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Topic #8104688
JimAndJanet - m/n quietly looking at the books...matt recites the story tale books and then stops NT 0 Replies #8104688 10:01AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104697
JimAndJanet - Matt looks up at the camera and shakes his head in disbelief NT 0 Replies #8104697 10:02AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104706
JimAndJanet - Nat knows how many books are on the wall...2 thousand something NT 0 Replies #8104706 10:03AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104730
Panda4 - Camera keeps panning over to the mantel wall. (ed. possibly they should memorize it). NT 0 Replies #8104730 10:05AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104743
JimAndJanet - Nat counting the books again (wow) NT 0 Replies #8104743 10:06AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104755
JimAndJanet - Flames NT 0 Replies #8104755 10:07AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104765
JimAndJanet - Back..matt yelling to BB about that he wasnt singing NT 0 Replies #8104765 10:07AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104898
bbshannon - Ryan tells Adam that Adam is staying NT 0 Replies #8104898 10:21AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8104916
bbshannon - Adam laying on floor, Ryan on couch yawning in the red bedroom 0 Replies #8104916 10:23AM 05/03/2008
Ryan talks about the last time he was in New York, 02.
Ryan asks Matt if he feels smarter being taught by Natalie.
Matt says she knows everything in the house, you name it.
Ryan laughing
Adam guesses how many books there are on the wall
Matt says no
Adam asks what it is
Matt tells him to go study himself
Adam calls him an *****
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Topic #8104941
bbshannon - Allison joins them in the red bedroom on a couch 1 Replies #8104941 10:26AM 05/03/2008
She's wearing blue jeans and a black tank top, not saying anything
Matt says again that he thinks it'll be a physical HOH, Ryan wearing jeans and a striped collared shirt
Ryan would've liked a physical HOH last week instead of the love quotes, he says they all looked like a bunch of idiots
Matt is wearing a black tank top, he's not gonna get ready yet. Sitting on a green chair..he's just "chillin"
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bbshannon - Matt and Alli bicker in red room #8105003 10:32AM 05/03/2008
Matt mentions one of them (adam or allison)going to sequester.
Allison says lucky us.
Matt tells Allison to look on the bright side of life "Al"
She says everyone in that house in the liar.
Matt says that's why I came on this game. Some people wanted to come to get their 15 mins. of fame.
Adam says he's gonna miss Alli if she goes home.
She says don't worry Baller, make it to the end.
Adam thinks she'll come back.
Allison: If i do, I have enough ammunition to last me the rest of the game
They are telling her she should've used it.
Allison: I'm the reason you're here matt
Matt: you gonna start with me? youre the only one that voted for us, I forgot. take your shots at me, Ill crack you easier than Josh did
What the ***** you starting with me for?
Matt tells her she cant blame anyone by herself.
Allison just keeps saying "oh really? Im not yelling at everybody. If you wanna threaten me, go for it. Do it."
Matt: youre leaving right now! you dont know youre coming back, go yell at people, dont say you have enough ammunition.
Allison: not everyone does what you want in life, so you gotta learn that. Rip me apart, go ahead.
Matt: ur making bold claims over here, you have ammunition. Use it now, you might not have that chance again
Allison: alright
Matt: you might not come back, you might never know what the siren means, cuz you won't be here
Ryan: I dont think we're coming back
Matt: if you have something to say to people, say it now
Allison: when you said you havent even begun to dig into me, whatever you said last night at the dinner table, you were yelling
They all say no Matt wasn't yelling
Matt doesn't wanna get loud, isn't mad at her
This is why youre going home this week, you can't keep your mouth shut. He is not the reason you are leaving (ryan) you are the reason.,

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Topic #8105007
JimAndJanet - Matt tells alli that the reason she is leaving is cause she can't keep her mouth shut NT 0 Replies #8105007 10:32AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105025
DanaRose - Matt tells Alli shes the reason A/R asre going home today, NOT RYAN... 1 Replies #8105025 10:33AM 05/03/2008
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shmamy99 - Full convo - almost word-for-word #8106123 12:12PM 05/03/2008
Matt: Just think one of you gets to go to NY tomorrow (because of eviction).
Alison: Lucky us.
Adam: You don't know that.
Alison: Are you kidding me?
Adam: I don't know anything. I'm out of the loop here.
Alison: Seriously?
Ad: I'd rather not know. I'd rather not believe the lies.
Alison: Exactly. Everyone in this house is a liar. I just can't do it.
Matt: Very true. I'll be the first to admit that. That's why you came on this game.
Alison: No. I don't think it's why everyone came on this game. Not at all.
Matt: Some wanted to come to get their 15min. of fame, others had different reasons.
Alison: Do wrong things in the game. Make wrong moves and get F*#$ed.
Matt/Adam: So f*#$ed.
Adam: Ali I'm going to miss you when you go home.
Alison: Thanks Baller. I'll miss you too. But don't worry Baller... you make it to the end... you're my Baller.
Adam: Who knows? You go, you might come back.
Alison: Who knows... trust me if I doÖ I have enough ammunition to last me the rest of the game.
Adam: No way.
Alison: Yup. I've just been holdin' in trying...
Matt: Why'd you hold in now? You should have been usin' it the whole time.
Alison: No!
Matt: Yeah!
Alison: No! You don't use ammunition while you're on the block.
Matt: You use it while you're here in general...
Alison: Oh, really?
Matt: ...instead of holding it in the whole time.
Alison: Really? I don't know. That's not the way I would play my game. But that's okay.
Matt: Well the way you played your game... obviously you're on the block right now. I'm not trying to fight with you. I'm just saying why you holdin' back...
Alison: You know you were on the block last week and...
Matt: I was.
Alison: ...and I'm the reason you're here this week. So...
Matt: You're right. You're the reason. You're the only one that voted for us. It's all thanks to you. You wanna start a fight with me know too Al? Go for it...
Alison: No. Don't ever say...
Matt: ... take your shots at me. 'Cause I can F*#!in' fight with you all day. I'll crack you easier than Josh did.
Alison: Oh, really?
Matt: So don't even start with me.
Alison: Really?
Matt: Yeah.
Alison: Okay. I'm scared of you Mattie. You're scary.
Matt: I don't want you to be scared of me I just want...
Alison: You're scary.
Matt: ... what the f*#! you starting with me for?
Alison: I'm not starting with you.
Matt: You're getting mad at the wrong person here. Okay?
Alison: I'm not getting mad at the wrong person.
Matt: You are though.
Alison: Oh, really? That's why you held it in all week who you were really voting for? Because you told two people you were voting for two people.
Matt: That's fine...
Alison: You told both of us.
Matt: ... I can do whatever I want...
Alison: Yeah exactly.
Matt: ... and you'll see, when Julie tells us, who I voted for.
Alison: Yeah, okay.
Matt: So then, what the f*!#? what's that have to do with me? Holdin' it in? Can't blame me for all this *****. You had your chance just like I did to get yourself of the block. You didn't win that competition. You know? You canít blame anybody but yourself.
Alison: Okay. All right. Take gambles in the game, you keep the wrong people, or you do the wrong things and that's it.
Matt: Okay. You kept the wrong people. If you kept Alex and Amanda they probably would have beat you in the POV too. Sorry.
Alison: Oh, really?
Matt: Maybe they would have. You don't know, you can't say if. You can't say if.
Alison: Okay.
Matt: Like you yellin' at everybody. Thereís no need to yell at...
Alison: I'm not yellin' at everybody, Mattie. At all. All Iím saying is if you want to make threats to me by saying 'you'll rip me up...
Matt: I'm not making threats.
Alison: ... more than Joshua then go for it. Why don't you go and do it?
Matt: 'Cause you're making threats saying 'I have enough ammunition do f*#!ing go do this'. I mean you're leavin' now. Use it before you leave. You donít know youíre coming back. Use it now. Thatís what Iím saying. You wanna yell at people go do it.
Alison: No I donít want to. I donít want to.
Matt: Donít say youíve got enough toÖ
Alison: Mattie not everyone does what you want them to do in life. And unfortunately youíre gonna have to learn that. Thatís the first thing. So I can do whatever I want.
Matt: Okay.
Alison: So if you want to rip me apart or rip me to shreds or whatever the hell you saidÖ
Matt: I donít want to rip you apart.
Alison: Ögo for it.
Matt: Did I say I wanted to?
Alison: No but ifÖ
Matt: Did I say I wanted to Ryan?
Alison: No but if you want to go for it.
Matt: Youíre making it out like, Iím making bold claims over here saying Ďif I come back I got ammunition to do this.í
Alison: Thatís not what I said. Thatís not what Iím saying. Mattie, yeah Iím sayingÖ so what?
Matt: Use it now before you leave. Iím saying use it now, go up and f*#!iní say what you want to say to people. ĎCause you might not have that chance again.
Okay. Alright.
Matt: Am I beiní wrong in saying that? Whatever. Donít use it then. Youíre the one saying you have this ammunition, use it before you leave you might not come back. That siren might not be for you, you might never know what that siren meant Ďcause you werenít here.
Alison: Right. Exactly.
Matt: SoÖ
Ryan: I donít think weíre cominí back. Donít think thatís happening.
Matt: Thatís why Iím saying, if you have something to say to peopleÖ say it now, just in case you donít have the chance to come back.
Alison: Well, Iíll tell you that last night when we had our conversation, and you said that you havenít even begun, or something like that to rip into me. Or you couldÖ Ďsweethawtí and all this stuff you saidÖ
Matt: What did I say?
Alison: Whatever you said last night to me at the table.
Matt: ĎCause you accused me of yelling at you. You accused all of us of yelling at youÖ
Alison: Yeah, you were yelling.
Matt: Ö when we didnít yell.
Alison: You were yelling.
Matt: No. You havenít heard me yell.
Adam: He wasnít yelliní.
Matt: I didnít yell.
Alison: Well you were yelling.
Matt: My tone of voice hasnít changed.
Alison: Well in my opinion you were yelling. And Iím me. And youíre not me. You were yelling. SoÖ
Matt: Well in my opinion I wasnít yelling. ĎCause if you want me to yellÖ Iíll yell. I get loud.
Alison: Okay. Well go ahead.
Matt: I donít want to get loud. I have no reason to get mad at you. I have no reason to yell at you.
Alison: Okay. Well just remember that. Thatís all Iím gonna say.
Matt: This is why youíre goiní home this week. ĎCause you canít keep your mouth shut. Iím just telliní you. Straight up. You want me to be Mr. Honesty right now?
Alison: Mmmm hmmmm
Matt: You want me to be Mr. Honesty? He is not the reason youíre leaviní (pointing to Ryan) right now. You are the reason youíre leaviní. You can ask anybody in this house. ĎCause you canítÖ

Pic of Ryan's Priceless Expression
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Topic #8105053
DanaRose - Matt and Alli heated exchange...then flames NT 0 Replies #8105053 10:36AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105071
DanaRose - Feeds back, all is calmer in the room NT 0 Replies #8105071 10:36AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105080
JimAndJanet - Matt says we are gonna kick it and hang out after the show and Alli says "i dont think so" NT 0 Replies #8105080 10:37AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105119
JimAndJanet - Ryan really knockin alli down...she still acts like she is queen and is right ... NT 0 Replies #8105119 10:40AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105120
DanaRose - Matt says Alli we're gonna kick it when we're outta here and Alli says 0 Replies #8105120 10:40AM 05/03/2008
Nooo i think not. Matt: you got it all figured out Al, Alli: ido have this game figured out since the 3rd day here Ryan: and im your partner and you wouldnt tell me Alli:You havent backed me up once in this game (to Ryan) Alli walking around room and leaves
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Topic #8105126
JimAndJanet - Ryan goes to hang with the guys NT 0 Replies #8105126 10:40AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105147
JimAndJanet - Matt telling ryan that he is sorry that he is sending ryan home NT 0 Replies #8105147 10:41AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105156
JimAndJanet - Ryan says "shes all talk" about alli NT 0 Replies #8105156 10:42AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105161
bbshannon - Feeds back up, same group in the red bedroom 0 Replies #8105161 10:42AM 05/03/2008
Matt reiterating that Allison should've used the "ammo" cuz she doesnt know she is coming back. You got the whole game figured out, the puzzle. Making fun of her.
He says they are gonna kick it when they are out of there.
Allison says I dont think so
Matt: Oh well I have lots of friends out of here
Allison Good..I hope you do.
Matt your partner agrees with me at least
All the guys are laughing at her
Matt you got the whole game figured out Al, before it even started. I wish I knew what it was. Can you tell me before you leave?
Allison: remember Ryan when I told you that I would tell you something after Jen did? Well now no one will ever know. You dont have my back.
Ryan: well it obviously didn't help us out in this game, you wanna leave me in the dark in this game. That's why we're going home
Allison: you didnt have my back, I tried to talk to you about it on several instances.
Matt: u don't trust your own partner, that's why you're going home
Ryan: cuz im so untrustworthy in this game, I didn't try at all in this game.
Allison leaves the room.
They move to the pink bedroom.
Ryan says she has nothing. She told me the 3rd day she had ***** figured out, I never thought to ask her.
They'd like to know...entertain theories.
Ryan: I've also heard all her other theories and none of them are right.
They all laugh. (Adam, Ryan and Matt)
Matt calls him a great human being, I got to know you, I really like you. Im sorry you gotta know, Id love kicking it with you out of here.
Ryan: Its a game, ***** like this happens. I just gotta laugh. We'll kick it on the outside.
Matt: that siren could bring you back, and you might win. Cuz she's got all that ammunition (sarcasm)
Ryan: she's all talk
Matt: I liked her (Allison) I used to be like that, its better to shut the fck up.
Ryan: youre more mature than her in that sense.
Matt: I used to always want the last word, even if I was wrong.
Ryan: her sht doesnt even make sense.
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Topic #8105165
JimAndJanet - Ryan says "she always has to have the last word" and Matt says " I used to be that way when i was younger" ed: LOL...delusional?? NT 0 Replies #8105165 10:43AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105180
bbshannon - Matt: "Im sorry her antics got you thrown out of here" 0 Replies #8105180 10:44AM 05/03/2008
Ryan says Im glad you guys see it that way
Matt says everyone knows it
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Topic #8105221
JimAndJanet - Ryan says "her mouth got us in trouble"..Matt says..the only reason you werent out week one is cause parkers mouth was worse NT 0 Replies #8105221 10:48AM 05/03/2008
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Topic #8105228
bbshannon - Matt: Make a nice goodbye speech to Julie. Go out with a bang 0 Replies #8105228 10:49AM 05/03/2008
Matt then says...nah youre not like that
Ryan says he won't put her on blast like that.
Matt was gonna talk some sh*t in his goodbye speech last week but it was live.

Matt says its funny Allison claimed she would vote for Josh in the end.
Ryan says shes so f*ckin bitter right now
Matt says they had a chance with the POV, how Alli said they made the wrong move keeping Matt and Natalie.

Adam leaves,
Ryan looks at it like they didnt win one HOH, didn't win one POV, and her mouth got us in trouble.
Matt says that was the main reason...Parker ruined it more than Allison week 1. She would've gone if it wasn't for Parker.
Matt says he likes everyone the same. He doesnt like Ryan any less than Adam. She HAD to know which way people were voting..would you have rather been surprised?
Ryan: I dont know....

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