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Nat Adam Matt and Ry all in Pink BR laying down for a bit, nothing going on in house NT - chatter862
9:30AM 14/03/2008

Sheila making alot of noise doing dishes! NT - chatter862
9:31AM 14/03/2008

Cam 1 has been on the GP's mostly for the last few minutes NT - chatter862
9:32AM 14/03/2008

Matt climbs in bed w/ Nat and takes the covers off her and tells her to get others she laughs - chatter862
9:35AM 14/03/2008

all 4 feeds on Sheila getting dressed in boat room. Shes wearing jeans! NT - DanaRose
9:50AM 14/03/2008

BB: James to DR NT - DanaRose
9:51AM 14/03/2008

Sharon laughing with Josh, saying she cant believe they asked about them! (I think she meant DR asking about GPs) NT - DanaRose
9:52AM 14/03/2008
*She also said to Josh 'I have to name them' NT - DanaRose
9:53AM 14/03/2008

flames . . . . NT - DanaRose
9:53AM 14/03/2008

Flames NT - Smartster
10:05AM 14/03/2008

We've had Flames for about 10 minutes. NT - Disneyisme
10:06AM 14/03/2008

Feeds back, all on bathrm 'occupied' sign NT - DanaRose
10:07AM 14/03/2008

S/J in their bed chatting f1&2, Sheila in bathroom taking out trash on f3&4 NT - DanaRose
10:08AM 14/03/2008

F1 now Chelsia giving James a massage in sauna room, not really talking NT - DanaRose
10:09AM 14/03/2008

Josh and chelsia so far picked to play veto. Sharon comments how her and adam will be sitting on the side lines - Gorf
10:09AM 14/03/2008

Chels really digging in james' neck mussels, James says everything hurts Chelsia, i couldnt - DanaRose
10:11AM 14/03/2008

Chelsia tells James he has bruise on his back. She says she cant put much pressure on her - DanaRose
10:17AM 14/03/2008

James offers BenGay to Sharon, she declines, then he offers it to Matt, he said - DanaRose
10:19AM 14/03/2008

Josh/Sharon look asleep in their bed, Sheila in Bathrm and Chels brushing teeth NT - DanaRose
10:20AM 14/03/2008

Chelsia goes back in her bed, just laying there, Sheila in KT now still cleaning NT - DanaRose
10:21AM 14/03/2008

F1 just gave a quick view of a bush blowing in wind...looked like out front of the house NT - DanaRose
10:22AM 14/03/2008

Sheila looked at GP cage for all of 30 seconds and is now laying on her bed NT - DanaRose
10:23AM 14/03/2008

Everyone looks asleep, (someones snoring) except Sheila, shes staring at ceiling NT - DanaRose
10:25AM 14/03/2008
*Its Adam or Matt who is snoring , but they're not on a feed.NT - DanaRose
10:27AM 14/03/2008

Sheila quietly crying on her bed, just wiped away some tears and sighed. Now it looks like - DanaRose
10:32AM 14/03/2008
Camera man did a close up of Sheila's socks that say "Champion" on them... NT - CruiseCritic
10:45AM 14/03/2008

James got up, went to HOH bathrm, looking in mirror at his body, cleaned ear w/ Q-tip and is getting in shower NT - DanaRose
10:33AM 14/03/2008

Flames up! NT - DanaRose
10:40AM 14/03/2008

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