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Feeds back, Sheila still wiping tears, James out of shower and getting dressed in HOH. He looks like he's moving around a bit better NT - DanaRose
10:42AM 14/03/2008

Flames yet again\ NT - DanaRose
10:43AM 14/03/2008

Back, Josh up chels up sharon, sheila up...Josh Sharon and Chels going t o HOH NT - DanaRose
10:45AM 14/03/2008

Chelsia. James. Shelia, and Ryan ? in HOH room- HoH lockdown? - Timot
10:47AM 14/03/2008

All HGs in HOH lockdown NT - chowdah_head
10:48AM 14/03/2008

Matt and Natty going over letters in GP cage and numbers, Nat goes to LR and sitting on couch. Sheila now up in HOH too...(more) - DanaRose
10:48AM 14/03/2008

F l a m e s NT - DanaRose
10:49AM 14/03/2008
*I heard James say right before flames, "well good luck in POV everybody" and all laughed. NT - DanaRose
10:50AM 14/03/2008
everyone was laughing because adam went to lay down on the floor and smacked his head hard on the side of the bed :P NT - Gorf
10:52AM 14/03/2008

Playing in the POV: - camera12
11:36AM 14/03/2008

POV is still going on NT - pooh5983
12:21PM 14/03/2008

Trivia NT - BBFanChelle
12:42PM 14/03/2008

Odd commercial on Quad Feed. NT - caith
1:01PM 14/03/2008

Quads are working again! NT - VanWinkle
1:19PM 14/03/2008

Quads are live! NT - Stella222
1:35PM 14/03/2008

POV competition was a GP set up with wood shavings. NT - camera12
1:38PM 14/03/2008

James won PoV, Nat was telling Matt he was gonna leave the noms the same NT - WVpdles
1:40PM 14/03/2008

Natalie to Matt in BR "James was Ryan out" NT - camera12
1:41PM 14/03/2008

nat just told james she has his back, if she hears anyone's coming after him she'll warn him - WVpdles
1:51PM 14/03/2008

HG's making Pizza, Josh just invited Nat who is in bed reading Bible NT - camera12
1:53PM 14/03/2008

Shelia flopped on bed, burried her head, crying :( waaahh NT - camera12
2:05PM 14/03/2008
she said i hate this game NT - WVpdles
2:06PM 14/03/2008

BR: Adam reading Kings 2, 100 pages ahead of Matt in Bible. Ryan on floor between them. NT - camera12
2:16PM 14/03/2008

Nat/Sharon plan steak, potato and carrots for dinner. Now going to take naps. NT - camera12
2:17PM 14/03/2008

James says if he had to break a tie between Sheila/Ryan he will mention that Sheila beat Ryan in the PoV NT - WVpdles
2:32PM 14/03/2008
regarding ryan - nicegal317
2:57PM 14/03/2008

All 4 feeds on HoH, James and Chel talking and playing around on the bed NT - WVpdles
2:42PM 14/03/2008

Now Chel and James are gonna take a shower in HoH NT - WVpdles
2:44PM 14/03/2008

James and Chel showering together in HOH. She reminds him there are condoms downstairs! NT - camera12
2:45PM 14/03/2008

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