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James just called Ryan a c*cksucker! NT - TracyTurnblad
9:39PM 10/03/2008

josh going in after listening to whole convo NT - streetsense
9:40PM 10/03/2008

matt saying they caight sharon in the lie earlier--she was stumbling, biting her nails-- - streetsense
9:42PM 10/03/2008

james saying what you want : you want the girl that reads the bible-play w/ the guinea pigs? NT - streetsense
9:43PM 10/03/2008

James very upset about being back doored, he is offering his life for votes - TracyTurnblad
9:45PM 10/03/2008

james : what if me and chelsia both cut you a deal -matt: cuz chelsia doesnt like me NT - streetsense
9:46PM 10/03/2008

OMG! James tells Matt about Operation Creeked eye infornt of his face. NT - KingMac
9:48PM 10/03/2008

matt calls sharon : the most boring girl in america" james -and thats what beats me ----adam--how it feel jimmy? NT - streetsense
9:48PM 10/03/2008
Matt said "how does that feel jimmy" NT - KevSlider
9:50PM 10/03/2008

matt: "i can honestly say i dont know if shes staying" saying adam messes w/ him saying jimmys stayin to him every night NT - streetsense
9:50PM 10/03/2008

More Shelia/Nat in sauna room and then Natalie asking for liquids - lakeview
9:54PM 10/03/2008

james calling "big sheila just a shark swimming the waters" NT - streetsense
9:55PM 10/03/2008

james saying to ryan: he saw sharon working him in the hammock--said he was like damn wish i had a bikini, vagina--id still be here NT - streetsense
10:00PM 10/03/2008

Shelia/Ryan in kitchen then Shelia/Nat in bathroom - lakeview
10:01PM 10/03/2008

james mad hes losing to sharon and her blankie (shawl he calls it) NT - streetsense
10:02PM 10/03/2008

james is offering 3 hoh's thrown now NT - streetsense
10:04PM 10/03/2008

matt calling sharon a quiet weasel --- NT - streetsense
10:07PM 10/03/2008

James shouting that he can't believe he's gonna lose to "America's most boring person!" NT - TracyTurnblad
10:08PM 10/03/2008

Matt telling James that he'll probably see him next week in sequester! NT - TracyTurnblad
10:08PM 10/03/2008

Nat / Shelia in bathroom. Then Adam / Ryan join and Nat leaves - lakeview
10:12PM 10/03/2008

James REALLY trying to work Baller to get his vote, as well as Sheila's, Adam saying "he'll try and get her, put he's not promising anything" NT - TracyTurnblad
10:15PM 10/03/2008

Ryan/Matt/Shelia in bathroom - lakeview
10:21PM 10/03/2008

Chelsia is convinced that Matt and Natalie are in a realtionship outside the house, she says - TracyTurnblad
10:22PM 10/03/2008

chelsia listing things that make her think nat/matt are in a relationship - ariel1981
10:26PM 10/03/2008

james "josh would be dumb not to align with one of the others" - ariel1981
10:29PM 10/03/2008

James thinks Josh is working with at least one person from the other side - TracyTurnblad
10:29PM 10/03/2008

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