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james said sharon reads the bible w/ the shah ----its atheist vs. christian--sheila says come on now--its a game NT - streetsense
3:32PM 10/03/2008

james saying he didnt even think about this could have happened--it was worst feeling ever NT - streetsense
3:33PM 10/03/2008

james saying they look at sharon as a floater, weak player--sheila says ya sharons not a threat--and says "im not a threat either" NT - streetsense
3:39PM 10/03/2008

sheila saying sharons got josh --you got chelsia ----you got to pull somebody from "that" side NT - streetsense
3:40PM 10/03/2008

sheila is trying to explain it to him why hes going------ NT - streetsense
3:41PM 10/03/2008

sheila calls the other side "me, sharon ,chelsia, josh" NT - streetsense
3:45PM 10/03/2008

sheilas 3 rules for bb--1, dont start an alliance 2. dont win HOH 3. dont get on slop--friends advice NT - streetsense
3:50PM 10/03/2008

james saying sharon said dont even try sheila---its already confirmed--sheila said wow, interesting NT - streetsense
3:51PM 10/03/2008

james saying he told adam from day 1 hes had his back and hes proven that NT - streetsense
3:52PM 10/03/2008

sheila listening to josh now-- feeding into him now NT - streetsense
4:00PM 10/03/2008

sheila claims she doesnt know what "they thinking" but sure they have a line-up NT - streetsense
4:01PM 10/03/2008

chelsia to james--i dont see you changing in this game--you a true person NT - streetsense
4:02PM 10/03/2008

chelsia to james saying they looking at each other w/ different eyes now --and them upstairs are just laughing at them NT - streetsense
4:03PM 10/03/2008

james telling chelsia to vote him out ----if she has too NT - streetsense
4:05PM 10/03/2008

chelsia saying it would suck james campaiging against her later on--james just asks if they can just hang out NT - streetsense
4:06PM 10/03/2008

james doesnt want to be "that guy" for the last 2 days--chelsia doesnt want to be embarassed by james next week if he votes out chelsia next week NT - streetsense
4:07PM 10/03/2008

josh to james "if the bus is about to come--dont devulge every secret-- whoever told you" NT - streetsense
4:09PM 10/03/2008

Matt in the pool, Ryan and Sharon in hammock and Adam comes out towards the pool - CruiseCritic
4:17PM 10/03/2008

FLAMES all feeds NT - CruiseCritic
4:18PM 10/03/2008

Chels and James on F3 and F4 he is laying in the bed and she is sitting on the end - CruiseCritic
4:19PM 10/03/2008

James tells Chels they have two days, right here right now. He says he is pretty sure - CruiseCritic
4:21PM 10/03/2008

Matt asking Sharon if she would be okay in sequester by herself and she says yes - CruiseCritic
4:27PM 10/03/2008

Sharon says she will be a last minute speaker and will decide what she is going to say - CruiseCritic
4:28PM 10/03/2008

Matt and Ryan having a who can hold their breath the longest - Ryan wins ! - CruiseCritic
4:30PM 10/03/2008

Ryan says - killing time in the pool. Adam and Josh are in the kitchen and the two feeds - CruiseCritic
4:31PM 10/03/2008

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