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Topic #8244315
streetsense - sheila telling ryan convo she had w/ james this morning NT 0 Replies #8244315 3:31PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244317
CruiseCritic - Sheila laying in bed and puts on her microphone when Ryan comes in the room. 0 Replies #8244317 3:31PM 13/03/2008
He lays on her bed. Sheila says she told someone? that Ryan and I screwed up didnt we? Talking about her conversation with Josh or James this morning?

She says she told him he has to do what he has to do. (hard to hear bc I am on quad)
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Topic #8244353
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she is done looking at ppl thinking they are going to save her, 0 Replies #8244353 3:34PM 13/03/2008
because noone is going to save her. She says she has to pay for the lies she has told and everything she has done . Time for her to play the game for herself and she cant let Mattie and Natalie carry her any more.

Now it is do or die, get out there. Ryan says yup

Sheila says you know it is us three. Ryan says yup again.

Sheila says she could have voted James back in to redeem herself, but she didnt.

Talk if Adam and Ryan go up and if Adam wins he would take himself off and then Sheila would go up.

BB- Chelsia, please go to the DR

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Topic #8244361
streetsense - ryan uh huh, huh, i know, i know, uh huh, uh huh, i know , uh huh, iknow, mm huh, mm, huh, i know NT 0 Replies #8244361 3:34PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244410
CruiseCritic - Sheila says her stratgey was to find the strongest player and align with them and she ended 0 Replies #8244410 3:39PM 13/03/2008
up aligning with a few of them.

Ryan says he isnt worried, he knows he isnt going up.

Sheila says the fact that you know - you know it is a do or die situation.

Ryan says he is well aware of that Sheila.

Sheila says she learned a valuable lesson. Ryan says he did too.

Sheila says every day is a different day.

Matt comes in and says misery loves company.

Ryan getting ready to leave the room and Matt says the walls are closing in and every day gets a little more lonely. says he would like to cry. Says he cant talk about what makes him cry

Sheila says she cries every day and she doesnt care.

Matt says his boys call him lover boy. Matt saying when you have a single mom you get attached to women and says that her son will be the same way.

ADam sticks his head in the door and Matt tells him to come in, what else you going to do. Adam says read the bible. Matt says he is going to read the boble too.

Matt says he had a step-dad and he is like his father and they have been together like 18 years.

Sheila says every boy needs to know who their real father is - but he never manned up and took responsibility for it. Matt says he would bever do that.

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Topic #8244439
CruiseCritic - Matt says he likes being emotionally attached to a female to cuddle with etc 0 Replies #8244439 3:41PM 13/03/2008
and he doesnt have it here in the house and it is really bothering him and bothering him more today than any other. says natalie isnt the same..they will be friends for life.

Sheila says she would take a bullet for you - Matt says he knows. Sheila says she would protect him too (Matt). SHeila talks about lying and Matt wants to know what she lied about and says oh, telling him you would vote for him

Sheila says she wakes up every day and wonders why she did this - Matt feels the same way. Sheila says she has to keep on playing, matt says he does to.
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Topic #8244466
CruiseCritic - Sheila says the game makes you get real with yourself. Whatever it is that you do in life 0 Replies #8244466 3:43PM 13/03/2008
that is dirty will come out. Now talks about Natalie staying up there for 5 hours for us, more for you (Matt).

Matt says she did it for both of us...Sheila says she really did it for you.

Sheila talks about Nat being unstoppable, she studies, wakes up every day happy.

Matt says she smiles every day and doesnt know how she does it.
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Topic #8244486
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she told Natalie she was sorry for piggy-backing and Matt said he was 0 Replies #8244486 3:45PM 13/03/2008
sorry about that too.

Sheila says noone owes anybody anything in this game....

Talk about campaigning and brown sh!t on their noses and says she isnt going to kiss anyones a$$.

Says if you are going with majority of house, there is nothing I can do about it and that makes you powerless. Matt says he feels the same way

(gotta switch feeds, now hearing the story from when she was 18....for the 5th time today)
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Topic #8244549
Suzan - Matt & Sheila talking game in the boat room - other cam shows Josh standing on the other side of the door listening in! NT 0 Replies #8244549 3:50PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244563
CruiseCritic - James tells Ryan that he is probably going to put him on the block and Ryan says 0 Replies #8244563 3:51PM 13/03/2008
that is cool. I came in to James saying stuff about Sheila and saying he has to erase the lines of the game.

Ryan talks about the house being split and everyone is partners, I was alone.

James says if you want to be here, then play the POV. James says he will play the tie if it comes to it. James says I hope this isnt a battle every week, it isnt any good for him. If you are still here next week, handle it. Kudos to you, it was a great move. it was a smart move.

Ryan says he doesnt want to keep battling either. James says there is a reason - talking about last week and it was alot worse what you did to me and Ryan brings up that he (james) told him Adam was on his side and he wasnt.

if it works out this week then it works out. James says either way someone is going home that f d me.
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Topic #8244612
CruiseCritic - James says he is going to change the game for himself - talk about your word is all that 0 Replies #8244612 3:55PM 13/03/2008
you have. Ryan talks about last week he shook on it and found out what the rest of the house felt.

Ryan talks about having the chance to bring his girl back and James says he isnt going to make a big deal out of matt lying about the box

james says after this week we will see, I am just paying back for what happened last week.

Ryan says he hopes he is still here.

James says he isnt going to listen to Josh, why would I go after Natalie?
Says he doesnt care what the f Josh says.

James says if someone takes themselves off the block then he will be BDing someone. And says if you take yourself off the block then I will put up the closest person to you on the block. Saying that is what Ryan did last week when Chels took herself off.

James says he will not BD him . The ppl you surround yourself with are going to F you.
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Topic #8244621
Suzan - Josh goes to the BR where Chelsia and Natalie are and replays how he heard the conversation between M/S - he tells Natalie 0 Replies #8244621 3:56PM 13/03/2008
that Sheila is crying because Natalie didn't include her in the deal she made with James. (This is not true - Sheila is saying she has to play for herself and she should never expect someone else to play for her.)

Now J/C/N talking about how Sheila needs to win things for herself, in fact Natalie said "well she should have hung up there longer - (referring to Sheila). Sheila is saying the exact same things about herself to Matt in the boat room.

Josh also thinks Ryan is in the room with Matt and Sheila - but he's up in the HOH. Now Natalie saying how Sheila was apologizing to her this morning and now she's in there crying because she (Natalie) didn't make a deal for her too. Thinking that because of what Josh just said - Sheila's not really being sincere with her.

Josh has the conversation twisted and Natalie is believing his twisted version of the conversation.
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Topic #8244659
CruiseCritic - Ryan says he was looking at the 4 of them as a tight alliance and he didnt want to be 0 Replies #8244659 3:59PM 13/03/2008
the fifth. James says when he was up in HOH he was addressing Matt and only Matt. Says Matt wanted him out because he is competition. tells ryan he has no hard feelings against him - its just a game.

james says he apologizes for his GF not coming in. Ryan says he doesnt have to apologize - he loves Jen and not sure how good it would have been to have her back, would have put a target on him. Ryan says Jen comes back I am screwed, James comes back I am screwed.

Ryan says he was caught in the middle. James thinks there is definitely a tie there. James says he is willing to f chelsia over.

Ryan says if there is a tie and there is any chance - he will try to help break them up (Nat/Matt)

James says the alliance he had ended up sending him home....
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Topic #8244682
Suzan - Hairydryer now going on in the bathroom with C/N NT 0 Replies #8244682 4:01PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244685
CruiseCritic - James says this is a twisted situation. this is f d up. James was in DR and wondered why 0 Replies #8244685 4:01PM 13/03/2008
bring him back when you just got rid of me. James says he is going to play straight up for POV and Ryan says he is too. James says next time you take the POV and not the money - for future things. In my eyes he says he got BD because of someones greed.

Ryan says it was selfish and says he sees where james is coming from. James says he would have taken the veto.
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Topic #8244692
CruiseCritic - James saying he isnt the only one that saw him take the 10K, ppl on your sides 0 Replies #8244692 4:02PM 13/03/2008
saw it (I gotta run for a bit)
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Topic #8244758
streetsense - ryan james in HOH---long 0 Replies #8244758 4:07PM 13/03/2008
james:saying hes not going to BD anybody
ryan:if POV used you gonna have to
jame:im going to handle that in my speech
ryan:just remember if it was going to be 3-3 i would have kept you
james:i got voted out
james:i kust dont get why you did it to me, i wasnt the person that....
ryan:im done w/ protecting people
ryan:i understand your position in not wanting chelsia up here, im playing single too
james:only 1 person that didnt f me--(chelsia)
ryan: i fd you this week for sure
james:why did you put me up
ryan:IDK--it was a house thing
ryan: i BD you--i knew when you won what would happen
james: i see where lines are drawn
james: how can I have allegance w/ all these people that voted me out
james: i only got 1 vote and it was a sympathy vote
james: adam, matt, sheila , nat shook ,my hand, sheila nat cried gave me their word--i didnt even come to them--they came to me--i was ok w/ leaving ready to got--they came to me--then they did that cuz matt pressured them. Its a fluke im back and im holding no grudges against yuou--but i successfully got Bd last week--this doesnt happen in BB--getting BD and come back
james: i honestly wanted to go for somebody else but i Made the deal--i didnt even have to make the deal--but i didnt want to leave her up there sick
ryan: she was about to fall anyways but w/e
james:i thnik sheila is strongest in house right now---the single mother, floater, people gonna carry her the whole way
james:I see shes connected w/ matt, natt -it made sense when i left
james: im probably gonna put you up on block --
james:im not BD anybody--i know ill probably split the tie this week
james:just play the game man
james:kudos---what you did was smart move
ryan: i dont want me and you to continue to battle it out
ryan: you were telling adam you had my vote
james:i dont want this to be an ongoing battle--if this falls out --eye for an eye
james:either way somebody going home that fd me
ryan:thats the way its gonna go in this game--people gonna lie to you
james:hopefully I can change that--at least for myself
james:even matt lying yesterday about who he voted back in
ryan: he tried to lie to you about that?
james:yep and he tried to sway nat-but the good christian came out
james:im gonna let people know that if they take somebody off the block--they are Bd somebody and sacrificeing closest person to them---
james: what you did was good game play and im gonna emulate it--but im not gonna BD somebody
james: it seemed like it was matt's problem, i was a threat to him , is he scared, yes--he wanted me out for comps--but im glad to be back--i got fd
ryan: if it was 3-3 I had you
ryan: i know you have bigger fish to fry--but the bargain put me as one of few options
james: she didnt say herself only --there is definately a tie there
ryan:im not in an allianc w/ them 2
james:my alliance voted me out--sent me home
james:5 people said I had to go--not couples but individuals
james: i told the DR why did they bring me back when they voted me out
james:im going at it w/ you at veto
james: next time you in veto---dont take the money(lol) so you dont have to BD somebody
ryan:anybody would have done same thing
james:I would have taken the veto--just for future forewarning dont take 10k anymore--even people on your own side making assumptions
ryan: i could have taken veto away from chelsia (so true)
ryan:if i hadnt taken veto chelsia was gone so ...
james: damned if you do damned if you dont
james:matt very reserved now--I hope this can change the energy--the sides things needs to stop---we need to play together
ryan:they put couples together though so
ryan:josh is lots of reason sides are split
james: there was a connection i must have missed w/ people, other people were reserved and didnt talk--i did and they voted me out
ryan: you looking at it alot deeper than most people
james:them voting me out was *** nobody wanted to talk to me
ryan:thats how this game works
james: 35 days we play pool, burgers, b-ball, talk about girls--
james:everybody fd me --even josh-- i only got 1 vote
james: i want to erase the line---lets play single game play--get rid of snakes--cuz they only gonna f you in the end
james:being on block sucks
ryan:you kidding me? this will be the 3rd time--im king of the block
ryan leaves

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Topic #8244789
kandio - J/R in hoh. James saying Sheila will float to the end 0 Replies #8244789 4:10PM 13/03/2008
Ryan saying he hopes he can stay. J:just play for pov i'am not backdooring this week.
Saying dont want this an ongoing battle.
J: saying he will play different now. Word means everything?
Telling R what Matt said about how he voted
J saying if someone takes themselves off the block they are the ones backdooring.
J: saying hope you know that the people u hang w/will F you.
saying it was really Matt that had the prob w/Jam. Ryan: agreeing

Ryan saying he was caught in the middle w/Nats deal
saying Natt was making a deal for Matt..that should show peeps that needs to be broken
saying his alliance voted him out
Ryan said if you keep me i'll do whatever next week [about Nat/Matt]

Talking about Ryan taking the 10 grand..Ryan saying maybe he was greedy
and about not taking the pov from C
Ryan : you are te 1st person i F over
talking about getting to know other peeps and not have sides. R: you might be lookig into this more than others.

R: saying i wished we talked like this last week
J:sayig the will lie to you like they did me
J: saying we can still hang out. being on te block ucks

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Topic #8244865
streetsense - ryan asks for one drag of adams cig-adam says"its slobbered up nice"--ryan looks at it blows on it for a while--hands in back--says"ill pass" NT 0 Replies #8244865 4:19PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244906
kandio - N/Josh. talking about Sheila. Nat telling J what Sheila said about piggybacking 0 Replies #8244906 4:24PM 13/03/2008
And telling Nat its not her fault
Nat taling about going w/her gut. [Not sure but think Nat said i had to do it for him]
R/A/M BY...M: as a plane is going by..can we ave a banner.
BB guy...smoking BY only

James/Sharon talking about what R/talked about
Sharon saying it was Matts hoh last week
saying if R gets off the block fine
but nobody is helping him
J/C.J joking & telling C he is putting her up

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Topic #8244939
streetsense - chelsia to james: whos key you putting in last? james: im not telling you anything you dont run HOH(half joking--josh was in there too) NT 0 Replies #8244939 4:27PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8245153
SouthernBelladonna - Outside LD called NT 0 Replies #8245153 4:48PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8245157
MsPink - outside lockdown NT 0 Replies #8245157 4:48PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8245171
SouthernBelladonna - Flames NT 0 Replies #8245171 4:49PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8245437
bcbmom - Trivia..must be nominations NT 0 Replies #8245437 5:21PM 13/03/2008
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