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She is also saying that Parker lives in this neighborhood and the had raised her son in that neighborhood for many years NT - Sue
11:37AM 10/03/2008

Matt up and active, talking to Josh................ NT - Sue
11:38AM 10/03/2008

Adam up and walking outside NT - Sue
11:39AM 10/03/2008

Chels up, going to the potty NT - Sue
11:41AM 10/03/2008

Outside: James, Sharon on big lounge - Sheila small lounge- Nat/Matt laying on indiv. towels. Balla in the shade. Small comments. NT - Sue
11:43AM 10/03/2008

James gone, Chels takes his place on lounge. All by pool, NT - Sue
11:44AM 10/03/2008

Balla on Hammock (sp?), much BS talking about whatev. Sheila says she is out and going in to wash her unitard NT - Sue
11:48AM 10/03/2008

james in kitchen singing "murder is the case that they gave me" (old snoopdog) to himself-- NT - streetsense
11:52AM 10/03/2008

Adam just said he just 'has a feeling' today is America's Choice! NT - Amandafan
11:52AM 10/03/2008

Balla commenting that if they cannonball in the pool, BB doesn't care cuz they take care of the windows NT - Sue
11:52AM 10/03/2008

I think James just told Josh he was going to shave off the mohawk NT - Sue
11:57AM 10/03/2008

James just dived into the large lounger between Chels & Sharon NT - Sue
11:58AM 10/03/2008

Josh also said something about his hair and said to James "we will have a hair day" NT - Sue
11:59AM 10/03/2008
When talking to James...Josh said he and Chelsia are going to dye part of their hair pink today. NT - VanWinkle
12:06PM 10/03/2008

Sheila in pool. Lounging with a piece of unitard tied to her head. (lol) NT - Sue
12:02PM 10/03/2008

matt, adam , nat --talk about what james said to adam last night--they confirm james gone-chelsia next--then josh cuz they want him to suffer NT - streetsense
12:07PM 10/03/2008

adam having a mid training session cig NT - streetsense
12:10PM 10/03/2008

josh in bed crying NT - streetsense
12:17PM 10/03/2008
reading letter NT - streetsense
12:18PM 10/03/2008

camera zooms in on "letter from home" sign to josh--to letter sign --to josh NT - streetsense
12:20PM 10/03/2008

James and Chelsia in the pool - Timot
12:20PM 10/03/2008

josh just laying in bed now--- no crying--just talking to himself about lasting 6 more weeks NT - streetsense
12:21PM 10/03/2008

josh pep talking himself to pull it together and go tan--- NT - streetsense
12:23PM 10/03/2008

josh-------to himself -- "lets go" "kick some straight ***"--and goes to change in shower-- NT - streetsense
12:25PM 10/03/2008

josh is back outside NT - streetsense
12:29PM 10/03/2008

everybody outside tanning except ryan, nat--chelsia josh james only ones talking NT - streetsense
12:35PM 10/03/2008

Josh talking to Chel and James (in the pool) about his boyfriend and his "type" of guy who he dates. NT - o0jonna0o
12:35PM 10/03/2008

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