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Topic #8207830
FrouFrou - Sheila filled Sharon in. Sharon asks to speak to Matt. Matt says later. NT 0 Replies #8207830 4:27PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207834
Jtal - Sharon...Matt can I talk to you? Matt... BUSY! NT 0 Replies #8207834 4:27PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207838
FrouFrou - Sheila says that she told Nat by accident. Telling Sharon that Nat went crazy. NT 0 Replies #8207838 4:27PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207845
FrouFrou - Matt saying you and I have to talk. We can be a force in this house. (He says this in front of Ryan) NT 0 Replies #8207845 4:28PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207848
CruiseCritic - SHeila talks about Sharon being quiet and Sharon says she is not really quiet outside of 0 Replies #8207848 4:28PM 11/03/2008
this game.

SHe says if Josh turns on her when the whole house hates him, well, we will find out tomorrow wont we. I give them kudos.

Sharon calls Matt and wants to know if she can talk to him and he says IM BUSY (like he normally talks to Nat)

Sheila starting to talk about Nat saying how she cant trust Mattie and that he tried to kiss sharon....

sharon says if everyone thinks i like him, it is going to come out.

sheila is saying she is crazy and that nat was saying she couldnt beleive that he was doing things behind her back. sheila tells her that nat is crazy bout him and he doesnt feel the same way - unless this is all an act
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Topic #8207851
streetsense - matt ryan nat--reorganized NT 0 Replies #8207851 4:28PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207872
FrouFrou - Nat saying we have to keep Josh believing that they are getting rid of Sharon. I'm out. NT 0 Replies #8207872 4:30PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207895
CruiseCritic - SHeila says well he did kiss you didnt he?? come awwwnnnnn 0 Replies #8207895 4:31PM 11/03/2008
Sharon said he would come in the room together and he would kiss her everytime.

sheila says that nat is going to come after her with a vengeance and she has even given me looks and just told me to get out of the room.

sheila says i probably shouldnt tell you this - i should let him tell you.

sheila says a woman scorned....... Sharon says she wont admit to it - sheila says he admitted to it...sharon says he did?????

sheila says she shouldnt even be saying anything about this.

sharon says she never kisses him and that he even kissed her yesterday
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Topic #8207925
CruiseCritic - BB - calls chels to DR. Sheila asks Sharon if it is an act or real and Sharon says 0 Replies #8207925 4:33PM 11/03/2008
it is real.

Sheila- oh goddd
sharon - all i have to do is act like i dont like him and i will tell her that
sheila - if you want to wait and see what mattie says first - dont use the information i gave you
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Topic #8207930
streetsense - matt: if i hook up w/ someone in this house, which im not going to, you cant get mad NT 0 Replies #8207930 4:33PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207958
CruiseCritic - Feed of Sharon and Sheila just switched to Josh and James on the lounger 0 Replies #8207958 4:34PM 11/03/2008
and Ryan says if it is split - i will vote to keep you and James says you have to understand my paranoia as you already got me
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Topic #8207975
CruiseCritic - Ryan just gave James his word that he would keep him if it was a tie NT 0 Replies #8207975 4:35PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207983
streetsense - matt nat ryan confirmed james is still going---let josh james think they keeping him to make josh vote w/ majority out sharon--and sharon stays NT 0 Replies #8207983 4:35PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208066
CruiseCritic - Matt is talking to Sharon now in WC about if she puts him up he just will never talk to her 0 Replies #8208066 4:40PM 11/03/2008
again. Sharon says she doesnt like being called a liar and matt says he didnt call her one and sharon again insists that if you ask her a question more than once then that is calling her a liar.

Matt saying he is trying to get both sides and trying to make a decision (not sure if someone showed up). Matt says he knows that James will f him and you may f me from behind, but he will for sure f me.

sharon - here is what i am going to tell you, the night in HOH i told you you could trust me and you can. Matt says i know you run and tell josh everything

sharon says when we were partners we did. matt asks what if he votes against you. she said if he does then he is out.

matt says - when thursday comes and you are HOH you will find out.

sharon says she will throw it so ppl can duke it out. matt tells her not to throw it - now we have two ppl throwing HOH. she says really

matt says he is dealing with other life issues right now. sharon says she hasnt lied and if she leaves, she leaves with dignity. talks about her dad watching her. honor, courage and commitment, that is what she greww up with.

game gets crazy. he is going to go read the bible....

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Topic #8208076
CruiseCritic - Chels comes in WC and puts on deoderant and Sharon picks up her stuff and leaves NT 0 Replies #8208076 4:41PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208093
CruiseCritic - Chelsia - who knows we could be in love with eachother by the end of the game 0 Replies #8208093 4:42PM 11/03/2008
yeah "Chelsia and Mattie sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g" then she laughs
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Topic #8208111
CruiseCritic - Matt asks Sharon is she is willing to break a limb to stay in the house? 0 Replies #8208111 4:44PM 11/03/2008
talk about James and BB wont allow it.

(and I am out for now) break time!!!!!

as chelsia says this is the best cast LOL LOL LOL LOL
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Topic #8208192
ariel1981 - josh/james/sheila/nat are on the upstairs couch 0 Replies #8208192 4:51PM 11/03/2008
all talking at once and really fast - hard to understand
james saying it is impossible for him to make deals with everyone
natalie says she totally understands
james goes back downstairs
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Topic #8208193
aubrey04 - James pressuring Nat & Sheila to tell him how they are voting. 0 Replies #8208193 4:51PM 11/03/2008
Sheila is telling James that they are just throwing around ideas and for James to remember that he did the same thing to her and Adam last week.

Sheila saying to James that he did not tell her until the day of evictions that she was staying, so he needs to be patient with them while they decide how they are voting.

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Topic #8208199
ariel1981 - BB: lockdown inside NT 0 Replies #8208199 4:51PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208233
ariel1981 - sheila/nat in HOH bathroom; josh/sharon in SR NT 0 Replies #8208233 4:53PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208296
Tikkanen - Adam/Ryan/Sheila/Nat in HoH agree to still vote James out. If 3-3 tie, Ryan will vote to keep James as Sharon will put him up. NT 0 Replies #8208296 4:58PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208332
Tikkanen - Natalie/Sheila will keep up the charade of voting out Sharon to get Josh to vote out Sharon. They will then get Sharon over to vote out Josh/Chel. NT 0 Replies #8208332 5:00PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208360
Tikkanen - Sheila wants Adam/Ryan's assurance that the guys will protect her from Josh's verbal assault after James is voted out. NT 0 Replies #8208360 5:02PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8208400
kandio - She/Nat/James 0 Replies #8208400 5:06PM 11/03/2008
Sheila saying this is a game...Sheila says i think you should play everybody. Nat says no. J/ says no.
Sheila says you wont know my vote..I'am doing to you what you did to me.
Let us think & talk.
Josh came in
Nat says Matt is scared he's flipping uot..
Josh ask Sheila if she & matt have a deal. She says no.

Sheila said it's not what you think

Sheila did not want Josh to know what her & Sharon were talking about..Nat gave it away says he she had to tell him
feed change

Matt saying the house is after me.

Sheila telling Adam its going to get ugly.
Ryan comes in
Sheila says she feel disgusted for shaking james hand
They are plotting to get Sharon mad at josh for going against Sharon.

There are telling all to Ryan.
[imo..These girls are playing the boys to keep them fighting each other]

Nat think the great play is when voting is over and Sharon will know josh voted against her they will have her on their side. [he could say its 1 of them]
Sheila/Nat/Ryan think they have 3 safe weeks till they have to vote on each other.

Sheila & Nat saying Josh will come after them. Sheila telling ryan i will need you if he does.

They are laughing and making fun of josh behind about it.

On & On...[hope they remember this]
[Talking like its the '70's & they found the speed]

James comes in & breaks up the bashfest
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