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Topic #8206769
CruiseCritic - Sheila says we can get her out of here next week and Matt says lets get the strong 0 Replies #8206769 3:36PM 11/03/2008
player out of here this week and her next week. They are swaying her...

Talking about the Josh plan and how he would cover Nats vote....

Matt wants to know how he should act towards her - they tell him to be nce and Nat flips out and says she doesnt want to look like a fool on tv. Sheila tells Matt not to embarass her and Nat says she is here to protect him

Nat raising her voice and losing her train of thought. Nat mentions something she heard in DR...whispering

(crazy stuff here tonigth - yet again)
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Topic #8206787
FrouFrou - James saying to baller on outside couches that he doesn't want to go out without being able to fight. NT 0 Replies #8206787 3:37PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206801
FrouFrou - James is offering a deal to Baller. I won't put you up or backdoor you. I want the same in return. Vote however. Baller said deal. NT 0 Replies #8206801 3:38PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206803
CruiseCritic - Sheila being a mediator now and Natalie just wants Matt to be honest... 0 Replies #8206803 3:38PM 11/03/2008
BB - Natalie you are not aloud to talk about your DR sessions.

scared a little.

OPen door and there is Chels and matt asks what she is doing there and Chels asks if he is paranoid or what. Matt says he needs to talk to Natalie and he wondered who was in that room

Chels acted like she was looking for Ryan.
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Topic #8206808
FrouFrou - James and Baller playing pool now. NT 0 Replies #8206808 3:38PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206817
CruiseCritic - Natalie still worrying about looking like a dumba$$ and Matt continues to lie 0 Replies #8206817 3:39PM 11/03/2008
saying he didnt kiss sharon in the HOH.

Nat doesnt know what to believe and Matt wants to figure out how to make her believe.

(crap - hubby just brought me dinner - so gotta run for at least 5 minutes) WOW
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Topic #8206839
FrouFrou - Nat trying to walk out Sheila won't let her. NT 0 Replies #8206839 3:40PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206849
raindrop110475 - Nat says u hid from em which is like i am so annoying u have to hide from me Matt says that never happened NT 0 Replies #8206849 3:41PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206864
FrouFrou - Nat saying he was hiding on her. Nat saying I have common sense. Matt saying wait till you watch on tv and you will say f*** he was right. NT 0 Replies #8206864 3:42PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206875
FrouFrou - Matt saying he is going to prove it to her by rewinding the tapes. NT 0 Replies #8206875 3:42PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206900
FrouFrou - Sheila saying you can not call her out. Matt saying he isn't going to. NT 0 Replies #8206900 3:43PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206921
FrouFrou - Matt saying you look likes I am running around making you look like you are chasing after me. I am treating you better now. NT 0 Replies #8206921 3:44PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206932
lakeview - Sharon/Matt/Adam kitchen - Nat/Matt bedroom (long) 0 Replies #8206932 3:45PM 11/03/2008
Matt and Adam confronting Sharon about her putting them up. She says she never would do it. Adam - you're playing bad last day before vote.

Adam says Josh said that. Sharon says "Josh said that?"

Sharon - I told you straight up that was never said.

Switch to Matt/Nat conversation in the bathroom.

Nat saying her intuition is against Sharon. Matt asking Nat to "talk right now" Nat finally says okay. Nat and Matt walk into bedroom.

Matt asking why Sharon should go. Nat saying she thinks Matt would take Sharon to the end instead of her. Nat says that it was more than kissing between Matt/Sharon. Matt says if I have to prove it, I'll go vote her out right now then. Nat doesn't know what to believe.

Nat says Sharon is mentally stronger and she would put up Adam and Ryan. Matt says "and James wouldn't?" Matt isn't worried about being put up next. Nat's premonitions are telling her that they need to get rid of Sharon. Matt claiming that it's just because of the Sharon/Matt kiss.

Adam walks in. Seems like he's with Matt still. Nat says "you cut me off. I have short term memory loss." Adam walks out after Matt tells him to leave.

Matt reminds Nat what she was talking about. Nat says Sharon would put up Matt and they'd lose someone. Matt says "I don't like any girl here. Every girl in the house is a piece of trash - except for Shelia." Nat - what about me?

Matt/Nat arguing over who gets to talk next. Then Matt says he went up to the HOH with Sharon the night that Nat got drunk. Matt says he was trying to get Sharon to put up James/Chelsia instead of Adam/Shelia.

Matt saying "I'll vote her out then." Nat doesn't want to look like a dumb idiot.

Shelia walks in and asks Nat why she told Matt about Sharon/Matt kiss.

Nat says "they werent' supposed to even know about this".

Matt says Shelia thought that Nat was a swing vote earlier and that's how him and Ryan figured out. Shelia/Nat saying "please don't argue with Sharon about it"

Nat saying her gut says Sharon would win HOH and her gut says James will not.

Matt says that we can't deviate b/c James/Chelsia/Josh are a stronger team than Josh/Chelsia/Sharon. Matt - if you guys don't want to go with us, you don't have to, but it's stupid.

Nat says I don't trust Sharon. Matt says you don't trust James either.

Matt says they should let Sharon think that she's leaving until the end of the next day and then she'll be nervous all day and then definitely wouldn't win HOH. Shelia looks like she thinks that makes sense.

Matt says J/C are stronger than J/S together.

Matt opened the door and Chelsia was there. Matt says "why were you there" Chelsia says "don't be paranoid. Nat tells Chelsia to leave.

Shelia says you guys don't need a pact anymore because you are singles now. Matt still sticking to story he didn't kiss Sharon when she was HOH.

Matt asking Nat "how do I make you believe me?" Matt admits that he kissed her in the other bedroom.

Nat says she can't talk to both of them right now. Tries to leave. Shelia says she'll go.

Nat bringing up when Matt was hiding from her.

Matt saying "they want to split us up."

Shelia walks back in and asks that Matt doesn't call her out to Sharon.

Matt says he says nice things about Nat in the doctor's office (DR).
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Topic #8206934
FrouFrou - Nat will not give up on the hiding on me. She knows. NT 0 Replies #8206934 3:45PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206955
FrouFrou - Nat says there is no way you were in DR. Someone else got called. Matt said I can prove it. I will tell you what I talked about. NT 0 Replies #8206955 3:45PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206963
FrouFrou - Matt saying I'm not agreeing to it, but I am sorry. NT 0 Replies #8206963 3:46PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206971
streetsense - matt: we arent partners anymore nat: but we are, you said you gonna take me to the end NT 0 Replies #8206971 3:46PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206982
FrouFrou - Nat saying I cook for you all the time, and you wouldn't even cook one. Nat saying you weren't joking. NT 0 Replies #8206982 3:47PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8206991
streetsense - matt getting up trying to escape NT 0 Replies #8206991 3:48PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207008
streetsense - matt-you vote for sharon to leave and we not partners anymore--is that what you want? NT 0 Replies #8207008 3:48PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207010
FrouFrou - "Matt I want you to give me some attention. You want to talk when you want to talk." Nat NT 0 Replies #8207010 3:48PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207025
streetsense - matt :im moving out of this bed tonight too--- NT 0 Replies #8207025 3:49PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207027
FrouFrou - Matt threatening Nat that they won't be partners. And he is going to move out of the bed. NT 0 Replies #8207027 3:49PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207040
FrouFrou - Matt saying are you with me, if not you are against me. Are you with me or against me. Nat says I don't know. NT 0 Replies #8207040 3:49PM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8207051
FrouFrou - Matt walks out and immediately calls her stupid. NT 0 Replies #8207051 3:50PM 11/03/2008
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