2:06AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101783
drewber - FOTH 0 Replies #8101783 2:09AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101789
WVpdles - James/Adam telling Josh Nat stories like the x y AND z and when someone asked the capital of WV she said delaware! NT 0 Replies #8101789 2:12AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101826
WVpdles - James/Adam said they called it day 2 that everyone would be cracking by day 30 NT 0 Replies #8101826 2:20AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101841
WVpdles - Josh and James ripping on Matt. James said he couldn't look Matt in the eyes during the fight because one was going this way and the other that. 0 Replies #8101841 2:22AM 05/03/2008
josh said he's gonna ask matt to spell Mississippi is it M crooked EYE ss crooked EYE ss crooked EYE pp crooked EYE
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Topic #8101854
WVpdles - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8101854 2:29AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101895
WVpdles - The 3 boys are wandering around the kitchen, they were looking at the memory wall, back to eating now NT 0 Replies #8101895 2:42AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101957
WVpdles - Everyone sleeping NT 0 Replies #8101957 2:56AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8101962
thatsoxgirl - All HG's in bed..James in bed but awake NT 0 Replies #8101962 2:57AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8102091
CruiseCritic - Josh has been constantly tossing and turning for at least 10 minutes - he has 0 Replies #8102091 3:41AM 05/03/2008
one of his hands on his forehead. He is not asleep
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Topic #8102100
CruiseCritic - Josh yawning, stretches his arms out in front of himself, locks hands together and 0 Replies #8102100 3:44AM 05/03/2008
puts hands up behind the back of his head. He is having a problem falling asleep.

Ryan and Alli on F1 James and Chels on F2 and now Josh is up and sitting on the side of his bed on 3 and 4
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Topic #8102104
CruiseCritic - Josh is out of bed, arms folded across his stomach and is walking around HOH room NT 0 Replies #8102104 3:44AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8102111
CruiseCritic - Josh sitting in chair in HOH, looks deep in thought. Can hear Ryan snoring on F1 and now JOsh sits 0 Replies #8102111 3:45AM 05/03/2008
back in the chair and does a little swiveling. His arms are folded across his stomach/chest and he is just sitting there.
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Topic #8102117
CruiseCritic - Josh now with hands folded in front of him, his head down looking towards the floor 0 Replies #8102117 3:47AM 05/03/2008
stretching his neck back and forth and looking around.

Ryan moved one of his hands around a little and James kind of lifted up his head.

Josh now putting his elbows up on the other HOH chair and looks deep in thought
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Topic #8102125
CruiseCritic - Josh still leaning on the other HOH chair and puts one of his hands to his 0 Replies #8102125 3:49AM 05/03/2008

Ryan is snoring quite loud - laying on his back.

Josh sitting back up and looking around the room.

No other movement with other HGS

Josh sits back in chair again and camera man goes for another view a(Josh is on 2 feeds) and now puts his legs up on the other HOH chair

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Topic #8102131
CruiseCritic - Josh still in thought, arms folded on chest and legs still up on the other chair in the HOH room 0 Replies #8102131 3:51AM 05/03/2008
not much else going on at this time of night for them

(east coast here and time for another cup o coffee)
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Topic #8102149
CruiseCritic - Josh still in chair, stretching his neck - not able to sleep has a hand on his forehead now 0 Replies #8102149 3:56AM 05/03/2008
looks around the room. looking up.

Ryan still snoring SOOOO loud

(sorry if posts so boring, but that is all that is going on)
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Topic #8102158
CruiseCritic - Josh standing up now stretching and walking around HOH room. Pacing 0 Replies #8102158 3:59AM 05/03/2008
back and forth by the two HOH chairs.

Ryan has stopped snoring.

Josh looking at the bed and walks towards it and gets back in and is not sittng up and getting under the covers. He sits there with his hand on chin, rubs his forehead.

Picks up his stuffed cow and puts it on his lap.

He is still sitting up
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Topic #8102174
CruiseCritic - Josh cannot sleep and still sitting up in the bed, stretches his neck again and 0 Replies #8102174 4:01AM 05/03/2008
has opened eyed look at camera.

Just staring straight ahead with cow on his lap. Hand now on forehead now and deep in thought (he looks stressed out)

Quiet in other BRs as Ryan has stopped snoring
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Topic #8102183
CruiseCritic - Josh still sitting there in the bed, James lifts up his head and turns over as Chels lifts her head up 0 Replies #8102183 4:05AM 05/03/2008
as well (both back in a comfy position).

Josh looks over at Sharon, stretches his neck. Puts hand on his chin.

Josh starting to not look so good on night cam - looks stressed with his eyes darting around the room. Holds up his head with his other hand.

Not much just Josh still sitting and looking around the room, chewing on a fingernail now

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Topic #8102191
CruiseCritic - Josh looking over at Sharon again as she moves her legs around and turns a little. 0 Replies #8102191 4:08AM 05/03/2008
He just sits there staring.

Chels again tossing and turning...rolls over and faces James face and covers herself up.

Josh looking at his cow now - holding it in both hands, staring at it, stretches his neck in circles (again) hand on chin and again looks deep in thought.

(these posts are starting to bore me - will post if anything happens - like him finally laying down)
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Topic #8102197
CruiseCritic - Josh holding his little cow to his face/lips and stares ahead. Just holding the cow 0 Replies #8102197 4:11AM 05/03/2008
looks over at Sharon again. Hand on chin again, lots of movement as he sits there.

(I wish he would just lay down or get up)

WOW - he just got up and leaves the HOH room
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Topic #8102201
thatsoxgirl - Josh now out of bed and downstairs pacing..making his way back upstairs NT 0 Replies #8102201 4:12AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8102204
CruiseCritic - Josh has his little stuffed cow in his hands and goes down the HOH stairs and 0 Replies #8102204 4:13AM 05/03/2008
now is in the kitchen. Pacing near the counter and the round table....

Back over by the steps and is on his way back upstairs (?)

Back toward HOH room and goes over to the big couch outside the HOH room and sits down....elbows on the knees with his head down again. Just sitting there
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