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josh came back out and started going off again--- NT - streetsense
12:00AM 10/03/2008

omg they doing 440 laps = a mile and wonder if there is something to that NT - streetsense
12:02AM 10/03/2008

sheila claiming she might seduce matt, cuz thats his weakness--and warning them not to get grossed out NT - streetsense
12:04AM 10/03/2008

sheila saying it will be the graduate ms. robinson all over again--and then natty would come after her NT - streetsense
12:05AM 10/03/2008

sheila saying when james went up--it "scared hell out of her" NT - streetsense
12:06AM 10/03/2008

matt nat -- talking to sharon---saying shes good--adam just walked in and i think is telling about james--- NT - streetsense
12:10AM 10/03/2008

adam saying he aint gonna tell anybody anything until the votes---and people know where he stands NT - streetsense
12:11AM 10/03/2008

adams telling all to matt nat sharon NT - streetsense
12:12AM 10/03/2008

matt saying let them campaign--adam saying they made him reasonable offers--matt says ill double it--they all 4 laugh NT - streetsense
12:14AM 10/03/2008

adam telling them all james is staying, josh is voting out sharon----says they all blind---lol NT - streetsense
12:19AM 10/03/2008

josh telling chelsia james ---sharon wants to put up adam/ryan---josh says he puts up mat/nat ---one goes home NT - streetsense
12:23AM 10/03/2008

James and Chels in Hot Tub. - Snarf123
12:40AM 10/03/2008

4 Feeds switch to Sheila and Sharon in Sharon's BR. - Snarf123
12:45AM 10/03/2008

Adam is acting punchy and Natalie claims it's because he's filled with the Holy Spirit. NT - Snarf123
12:49AM 10/03/2008

Josh returns to BR from a very long DR session, breaking up the conversation. - Snarf123
12:52AM 10/03/2008

Natalie now Stomp Dancing in the BR. - Snarf123
12:53AM 10/03/2008

Josh heads out to BY to talk with Chels and James who have moved to the couches out there. - Snarf123
12:55AM 10/03/2008

Adam comes out to smoke in BY and talks with James, Chels and Josh. - Snarf123
1:06AM 10/03/2008

Flames NT - Snarf123
1:07AM 10/03/2008

1&2 on Matt, Natty and Baller in Pink Frilly BR. - Snarf123
1:15AM 10/03/2008

Chels, James and Josh talking about how Natalie swiped something from each of them today. She took James' bag. Chels still doesn't know what was - Snarf123
1:20AM 10/03/2008
Also trash talk about Matt and Natalie. Talk about possible places to hide Nat's Bible if they can get it again. NT - Shar
1:29AM 10/03/2008

Matt and Nat in bed together. Adam is in bed now too. Sharon in bed. - Snarf123
1:22AM 10/03/2008

Josh suggested that James should ejaculate in Natalie's Bible so that the pages stick together. - Shar
1:32AM 10/03/2008

Josh is hoping for an America's Choice award. - Snarf123
1:33AM 10/03/2008

All HG's sleeping. NT - KennyN
2:55AM 10/03/2008
When Josh got in bed with Sharon, she told him what the others had been telling her today. - WVpdles
5:42AM 10/03/2008

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