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All 4 cams now downstairs on pink BR, and sleeping M/N/R/A NT - WVpdles
2:46PM 14/03/2008

james reminds chelsea that she needs to learn to be nice to ppl NT - nicegal317
3:01PM 14/03/2008

James and Chelsia out of the shower - Timot
3:02PM 14/03/2008
maxim NT - Tara555
3:03PM 14/03/2008

James and Chelsia talking and smiling and looking at each other like they're so in love! ( Its very cute!) NT - DanaRose
3:04PM 14/03/2008

Chelsia telling James to tell everyone hey do whatever is best for you. NT - FrouFrou
3:05PM 14/03/2008

James saying he feels very bad campaigning against you etc. about Sharon. James said I did feel kinda like wtf. NT - FrouFrou
3:06PM 14/03/2008

Chelsia mimicking Sharon saying loudly 'firenz', saying she cant take it NT - DanaRose
3:07PM 14/03/2008

James said I can do it this week but there is a chance it won't go through this week. NT - FrouFrou
3:07PM 14/03/2008

Chelsia says not this week. The promise. Chels asks are you thinking. James says no. I leave the negative thinking to you. NT - FrouFrou
3:07PM 14/03/2008

Either way they lose someone. Chelsia it would be hard to be in this game knowing you aren't winning or even coming close. NT - FrouFrou
3:08PM 14/03/2008

Chelsia saying thinking you have a chance and not. (re. Sheila). James says against all these 20 yr olds. Chelsia says you never know. NT - FrouFrou
3:09PM 14/03/2008

James brushing teeth, sticks tb so far down his throat that he - DanaRose
3:12PM 14/03/2008

On his way down the spiral stairs, James looks like hes hurting, very hard time going down, limping and heavy breaths...(more) - DanaRose
3:22PM 14/03/2008

BB: lockdown over NT - DanaRose
3:22PM 14/03/2008

BB: HGs the lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house. No one gets up or moves. (LOL) NT - WVpdles
3:23PM 14/03/2008

Flames, but we still have sound, James walks to BY and as he sits he kinda groans "oh man" NT - DanaRose
3:25PM 14/03/2008

Now silent sound NT - DanaRose
3:27PM 14/03/2008

sound popping in and out, sounds like technical difficulties! NT - DanaRose
3:27PM 14/03/2008

F1and 4 silent flames, F2and3 James laying on BY boat lounger NT - DanaRose
3:28PM 14/03/2008

James called to DR NT - DanaRose
3:33PM 14/03/2008

Sheila says to James, when you get a chance id like to talk to ya, James says yea definately and goes to DR, Sheila lays - DanaRose
3:35PM 14/03/2008

All 4 feeds still on Sheila in BY hammock. Lots of loud planes going over the BB house. NT - DanaRose
3:54PM 14/03/2008

James confirms to Shelia he is not changing any of the nominations. NT - camera12
4:00PM 14/03/2008

James out of DR. Sheila asks if he's going to sleep, he said she can talk. Sheila says congrat on winning Veto, and James says I'm not changing - WVpdles
4:00PM 14/03/2008

J-"To be honest sheila, you are not the person I am after. If it goes to a spit, I am voting Ryan out." NT - camera12
4:08PM 14/03/2008

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