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Topic #8212731
BamaDaisy - Chelsea just came in the room with Sharon & Sheila. 0 Replies #8212731 8:46PM 11/03/2008
Chelsea says she is getting so congested (grabbing her nose).
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Topic #8212797
streetsense - sheila--you can never be your true self in this game--never tell people your game--play both sides 0 Replies #8212797 8:48PM 11/03/2008
do you get what im saying--you need to know who has your back--noone.
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Topic #8212905
streetsense - sheila--james is gone tomorrow--adams giving him cigs--whatever i tell you--you have to zip it 0 Replies #8212905 8:54PM 11/03/2008
if any of those boys win josh chelsia going up-
sheila--if i win HOH i have to go w/ majority, i dont want to win it, let them fight it out--not us--we not battling anybody
sheila--i had to talk some *** to find out what was really happening--but dont worry what you hear I wasnt turning on you
sharon--i trust you
sheila--josh threw you under the bus today--but if you tell anybody I will deny it--he doesnt have your back and neother does chelsia and I will swear up and down i never said---and now those 3 wanted you out too--
nat walks in----
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Topic #8212962
BamaDaisy - Natalie breaks up the whisperfest between Sheila and Sharon 0 Replies #8212962 8:58PM 11/03/2008
Now trying on shirts and giving updates on where everyone else is and what they're doing.
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Topic #8213043
streetsense - sheila--its been 16 years since ive been in limelight NT 0 Replies #8213043 9:04PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213067
streetsense - sheila nat sharon --talking about going on Letterman after show --sheila to nat--you might do some pickle commercials girl NT 0 Replies #8213067 9:06PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213290
streetsense - nat and sharon talking about votes, josh, bible 0 Replies #8213290 9:21PM 11/03/2008
ryan went up to his HOH--matt in there --(talking about james)

nat and sharon whispering about what when down today---nat says you know when it goes down 4-2 (to keep sharon) know Josh voted against you- and he wont be able to flip out
sharon: im the one that has to tame his ***
nat: dont throw hoh try to win it
sharon: ive been straight up w/ everyone this whole game
sharon : if it goes down 4-2 OMG
nat: they both offered me 2 weeks
sharon: thats why he came out of there crying
sharon: thats why i stay quiet--james says im quite---exactly--i dont want to get attacked---
nat:im a brunette w/ brains--if i leave ill give you props--you did gooood
nat--he had chance for pov(josh)--but chose letter over you--i wouldnt even hesitate to at least try to keep pov
nat and sharon --talking about chelsia readin bible now--and james making fun of her(sharon) for readin bible--and everybody now ryan, adam , chelsia reading bible--sharon says shes read 750- pages of bible in month

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Topic #8213439
DanaRose - Nat just told Sharon that Josh threw her under the bus and asked 0 Replies #8213439 9:34PM 11/03/2008
for her to vote out Sharon. Sharon looks shocked and hurt.
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Topic #8213505
bigtimebbfan - Ryan eating a tub of sour cream in HOH NT 1 Replies #8213505 9:39PM 11/03/2008
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zzziiinnnggg - He's eating cottage cheese NT #8213580 9:43PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213538
StephOH - Nat/Sharon talking, nat telling Sharon that she played Josh/Chelsia big time. That she 0 Replies #8213538 9:40PM 11/03/2008
and Sheila both played them so that Sharon will see when the votes are 4-2. She states she has brains behind her brunette hair (lol)
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Topic #8213612
StephOH - Ryan/Matt in HOH talking about he doesnt want to get backdoored, but he 0 Replies #8213612 9:44PM 11/03/2008
is going to. Now calling Sheila She-Bot.
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Topic #8213679
StephOH - Matt telling Ry he thinks the house will break into 3 groups, that Sharon Sheila/Nat will form a group, Chelsia/Josh, M/R, but they think C will 0 Replies #8213679 9:50PM 11/03/2008
latch onto them, and end up F****** them. But its not going to happen.

M/R talking about James, he got all he wanted, Showmance, enough $ to get his lil laptop. Ragging on James saying his stories dont make sense. M says he going to tell J "if your worried about your girl, dont worry, I'll take of her while you gone".

Ry thinks if James goes, BB will want to bring him back, that BB does things for certain reasons, just like with Ry & Ali.
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Topic #8213692
streetsense - sheila out of diary room-- sharon--says she(nat) told me everything 0 Replies #8213692 9:51PM 11/03/2008
nat sheila telling sharon --josh has to go first
nat and sheila--saying sharon has to pretend not to know anything
sheila bringing up picklegate again
sheial--telling sharon if he leaves you still have a unit--now telling her josh was original target
sharon --he has to win hoh to stay--
nat--he needs james chelsia
sharon--he will **** when the eviction goes down
nat--and he cant go off on us cuz he voted against you(all laughing)
whispering so slow cant hear now
sharon saying she gonna win hoh and nominate josh chelsia and say hey you wanted me out!
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Topic #8213698
StephOH - M/R talking about Daniele from last year, noone liked her, she rode Dick til the end etc.. NT 0 Replies #8213698 9:52PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213726
SMango - Matt hopes natt gets HOH because she went through a bad week NT 0 Replies #8213726 9:54PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213757
SMango - ryan getting ready to cut matts hair NT 0 Replies #8213757 9:57PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213784
SMango - f3 and 4 finally back on cles josh james NT 0 Replies #8213784 10:00PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213809
SMango - james says chelsias breath smells like toothpaste NT 0 Replies #8213809 10:02PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8213851
SMango - natalie tells s/s that she has forgiven james for pickle and matt for being mean NT 0 Replies #8213851 10:05PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214067
streetsense - nat leaves-- sheila--says nats good now--now seeing i still worry about her though--nat entering hoh 0 Replies #8214067 10:22PM 11/03/2008
matt: 009 we here our top agent is trying to double cross is that true
ryan:not double cross
matt:end of it --never mind---people paranoid
nat: i know why , sheila, cuz i was in sauna in boys--i was acting
ryan: we know our double agents
nats: i know im acting man, acting ,i got to make sure its a 4-2 vote for sharon to say
matt: good move , good move double agent 009
nat: i told you i could act fooo
matt: are you w/ us?
nat: yes
ryan: adam----yes 100%---ok we good , good to go

nat now painting matt
ryan: are you guys comforting sharon
ryan :who did sharon say she was putting up next week
nat: chelsia and probably joshua
matt ryan--she is so lying so full of it
matt:that is biggest bogus lie ever
ryan:did she say that?

matt:so james thinks hes good?
nat:yes thats what i was reconfirming in the sauna
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Topic #8214135
maryjanegirl - Nat painting pic of Matt in HOH, he won't sit still. Ryan listening to headphones on the HOH bed NT 0 Replies #8214135 10:27PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214249
KingMac - Nat painting a pic of Matt but for some reason she is having troubel with his eyes. LMAO! NT 0 Replies #8214249 10:39PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214309
streetsense - chelsia james in bed ------josh sharon in bed--sheila whispering to adam 0 Replies #8214309 10:46PM 11/03/2008
sheila: you have to pretend i dont have you back , you dont have my back but we will really do--i promise you --look at me---i will take you to the end--all these other people let these other people think what they want--yo uare hooked up w/ the boys i will protect you w/ the girls
sharon aint gonna touch you after this im gonna talk to her --she wasnt going after you she wants out matty,ryan -- know this (whispers something in his ear inaudible)
they shake and hug and adam says well talk later--sheila leaves
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Topic #8214312
KingMac - Nat called to the DR. NT 0 Replies #8214312 10:46PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214369
Gorf - Ryan set up the sink to spray who ever uses it. Matt and ryan waited upstairs watching the screen. 1 Replies #8214369 10:52PM 11/03/2008
Meanwhile Sheila (not knowing aboutt he sink set up) asks chelsia to clean a pan

Chelsia cleans it and gets soaked in the process
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mrmac - Actually, it barely missed her. NT #8214425 11:00PM 11/03/2008
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