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ok they doing it ---------here they go NT - streetsense
12:03AM 14/03/2008

She is gonna be SO MAD NT - Taelyn
12:05AM 14/03/2008

sheila was NOT amused!! (ed. it was so funny) NT - ariel1981
12:10AM 14/03/2008

The whole house plays a practical joke on Sheila - bbshannon
12:10AM 14/03/2008
Sheila was called to dr NT - jgill270
12:13AM 14/03/2008

Shelia: This house is fin insane. NT - BBFanChelle
12:10AM 14/03/2008

They are all pleased with their prank..James says it was house bonding - bbshannon
12:12AM 14/03/2008
Josh would love it if the real POV was right now..Sheila would not believe them - bbshannon
12:14AM 14/03/2008

Chelsia thinks that Sheila is in the DR sobbing - bbshannon
12:18AM 14/03/2008

Josh is giving his diet a day break..he'll start again tomorrow - bbshannon
12:20AM 14/03/2008

Adam feels bad, they all realize Sheila is still in the DR. - bbshannon
12:25AM 14/03/2008

Josh thinks the twists the week were so overplayed. First becoming singles, then the twist with James staying - bbshannon
12:28AM 14/03/2008

Josh hopes for the POV tomorrow morning, random chitchat in the kitchen - bbshannon
12:32AM 14/03/2008

Shelia out of unitard. NT - BBFanChelle
12:36AM 14/03/2008

Everyone goes into Sheila's room - bbshannon
12:38AM 14/03/2008

Theories on the "blocks" Does it mean they are "on the block"? It could be a food comp.. - bbshannon
12:39AM 14/03/2008

Sheila laughing about the pillows thrown everywhere..she loved it - bbshannon
12:43AM 14/03/2008

All four feeds on pink bedroom, Matt reading bible, Nat beside him on bed - bbshannon
12:52AM 14/03/2008

Adam: my a*shole is burning over here dude, James does your a*shole burn? NT - coz
12:55AM 14/03/2008

Adam out of DR. Natalie thinks she'll be called next b/c of her role in the prank. BB: Chelsia please go to the diary room - bbshannon
12:55AM 14/03/2008
Making fun of Matt's nailpolish picture. It doesn't even look like him, look at his chinstrap. NT - bbshannon
12:56AM 14/03/2008

Adam and James farting..Natalie says it smells like turkey sandwiches NT - bbshannon
12:56AM 14/03/2008

BB: Adam, Chelsia, Joshuah, please put on your microphone - bbshannon
12:58AM 14/03/2008

James back in Chelsia's bed with her. Him and Josh joke about getting Chelsia out - bbshannon
1:02AM 14/03/2008

Chelsia asks James if he's buttphobic..if he wants a finger down there. Umm.. NT - bbshannon
1:03AM 14/03/2008
and vice versa. James makes Chelsia smell his finger. Chelsia says no thanks. - bbshannon
1:06AM 14/03/2008

James playing pool outside by himself apparently, everyone else is in bed NT - cannotsleep
1:33AM 14/03/2008

Baller has joined James in the BY NT - folieadeux8381
1:45AM 14/03/2008

James says that he can't get to sleep and that he is wired. NT - cannotsleep
1:48AM 14/03/2008

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