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Josh has a ladle in the WC and is bending the end of it and looks like he is trying to - CruiseCritic
4:40PM 10/03/2008

Feed just switched from Josh to the GPs NT - CruiseCritic
4:41PM 10/03/2008

Josh in KT alone making his tea. No sound except the stirring of the pot!! - CruiseCritic
4:43PM 10/03/2008

Josh puts the iced tea in a pitcher and pours himself a glass, can hear everyone outside. (someone please take over for awhile) NT - CruiseCritic
4:46PM 10/03/2008

Sharon/Josh talked game briefly in hottub (too hard to hear) until Matt joined them. Adam/Ryan smoking. (nothing going on). NT - Tikkanen
4:53PM 10/03/2008

Matt asks if Josh ever heard anything about Neil. Josh says no. HGs complain about Mon/Tues going by slow. NT - Tikkanen
4:57PM 10/03/2008

Matt/Adam macho smalltalk about working out and their upcoming "prizefight". Adam asks to borrow Sharon's Bible, then goes inside for food. NT - Tikkanen
5:00PM 10/03/2008

Natalie teases Adam that his haircut is so cute. They then go to SR and plan on tonight's menu. James/Chelsia spooning asleep on F4. NT - Tikkanen
5:02PM 10/03/2008

Ryan thinks Natalie looks extra hot today, and will make some guy lucky. Matt thinks it's her tan and that tans add a +1 to a girl's "score". NT - Tikkanen
5:08PM 10/03/2008

Matt/Ryan agree Sharon is 6.5. Ryan says Chelsia's stinky pussy and chubbiness lowers her to 7.25; Matt agrees. Ryan called to DR. NT - Tikkanen
5:10PM 10/03/2008

Nat joins Matt outside. He chastises her for bragging about the "fake fight" strategy. Natalie accuses him of talking smack about her to others. NT - Tikkanen
5:12PM 10/03/2008

Natalie again nags Matt (the usual). Sharon showering. Josh says "one of them needs to go." (Nat/Matt). NT - Tikkanen
5:15PM 10/03/2008

Matt asks Ryan for corroboration that he hasn't talked smack about Natalie. Matt tells her not to trust others, and they're part of a crew. NT - Tikkanen
5:17PM 10/03/2008

Matt/Ryan tell Natalie that Balla is part of the crew, but shouldn't know that she's their (Matt/Ryan) "agent". Natalie goes back cooking. NT - Tikkanen
5:19PM 10/03/2008

Ryan bellyaching that the DR won't get him smokes, despite having $250 banked with them. Matt has $200 with them. Sharon occ whispering. NT - Tikkanen
5:21PM 10/03/2008

Ryan/Matt think Sheila was a 10 back in the day, esp. since she was chosen to stay in the Penthouse itself. Matt rates her almost a 7. NT - Tikkanen
5:22PM 10/03/2008

Ryan/Matt think Chelsia was hot at first, but her personality was a turnoff. Same for Amanda. They also lament some hot black chick from tryouts. NT - Tikkanen
5:24PM 10/03/2008

Matt tells Ryan that Natalie is worried the bros will make a deal to keep James. They will target Chelsia next instead of Josh. NT - Tikkanen
5:27PM 10/03/2008

Ryan/Matt talk about what they would be doing at home. They would be hanging with their boys. Josh/Sharon in bathroom - Josh is weak on slop. NT - Tikkanen
5:30PM 10/03/2008

Sheila joins Ryan/Matt, asks if James is going. Guys agree. Sheila wants her credit for opening Ryan's eyes to save Matt. "I flipped this house". NT - Tikkanen
5:32PM 10/03/2008

Sheila invokes Jen/Allison; states that despite what they hear or who she talks to, Sheila is together with the guys. NT - Tikkanen
5:33PM 10/03/2008

Sheila warns them about Sharon on the fence and still having Josh's ear. Ryan says they won't have Sharon until Josh is gone. Natalie joins them. NT - Tikkanen
5:34PM 10/03/2008

Natalie again says they need to Jedi train together. Sheila again toots her own horn about saving Matt, not being weak. (someone plz takeover). NT - Tikkanen
5:37PM 10/03/2008

Nat asking Matt you want do be in a diffrerent room then me - kandio
5:57PM 10/03/2008

boys in BY discover new basketball hoop. All say "Thanks Big Brother!" NT - BB_Addiction
5:58PM 10/03/2008

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