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Josh overhears Sheila telling Nat she gets a headache every night, Josh says ... - DanaRose
10:03AM 10/03/2008

Josh to self...Ryan is the biggest (adult)... - DanaRose
10:06AM 10/03/2008

More Josh to Josh (or to cameras)... - DanaRose
10:07AM 10/03/2008
*Chase is Josh's boyfriend NT - DanaRose
10:07AM 10/03/2008

Sheila "Josh is out there talking to the camera" NT - Sue
10:11AM 10/03/2008

Nat talking to Sheila about Josh, same stuff still, Sheila says lets go see if the coffees good, if not Ill make a new pot..... - DanaRose
10:11AM 10/03/2008

Sheila cleaning the fridge chatting with Natalie - Josh is finally quiet for a minute - CruiseCritic
10:13AM 10/03/2008

Nat tries coffee Josh made, - DanaRose
10:15AM 10/03/2008

sheila to nat "you tricked me, and i'm an actress" NT - streetsense
10:17AM 10/03/2008

Nat says when her dad sees the pickle juice incident he will probably fly there right away, and how they're treating her, he'd flip NT - DanaRose
10:19AM 10/03/2008

Sheila says she's like Amber on this show, always crying, Nat says no way Amber was alot worse! NT - DanaRose
10:21AM 10/03/2008

Nat says she thought she could go into DR and have them (James and Josh) thrown outta there. Sheila says - DanaRose
10:23AM 10/03/2008

Sheila says to Josh the coffee's great. NT - DanaRose
10:23AM 10/03/2008

Josh to J/C and sharon, 'anyone up for a bullet today? and lays down next to Sharon NT - DanaRose
10:24AM 10/03/2008

Josh gets back in bed and puts pillow over his head. Only ones that - CruiseCritic
10:25AM 10/03/2008

nat "my moral beliefs will not go out the window" "i refuse to stoop as low as they did" NT - streetsense
10:27AM 10/03/2008

sheila says she's 45 ----and she aint gonna have a 20 year old kid come after her and tell her whats disgusting about her NT - streetsense
10:28AM 10/03/2008

Nat says she doesnt remember the fight too well, did she say anything mean? Sheila says - DanaRose
10:28AM 10/03/2008

sheila "i know im crazy" but "good crazy" nat "im crazy" sheila "you are crazy" nat "everybody at work says im crazy" NT - streetsense
10:31AM 10/03/2008

James finally up, and Josh literally jumps up too, (must be the - DanaRose
10:33AM 10/03/2008

Josh now in Bathroom saying to Sheila, Thats crazy that Nat ACTED in a fight with Matt... - DanaRose
10:36AM 10/03/2008
And Sheila agreeing with Josh about Nat that she "get's it" NT - Sue
10:40AM 10/03/2008

Nat at HOH door. Waiting. NT - Sue
10:41AM 10/03/2008

Josh cleaning fridge, says to Nat, the salmon juice is swimming in the whole fridge, Nat says it wasnt her who did it, Josh says - DanaRose
10:41AM 10/03/2008

Nat outside hoh room reviewing the books again (studying) NT - JimAndJanet
10:42AM 10/03/2008

Nat now moved to the left, studying the wallpaper next to HOH door NT - Sue
10:42AM 10/03/2008

Josh cleaning fridge NT - Sue
10:42AM 10/03/2008

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