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Topic #8240930
Sue - James goes into Red room to hug Chelsia NT 0 Replies #8240930 10:22AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240981
Sue - Josh heating pizza, Sharon getting up, putting bra on, Ryan putting bag in Boat Room, Chels still under covers. Everyone says they are 'sore' NT 0 Replies #8240981 10:27AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240993
Sue - Ryan back in his sleeping bag in back room with Adam, Matt & Nat NT 0 Replies #8240993 10:28AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241158
Sue - While eating breakfast in the BY, Josh filled James in on Sheila's "epiphany". Talk about last nights contest, James comment's "Noms today" NT 0 Replies #8241158 10:42AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241217
N2BB - Sharon and Josh discussing the '3rd' vote 0 Replies #8241217 10:47AM 13/03/2008
Sharon thinks Adam voted to bring James back, Josh still unsure
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Topic #8241257
N2BB - Sheila Telling Josh about her 'epiphany' NT 1 Replies #8241257 10:51AM 13/03/2008
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Suzan - Correct - that what Josh said to her snidely last night about her choosing the wrong deal made her realize #8241337 10:58AM 13/03/2008
that she should have been playing this game for herself all along. That she wasn't winning comps because she didn't have the confidence to win them. She was piggybacking off of Natalie and Matt and saving them every chance she got thinking they would protect her. Sheila saying no one owes her anything that others are saying someone owes them for saving them, but she doesn't think that. No one owes anyone anything in this game. If people want to vote her out because she's a threat to their game, so be it. There's nothing she can do about that, she's not going to campaign.

She knows that if Matt/Nat win POV they will not save her or Ryan because then one of them will go up and Josh chimes in and adds that if Ryan or Sheila win POV and come off, Adam is going up.

Sheila is now going to talk to James and share this.
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Topic #8241294
N2BB - Josh and Sheila talking in BY 0 Replies #8241294 10:54AM 13/03/2008
Josh calling Sheila out on some of her lies
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Topic #8241321
N2BB - Chelsia is up now 1 Replies #8241321 10:56AM 13/03/2008
getting something to eat in the kitchen

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CruiseCritic - Cold piece of pizza out of the fridge NT #8241350 11:00AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241332
N2BB - Sheila tells Josh 0 Replies #8241332 10:58AM 13/03/2008
he made her realize that no one is going to save her in this game, she needs to start winning things for herself.
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Topic #8241343
N2BB - Now Sheila is telling James about her "light bulb moment" NT 1 Replies #8241343 10:59AM 13/03/2008
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Suzan - Sheila is calling it a light bulb moment. Saying she realized she couldn't #8241401 11:04AM 13/03/2008
expect anyone to hang up there for 5 hours and save them, that they should have never expected Natalie to win to help save all of them. Talking about how most of her life she has expected people to just give her things, because in her 20's they did. She got a lot for her looks. James telling her that if anyone uses POV he's putting the next person closest to them up. Simple as that.

James telling her she burnt him so many times last week, Sheila saying she fessed up pand he says that doesn't matter if you fessed up. So many people wanted him out, voted him out.
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Topic #8241394
N2BB - Sheila says she has expected people to give her things all her life 0 Replies #8241394 11:03AM 13/03/2008
she has "piggybacked" other people, in life and in this game. She was protecting Matt in this game and letting Nat help her get farther. Says she isn't going to do that anymore.
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Topic #8241412
Suzan - James guaranteeing that Ryan is going home. That he (James) will be playing in the POV along with 0 Replies #8241412 11:05AM 13/03/2008
everyone else and he's not going to let anyone but himself win the POV.
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Topic #8241423
N2BB - Sheila talking to James 0 Replies #8241423 11:07AM 13/03/2008
said if she wasn't on slop she could have lasted longer in the comp last night, her legs are gigantic (her words)
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Topic #8241444
N2BB - Everyone is up now 0 Replies #8241444 11:09AM 13/03/2008
James, Sheila, Chelsia in hot tub
Josh on lounger in BY
Nat looking for clothes to wear in pink room
Matt in SR
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Topic #8241463
Suzan - James saying again he is not going to let anyone win POV, that if Ryan wins it's an act of God, and if Sheila wins , well best of luck to you. NT 0 Replies #8241463 11:11AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241592
CruiseCritic - Cam closeup of TV screen - NOMINATIONS TODAY NT 0 Replies #8241592 11:24AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241661
CruiseCritic - Adam thinks he is going up on the block today and Matt says dont worry, I will 0 Replies #8241661 11:30AM 13/03/2008
probably be back doored. Adam tells him he wont. Matt goes outside to ask James if he can use his WC because Natalie is in the one downstairs and she said she will be there for awhile.

James let him take the key and Chelsia asks him if he is going to take a sh!t and matt says no.

James now getting out of HT leaving Chels alone in there.

Sharon on double lounger by herself
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Topic #8241665
CruiseCritic - James out of HT and laying on the ground near the HT getting some sun. Matt comes 0 Replies #8241665 11:31AM 13/03/2008
back down with they key and Chels talks about her neck hurting and Matt didnt use his neck. Sharon in lounger with hand sheilding her sunglasses as she looks around.

No talk between James and Chels. Ryan is in DR
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Topic #8241677
CruiseCritic - Sheila on small lounger next to the pool. Matt just asked Sharon if she had some 0 Replies #8241677 11:32AM 13/03/2008
sun block and she handed it to him. Josh is in the shower and is talking to Natalie who is outside the shower door
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Topic #8241698
CruiseCritic - Natlie says everything happens for a reason. talk about all getting along and 0 Replies #8241698 11:35AM 13/03/2008
she tells Josh she is going outside to get some sun. Nat comes outside and says - james how does the body feel? (couldnt hear his answer) and Nat says I know.

Adam is in WC.

Sheila says GM to Natalie and she says GM back. Chels asks to see Natalies knees and Nat says her knees are okay. Looking at Chels knees and they are bruised.

Natlie says she did not sleep well. Josh goes in the toilet and puts his undies or trunks on (cant tell)

Josh in WC alone. Nat lays on lounger next to Sharon.
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Topic #8241720
CruiseCritic - Chels asks Nat if her stomach is feeling better and Nat says yes, she just had to 0 Replies #8241720 11:37AM 13/03/2008
throw up - all she had to eat was two pieces of bacon and cheese yesterday.

Sharon mentions they had nothing in their stomach. she says tons of fun.
Sharon says her arms and hands hurt.

James gets up from next to HT and starts drying off, wraps towel around himself.

Sharon says there goes my workout for the month
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Topic #8241746
CruiseCritic - Natalie talks how she never moved her feet, but her toes were numb but felt like she 0 Replies #8241746 11:40AM 13/03/2008
didnt have toes. Sharon, Chels and Nat talking about the first 5 minutes up there being very awkward.

James going back in the house as Josh goes outside in his tiny little black trunks.

James heads up to HOH room. Josh brings Natalie some sunglasses as camera man does closeup on his butt and his front (from belly down)

(would like to keep posting, but up til 4am here on east coast watching the feeds and time for a nap)
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Topic #8241763
CruiseCritic - Naked James in HOH puts on robe and gets into bed (I am out for now) NT 0 Replies #8241763 11:42AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8241823
N2BB - pretty quiet around the house misc chitchat 3 Replies #8241823 11:47AM 13/03/2008
Sharon rubbing suntan lotion on Nat's back

Adam and Matt playin basketball

Sheila and Chelsia in the pool

Josh laying down in his bed with pillow over his eyes

James listening to music in HOH
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N2BB - no sign of ryan NT #8241836 11:48AM 13/03/2008
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WVpdles - he's back in his sleeping bag NT #8241839 11:49AM 13/03/2008
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bcbmom - He was called to DR a while ago NT #8241956 12:01PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8242501
nmbeach - Everyone sitting outside. Sheila trying to win Nat back over to her side, and James trying to get into Matt's head. NT 0 Replies #8242501 12:47PM 13/03/2008
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