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James and Sheila - Brittney024
4:13PM 14/03/2008

James asked why does everyone protecting matt. - Brittney024
4:17PM 14/03/2008

James says that if you are HOH you have to lpay in the POV HARD so you dont have to BD anyone... - Brittney024
4:19PM 14/03/2008
Its NOT BDing if you dont plan it! This guys doesn't know this game! NT - carrieLxs
4:22PM 14/03/2008
OOPS SRY! wrong forum NT - carrieLxs
4:22PM 14/03/2008

Sheila/James. Sheila telling James none of this was my fault. Bringing Matt into it. - kandio
4:21PM 14/03/2008

James agrees that he is gunning for Matt that he (matt)was right that - Brittney024
4:22PM 14/03/2008

James says that he would not have put up Adam if Ryan was taken off the block. - Brittney024
4:24PM 14/03/2008

Sheila says "i'm not gonna lie to you" for the 1 millionth time!!! NT - camera12
4:25PM 14/03/2008

Sheila saying that Mattie is sweating bullets and that they only made one deal. - Brittney024
4:27PM 14/03/2008

James and Sheila shake and then they get up... Adam, Matt, Ryan came outside. - Brittney024
4:28PM 14/03/2008

James asks matt if he wants to Shoot a game, Matt says sure and they started racking the balls (pool) - Brittney024
4:31PM 14/03/2008

James, Matt and Adam playing pool, Ryan and Sheila on BY couches small talking NT - DanaRose
4:36PM 14/03/2008

Lock down. NT - camera12
4:39PM 14/03/2008
Outside NT - WVpdles
4:39PM 14/03/2008

BB: lockdown over, free to move about the house NT - WVpdles
4:55PM 14/03/2008

Nat trying to convince Sharon to keep Ryan and evict Sheila. NT - camera12
5:08PM 14/03/2008

Matt and Nat talking to Sharon in red room - N2BB
5:15PM 14/03/2008

Sheila trying to convince Nat to keep her NT - Ben_Jamin75
5:15PM 14/03/2008

Matt said hes kinda glad he didnt win POV, but hes surprised he got out so quick NT - DanaRose
5:22PM 14/03/2008

Matt tells James and Josh that Sheila told Baller he'd better vote for her...(more) - DanaRose
5:27PM 14/03/2008

Matt said he fell first NT - DanaRose
5:27PM 14/03/2008

Matt says he has to weigh it out who he owes more...Ryan or Sheila...He said what do - DanaRose
5:29PM 14/03/2008

Matt asks James if Ryan stays are you still gonna gun for him? James said no its over NT - DanaRose
5:30PM 14/03/2008

Sheila/Nat/Sharon in pullout bedroom - lakeview
5:31PM 14/03/2008

Matt lied and told James and Josh that Sheila MADE him promise to be on her team next time, and that he - DanaRose
5:32PM 14/03/2008

Shelia trying to talk to Adam. Adam says "I know what you're going to say, i heard everything" - Ben_Jamin75
5:38PM 14/03/2008

Sheila/Adam - lakeview
5:41PM 14/03/2008

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