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James kicking back on large lounger in BY, Sheila comes out to join him, taking the small lounger next to him NT - Sue
10:45AM 10/03/2008

sheila in black 2-piece swimsuit ---wrapping unitard down to her waste- saying its retarded NT - streetsense
10:47AM 10/03/2008

Sheila said BB will give her another unitard so she can wash the first one NT - DanaRose
10:47AM 10/03/2008

Sheila putting on sun block, James gets up and goes inside NT - DanaRose
10:48AM 10/03/2008
Sheila has the unitard around the crotch area so she can sun bathe NT - DanaRose
10:49AM 10/03/2008

James asks Sheila how the temperature is in the Boat Room - Sheila says she like's it and then James gets up to change batteries. He says - Sue
10:48AM 10/03/2008

James back outside now chatting small talk with Sheila NT - DanaRose
10:49AM 10/03/2008

Sharon up and in KT now, Josh says g'morning, Sharon says it too and is talking to GPs NT - DanaRose
10:50AM 10/03/2008

James putting on lotion now too, James says he wishes he could have a phone call home, he's never gone this long without talking to his family NT - DanaRose
10:52AM 10/03/2008

Nat and Sharon in Bathroom, Sheila and James in sun, Sheila talking about her friend who's watching her son, how nice he is and what a responsibility - DanaRose
10:54AM 10/03/2008

...flames... NT - DanaRose
10:54AM 10/03/2008

Sheila chatting w/ James while tanning...saying she wants to marry, settle down, travel. NT - SuzyHomemaker
11:05AM 10/03/2008
James says he started travelling by himself when he was 16...was homeless in Tokyo...going to bars and sleeping in alleys. NT - SuzyHomemaker
11:05AM 10/03/2008
Josh told Sheila her 2nd unitard arrived, and he put it on the washer for her; so she could switch and wash the old one. NT - WVpdles
8:49PM 10/03/2008

sharon telling josh nat reminds her of amber from bb8 --josh talks about nat throwing salmon juice in trash and leaving it NT - streetsense
11:07AM 10/03/2008

ryan talking about it seeming earlier than 9:45--josh reminds him of daylight savings time NT - streetsense
11:12AM 10/03/2008

sheila telling sharon she thinks matt/nat fight was real NT - streetsense
11:16AM 10/03/2008

Sharon Joins Sheila/James outside. Earlier - James & She talking about world travels. No game talk. NT - Sue
11:17AM 10/03/2008
Apologies! Apparently I was behind in the feeds NT - Sue
11:18AM 10/03/2008

Sheila, Sharon & Natalie talking about make-up, while inside James if frying bacon NT - Sue
11:21AM 10/03/2008

Around the feeds: 1 & 2 James frying Bacon - 3 &4 Sheila/Nat complaining that Guys don't clean around the house. - Sue
11:23AM 10/03/2008

Josh bustling about dusting with feather duster, and fedora on his head/no shirt/and the ususal TX shorts. No talk between J/J NT - Sue
11:25AM 10/03/2008

Sheila talking to Nat about Rats & Roaches in a neighborhood in LA, how developers - Sue
11:28AM 10/03/2008

Josh still bustling about, talking to himself in red room NT - Sue
11:29AM 10/03/2008

James back out on the large lounger....listening to the money issues/rent talk by Sheila NT - Sue
11:31AM 10/03/2008

James asking about who is the mayor in Los Angeles. NT - Sue
11:34AM 10/03/2008

Sheila commenting that "the valley" used to be affordable NT - Sue
11:34AM 10/03/2008

Sheila says she is paying 1500.00 a month for a two bedroom and it's not in a great neighborhood NT - Sue
11:35AM 10/03/2008

Sheila saying she want's to move back into the neighborhood that BB is in right now NT - Sue
11:36AM 10/03/2008

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