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Topic #8214430
KingMac - Josh and Adam talking they agree James has to go. NT 0 Replies #8214430 11:01PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214584
mrmac - Camera shows Nat's portrait of Ryan, then camera pans to pirhanna mounted on the wall. lol NT 1 Replies #8214584 11:16PM 11/03/2008
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N2BB - Joshuah's portrait #8214827 11:40PM 11/03/2008
that was Josuah's portrait not Ryans
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Topic #8214604
Lisette21 - Josh is talking to Sharon. Talking about Sheila's lies. Josh knows they're trying to set him up. NT 0 Replies #8214604 11:19PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214679
streetsense - josh in adams bed--talking about voting out james--josh voting for sharon to stay (im out) 0 Replies #8214679 11:26PM 11/03/2008
josh:i just cant keep him
adam:hes physical and hes smart
josh:facts are facts
talking about handing him a pack of cigs out the door--

josh goes to sheila in her bed :says hes keeping sharon
sheila:i promised james
joshL so you keeping james
sheila:thats what i was told to do
sheila:matt/nat a strong bond
sheila:why you getting weird now
josh: cuz i feel you guys just trying to make it look like me, chelsia keeping james
josh:so how votes going is there 4
sheila:if you not feeling right go w./ your gut--cuz ultimatley 3-3 ryan makes decision, you need to make a deicsion now--cuz tomorrow morning we cant talk about it , against the rules
josh: i guess im sticking to plan(get out sharon)
sheila:why didd you want to do anyways(vote out sharon)
josh:i feel james/matt will go at it take heat off me
sheila--whats your gut saying--do that--you need to do that
sheila: you think james protect you more, trust him more ask yourself that?
joah:do you
sheila IDK
sheila--sharons had your back whole game
sheila--sleep on it tell me in morning cuz after that you cant tell me after that

josh goes back to sharon--says well be able to see who voted where
josh telling sharon--sheila told matt about BD plan, w/ nat
josh: strategically james has got to go(to sharon)
josh telling sharon sheila trying to be w/ majority(rehashing josh/sheila convo)
josh: i get nervous when you talk to sheila(saying shes w/ them)
josh:them keeping james would be stupid its gonna be 5-1
joshLthey gonna put me vs chelsia
josh:people gonna try to say it was me 2nd vote, im not stupid why would i f that up w/ you--
josh:adam just told me hes voting james --so what about natalie
sharon:he threw pickle juice on her--shes voting him out gonna be 5-1 if its not im not going to know what to think
joah:its gonna be 5-1
sharon: this house is too small everybost talks to everybody--it will be very clear who has whos back after this--you cant trust anybodys word
joah :sheilas playing both sides--she went up and told matty about bd plan
joah:basically sheila cannot be trusted at all]
sharon:well see what happens

sharon talking josh lost a prtner--they made the best of what they had--its just a game--if i go i go
josh--its gonna be 5-1(her staying)
sharon--its predetermined(god) she doesnt care she had a blast, lucky to be here, people that win will deserve it
josh if its 3-3 --sharon interupts are you kidding nat voting w/ matt she loves him-

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Topic #8214887
N2BB - James said hopefully you go on the block (to Josh and Chel) and don't get back door'd that's the worst NT 0 Replies #8214887 11:47PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214908
N2BB - James, Chel, Josh talking in sauna Nat still doing Matt's portrait in HOH NT 0 Replies #8214908 11:49PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214940
N2BB - James giving pep talk to Chel and Josh about HOH comp tomorrow NT 0 Replies #8214940 11:52PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8214979
N2BB - Nat finished Matt's portrait 0 Replies #8214979 11:56PM 11/03/2008
Nat finished Matt's portrait Matt 'it's better looking than me"
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Topic #8214996
N2BB - Matt holds up portrait of Ryan and Matt 0 Replies #8214996 11:58PM 11/03/2008
and says 'have you seen these two'
wanted for backdooring James
if you have seen them call 1-800-big-brother
(ed. lol)
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