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Sheila says Ryan relates to the guys more cuz he hangs out with them and - Brendabythebay
9:49PM 14/03/2008

Sheila to Adam: Why arent you protecting me??.. - KineGirl
9:52PM 14/03/2008

Sheila and Ryan arguing about the 10G's again. - rg1
9:53PM 14/03/2008

Matt injects a remark to change the conversation "What do you think these big mallets are for?" - JanJan
9:53PM 14/03/2008

HG's talking about prizes they would like to see in the comps - KineGirl
9:54PM 14/03/2008
Baller wants a bowling alley, Nat wants an expresso machine, Matt wants a treadmill. NT - Shar
10:12PM 14/03/2008

M/R playing chess. Ryan still talking about Sheila. Matt trying to - KineGirl
10:07PM 14/03/2008

HG location update - JanJan
10:08PM 14/03/2008

Sheila now holding Chelsea & Josh as captive audience at hottub... - JanJan
10:12PM 14/03/2008
After over twenty minutes of this, they go inside...Josh to self "That was painful." =) NT - JanJan
10:39PM 14/03/2008

Sheila says: I shouldnt say anything to anybody. Ryan just used - KineGirl
10:19PM 14/03/2008

Around 10 minutes ago, in the LR, Matt said to Nat..."so do you like how I am being nice to you?" - Disneyisme
10:26PM 14/03/2008

Nat asking them to explain chess game to her, Matt, Ryan and Adam ignoring her. Adam give her the rule book to read NT - rg1
10:29PM 14/03/2008
Nat: Mattie, the king can move to any adjoining square. What does that mean? - Brendabythebay
10:32PM 14/03/2008

Sheila STILL going on. Now shes talking about how gross Adam.. - KineGirl
10:31PM 14/03/2008

Josh- this is going to be an ugly week. Sheila- ya think ?! NT - KineGirl
10:37PM 14/03/2008

ryan, josh, nat and adam bashing sheila while she's in the DR NT - right2erin
10:43PM 14/03/2008

Josh/Adam/Matt discussing Sheila...Josh says she is vicious and he is scared to go against her on the block. - JanJan
10:47PM 14/03/2008

ryan and adam outside smoking, still making fun of sheila - right2erin
10:52PM 14/03/2008

nat is complaining about sheila to josh, calling her a negative nancy - right2erin
10:54PM 14/03/2008

Josh and Adam talking in bed in the Red BR. Talking about Shelia - BBFanChelle
11:03PM 14/03/2008

Josh: She definitely has some issues. NT - BBFanChelle
11:05PM 14/03/2008

josh and adam keep giggling in the bed together, still bashing sheila NT - right2erin
11:07PM 14/03/2008

Adam: You (Josh) owe her. She's on the block and she's not having. Josh: She said if - BBFanChelle
11:07PM 14/03/2008

Matt Natalie and Ryan playing pool. Just went inside for cookies. NT - BBFanChelle
11:10PM 14/03/2008

Matt and Natalie in Spa Room. Matt told Natalie to take her bra off. Natalie... - BBFanChelle
11:40PM 14/03/2008

Matt to Natalie: You'll get another one tomorrow. One everyday this week. NT - BBFanChelle
11:48PM 14/03/2008

Pink BR: Adam reading bible, Matt on bed, Natalie going through clothes. - BBFanChelle
11:58PM 14/03/2008

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