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Natalie comes in pink BR and going thru some drawers, all three of the guys - CruiseCritic
8:49AM 14/03/2008

Guys not moving in pink BR as Natalie is in thong and bra - she removes - CruiseCritic
8:51AM 14/03/2008

Josh in SR to do battery change. Chels just walked thru the kitchen and Sheila - CruiseCritic
8:52AM 14/03/2008

Josh ins storage room on f3 and 4. f1 and 2 on Shiela in the KT. - BB_Addiction
8:53AM 14/03/2008

BB - Adam, Matt, please change your batteries (they are both still in bed) NT - CruiseCritic
8:53AM 14/03/2008

Sharon has her "blankie" over her shoulders as she makes the bed. NT - CruiseCritic
8:54AM 14/03/2008

BB- Adam, Matt, James - I SAID it is TIME to get up for the day!!! NT - CruiseCritic
8:54AM 14/03/2008

BB - "Adam, James, Matt.. I SAID it's time to get up for the day!!!" NT - BB_Addiction
8:54AM 14/03/2008

Matt and Adam still under the covers in their beds, they both have their heads covered. - CruiseCritic
8:57AM 14/03/2008

Josh talking to Nat in Bathroom about Big Brother yelling at them.. - BB_Addiction
8:57AM 14/03/2008

Baller in the shower. Chelsia doing makeup. Nat washing her face. Josh brushing his teeth and Sharon on couch in Bathroom. NT - BB_Addiction
8:59AM 14/03/2008

Adam says he drempt about POV last night and he is not going to let them know - CruiseCritic
8:59AM 14/03/2008

Matt walks through Bathroom and into WC. NT - BB_Addiction
9:00AM 14/03/2008

Matt, Chelsia, Nat and Sheila all in front of the mirror getting ready NT - BB_Addiction
9:01AM 14/03/2008

Matt now in WC and Natalie says good morning Matty and he waves his arms. - CruiseCritic
9:02AM 14/03/2008

Adam is Hyper and is yelling in the BR while Ryan and Matt are trying to go back to sleep - chatter862
9:15AM 14/03/2008

Adam "Its ON Its ON" Now he's bugging Sheila in Bathroom NT - chatter862
9:16AM 14/03/2008

Sharon "Hi babies Hi babies, whats wrong babies, you ate all your peppers babbiess - chatter862
9:18AM 14/03/2008

Josh and Sharon now back in bed chatting on cam3 &4 NT - chatter862
9:19AM 14/03/2008

Sheila in black robe on cam1 & 2 NT - chatter862
9:20AM 14/03/2008

Nat and Sheila talking about what POV will be they predict it will have something to do with the GP cage cause - chatter862
9:22AM 14/03/2008

They were just talking to someone named Michah? Wanting to get the POV going now NT - chatter862
9:23AM 14/03/2008
It's "Mike O"; he runs all the comps NT - scandalous
9:26AM 14/03/2008
Michael O'Sullivan, Senior Producer NT - mrmac
10:51AM 14/03/2008

Adam eating ceral by himself on cam 3 &4, Sheila filing nails on 1&2 NT - chatter862
9:25AM 14/03/2008

Nat, Sheila, Adam in KT fixing Adam's mic NT - chatter862
9:27AM 14/03/2008

Nat burped in Adams face by accident while working with his mic and he said cool - chatter862
9:28AM 14/03/2008

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