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Topic #8105278
bbshannon - Ryan and Matt still laying on beds in the pink bedroom on all 4 feeds 0 Replies #8105278 10:52AM 05/03/2008
Matt doesnt wanna get dressed.
Ryan says they gotta be "there" at 1130.
Matt might go and have a shower.
Ryan gets up and says he's tired....leaves room.
Asks Chelsia if Alli is still going off.
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Topic #8105304
bbshannon - Sheila and Chelsia in kitchen on all four feeds 0 Replies #8105304 10:53AM 05/03/2008
They aren't gonna bother doing dishes cuz they're gonna be called upstairs soon.
Sheila asks what else is there to do than fight with people?
Chelsia: the bedrooms really need it (cleaning) pick up everyone's s*it
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Topic #8105370
bbshannon - Natalie walking around with the bible, following Matt, quoting verses 0 Replies #8105370 10:58AM 05/03/2008
Ryan laying on the couch in red bedroom now. Just moves couch to couch.
Matt goes into storage room to iron. (all four feeds)
Sheila with big yellow rubber gloves on cleaning the kitchen.
Talking about the vote, didnt catch it all.
Chelsia: last wednesday when she (allison) was crying, saying she was gonna sue Josh, sue big brother, flames.
Sheila says that ironing board sucks!

Sheila doing dishes. Random chitchat, Chels and Josh are there too but are talking very low. say they aren't allowed to talk about something.

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Topic #8105407
VanWinkle - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8105407 11:00AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105470
Gibbled1 - HOH lockdown..... NT 0 Replies #8105470 11:05AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105492
bbshannon - All in the HOH room now, some in bed, some in chairs 0 Replies #8105492 11:07AM 05/03/2008
All laughing about a smell. Can you smell that?

Ryan in the bathroom doing his hair
Adam asks Sharon "do you miss him? (i think they're talking about Jacob)
Sharon doesn't answer
Chelsia: no she doesn't
They think it'll be an hour or two in the room.
Talking about the pictures in the HOH room, asking Josh and Sharon questions about them.
Sharon talks about her dogs in a really high pitched voice (ow my ears)

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Topic #8105657
bbshannon - Random chitchatting in the HOH, 2 feeds on Sheila on floor, 2 feeds on bathroom 0 Replies #8105657 11:17AM 05/03/2008
Talking about clothing stores/brands.
Sheila talking about her son's clothing taste. 300 dollar jeans, Ice Cream brand. How she can't afford it!
Mikhail Alexander. Named after Mikhail Baryshnikov. People were making fun of him, calling him Michelle. Became Mickey. In highschool, it was just Mik.
He wants to spin now, become a DJ, so he wants to go back to Mickey. Doesnt like his middle name.
Allison loves the name Alexander.

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Topic #8105733
kimber1 - Ali starts to tell story about friends wedding in Charolette NC and we get flames NT 0 Replies #8105733 11:25AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105930
bbshannon - All still in HOH, Allison has a headache from the coffee, Sheila made it 0 Replies #8105930 11:48AM 05/03/2008
Chelsia wants to know if coffee makes you sh*t.
Alli talking about Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Sheila goes to Starbucks every morning.
They ask her what she does for a living.
Sheila says she works in the industry, gets stuff all the time through CraigsList, working on her book. Just did Scott Baio show.
Alli talking about actresses, living off lump sums, dont know when they're next job is.
Sheila says its very stressful, paycheck to paycheck.
James tells them what Craigs List is.
Talking about 100's of thousands of people trying out this year.
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Topic #8105955
bbshannon - Sheila is her own agent, gets her own work... 2 Replies #8105955 11:52AM 05/03/2008
Promotion/book tour talk. Its in the beginning stages. How she'll make money from the book.
Adam: that's if your book sells.
Allison: I cant get over how paycheck to paycheck it is.
Sharon: its like real estate, same thing.
Sheila lost her SAG membership cuz of the time she took off to raise her son, all the random jobs she had. Was a member for 20 years and they will charge her 2 grand to rejoin. They protect you, give medical benefits.

Ryan sleeping and snoring. Alli says he wakes up easily.
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bbshannon - Sheila talks more about her acting jobs #8105985 11:55AM 05/03/2008
Hopes the writers strike is over cuz there was no work.
Sheila tells them about the Scott Baio reality show. It was for one day.
Describes the show to them. James knows all about it.
She went out with him, dated him 25 years ago when she did a bit part on Charles in Charge.
Allison: what I'm saying is..why would they bring you back? To yell at him?
Sheila: basically he was 45 and single..
Chelsia: 45 girlfriends?
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bbshannon - James says now Scott looks like s*it. Sheila says he looks great, but she is biased NT #8105988 11:56AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106008
bbshannon - Chatting interspersed with flames. Everyone keeps interrupting while Sheila talks. NT 0 Replies #8106008 11:59AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106151
bbshannon - Feeds back from flames, Sharon listening to Peice of Me by Britney Spears really loud 0 Replies #8106151 12:15PM 05/03/2008
We can hear all the words, she's standing bobbing her head. Everyone else is out of the HOH.

Matt gets into the shower.
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Topic #8106166
pooh5983 - All feed are Matt takeing a shower NT 0 Replies #8106166 12:18PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106168
bbshannon - Natalie comes into the bathroom and says "Mattie its 12, not 8" 0 Replies #8106168 12:18PM 05/03/2008
She found 4 more of something, and then said 9 birds. Then she leaves.
All four feeds on Matt in the shower.
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Topic #8106222
lalali - allison theorizing about votes to ryan 0 Replies #8106222 12:24PM 05/03/2008
she thinks james and chelsia are only voting against her because m/n wouldn't tell.....thinks this scenario is obvious, ryan (correctly) states that it was never the case, and james and chelsia have wanted them out the whole time, and would have talked to m/n if they wanted otherwise.
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Topic #8106233
bbshannon - Allison and Ryan in sauna room 0 Replies #8106233 12:26PM 05/03/2008
Alli: we all know eachother personalities in this house
Ryan: why would Matt and Natalie throw us under the bus if they voted for us?

Alli: you dont see that? trust me...james and chelsia day 1 wanted to know who matt and natalie were gonna vote for
Ryan interjecting
Alli: hear me out
Ryan: they dont give a ***** if matt and natalie voted for us. they wanted matt and natalie to vote for us so the whole house is mad at them next week.
A: dont you see that, its so obvious.. no matter matt and natalie are the ones who ***** us over.
Ryan: you think that if matt and natalie told james and chelsia if they were voting for us, then james and chelsia would've voted for us?
Alli agrees...I saw it all happening, languages starting changing, convos starting changing.
Ryan tells Allison that James made up Operation Gardener.
Alli: of course we're planting seeds! Of course it's only me, you are my partner.
Ryan mentioning the lesbian thing

They keep interrupting eachother.
Ryan: that lesbian thing, why you ever did that, I dont know.
Alli: we could go back and forth forever.
Mostly talking about whos telling who about voting.

Sheila comes in, knocks on the door. Talks about

Alli: Operating Gardener I could care less. Operation Pinkhead (james) I dont care, doesnt matter at this point. Why havent we gone into the DR and talk about our eviction? Something else could happen, we have to be on the same page if something does happen, ya know?
Ryan: exactly
Alli: too many things have happened, even if we do walk out today, we might be walking back in..too many unopened answers (?) Im not psyched about going to the sequester house. Talk about Jen, not exciting. Jen will rip her a new *****, Parker will.
Ryan: we dont even know if they're there, maybe you guys will get along outside this house.

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Topic #8106237
NYTC7 - Ali/Ryan in sauna room 0 Replies #8106237 12:26PM 05/03/2008
Ali telling Ryan that they had a shot at getting J/Cs vote day 1 after the noms, that they didn't get into an alliance w/ J/S until a day or 2 later (she's wrong), she says she saw exactly how it all went down.

She thinks it's weird that they haven't been called to DR to talk about their eviction very much, she thinks that they might be coming back even if they get evicted

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Topic #8106241
DanaRose - Alli still trying to make her 'points' with Ryan... 0 Replies #8106241 12:26PM 05/03/2008
she says if we walk out tonight, we might be walking right back in. Alli says i cant wait to hang out with jen, parker, alex and amanda, very sarcastically. Ryan laughs
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Topic #8106243
NYTC7 - Ali is not looking forward to going to sequester b/c she thinks that everyone hates her, feeds cut to WC NT 0 Replies #8106243 12:26PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106266
NYTC7 - Ali uses the line AGAIN that no one could break her down in the house 0 Replies #8106266 12:28PM 05/03/2008
C comes in to show off her boots, Sheila loves them (shes in the hall)

Ali says AGAIN that Ryan doesn't stick up for her

Ryan says AGAIN that she needs to stick up for herself

(ed. OMG how many times is she going to rehash this????)
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Topic #8106286
bbshannon - Allison back to talking about Jen making fun of her 0 Replies #8106286 12:30PM 05/03/2008
Alli: in this house nobody could break me down...maybe except Ryan

Chelsia comes in and shows them her hooker boots. Ryan tells her not to wear them.
Sheila comes back in, leaves, shuts the door.
Alli said you never stood up for me
Ryan tells her she should be able to stand up for herself
Alli says it shows a huge disconnect between partners, no its fine, I dont care (obviously she does) She doesnt think she started any fights or drama. A lot of people view us as her, and then he goes with the flow.
I dont think youre the type of guy who takes s*it, you didnt show that in this game. If Jen was your partner..we weren't an united front.
Ryan: youre right about that..we weren't in the position to be like that, we've been on the block the whole time.
Alli: we gotta show that we are like a rock
Ryan: we gotta watch what we say..everyones been coming after you, if i go off on people, the whole house would be against us
Alli: I agree with what youre saying, dont get me wrong, this game is about who you don't want to f*ck. Nobody wants to f*ck with Joshuah. Sheila is afraid of Josh, and that's why she stayed away from Allison.
She says that Matt and Natalie played too hard this week, threw them under the bus.
Ryan: if they hung out with us, it would've looked like we were aligned.

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Topic #8106310
NYTC7 - Ali tells Ryan that if they do come back, they need to have more of a united front 0 Replies #8106310 12:33PM 05/03/2008
Ryan agrees, says but we've been on the block almost the entire time, it's hard

Ali says that no one wants to F with Josh, sheila is afraid of him, M/N over played it this week, they threw us under the bus, and they threw us under the bus for 4 days and then they vote for us? What the F?

Ali thinks that Matt told James about their deal with them (A/Rs deal w/ M/N), Ryan thinks that James is just speculating that

Ryan - M is not stupid, he knows that we saved him

Ali - S said that Adam is going to cut james off from the cigs, Ryan says "no way, not gonna happen"

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Topic #8106320
bbshannon - Ryan still trusts Matt and Natalie, but Allison thinks they are the reason they are going home this week NT 0 Replies #8106320 12:34PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106322
NYTC7 - Ali says we should have had 2 weeks w/ J/P, we could have owned this game aligned w/ them and A/A NT 1 Replies #8106322 12:34PM 05/03/2008
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bbshannon - She also said that they could've taken out Josh/Sharon, James/Chelsia aligned NT #8106351 12:36PM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8106340
bbshannon - Allison thinks Josh whispered answers to Sharon during the HOH, she should've won NT 0 Replies #8106340 12:35PM 05/03/2008
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