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Topic #8300267
kandio - Matt saying he had sex w/a Indiana something Cheerleader NT 0 Replies #8300267 7:24PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300303
izabbfan - Josh in Sauna talking about how Natalie is white trash (talking to her, but technically to himself) NT 0 Replies #8300303 7:27PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300333
kandio - M/R/A talking girls. Ryan calling them bit*hes. Matts friend he never had sex w 0 Replies #8300333 7:29PM 17/03/2008
memorize on myspace..Talking liking perc's zan's all kinds of drugs. Mailing them?
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Topic #8300344
cindytexas - Matt, Ryan and Adam talking abut the drugs they want to do when they get out. NT 0 Replies #8300344 7:29PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300481
kandio - Mat saying he had a dancing crew. Matt talking he liked to jump in when 1 Replies #8300481 7:40PM 17/03/2008
people were bad dancers and people were all over him.
C telling Matt she likes his Boston Accent..[lol]
C & Sharon telling Matt he has a chance
N: you have to belive in miriacles.
Talking about the cake. Sound like it has all BB players pic's on it.
Matt wants to cut his frosting sugar pic & save it.
Matts eating Parker
Talking about Matts ice box cake that he wants
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susooz - Josh ate Parker's pic on cake NT #8300529 7:43PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300486
SouthernBelladonna - James checking on josh in the sauna. Josh says he just had to go in there and cry it out. 0 Replies #8300486 7:40PM 17/03/2008
James asking him if he's OK and telling him to pull it together.

Josh says he will..has to win sick at the idea of spending more time with these people.

James talking about how things are going to "go off" when the plan happens.
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Topic #8300561
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is worried about the vote/plan. James says he thinks it will be fine. 0 Replies #8300561 7:45PM 17/03/2008
But he adds that at worst they can hang out in sequester.

Now talking about how Josh should make a big "never put me up" deal with Ryan.

James leaves.

The other Hgs are in the kitchen area eating/chatting.

James goes outside and Matt joins him and immediately starts campaigning...James starts to put the plan in motion by saying Che is pissing him off by not saying how she's voting.

Matt AGAIN asking why him...wants to know why him more than Ryan. James says it was because Matt kept giving James the thumbs up on the last eviction day...Matt saying he did that because he thought James was staying (lie) saying it wasn't his plan to BD James....Matt wanting to work together...

Matt is working very hard to try to convince James...saying mostly what he's been saying before.
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Topic #8300646
SouthernBelladonna - Matt/James still going. Matt now saying if he stays he will go on the block. 0 Replies #8300646 7:51PM 17/03/2008
Talking about Ryan winning money...he doesn't have anything...

James: Listen, we all came here for the money. I don't care if you're my friend or not.

James talking about Ryan saying he would keep him in a tie last week...Matt says Ry was lying about that.

Now Matt is saying he never lied about voting to bring James back.

James: Whether you think you said it or not, you aid it. Do I care? No.

Matt still pushing for Ry to go over him...Ry put him up.

James says the thumbs up thing showed his true colors...

Matt begging for another week.

James won't commit to breaking a tie in his favor.

Matt: Can you do me a favor? Can you do me a solid? I'm not begging, but...

Matt says he was going to vote to bring James back...that he sat and thought about it in that room...

James planting seeds about Che again....

(ed. I'm missing a lot...someone help, please!)
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Topic #8300662
SouthernBelladonna - Matt admits that he treated James like sh*t last week. 0 Replies #8300662 7:52PM 17/03/2008
M: Is that how it's gonna by and eye for an eye?

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Topic #8300699
SouthernBelladonna - James to Matt: You are in a f**ked situation. 0 Replies #8300699 7:54PM 17/03/2008
M: Yeah.

J: the person you f'd last week is HOH.

James saying he thinks Matt will stay...telling him he has the votes...Che and he had a fight today (this is the "plan" James is putting out there)

Matt back to asking why him over Ry. And on and on...

M: "Show me some compassion, you've been through it, man."

(ed. gotta stop...)
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Topic #8300726
SouthernBelladonna - Matt saying he just wants to stay to win a prize...won't put James up if he stays. 0 Replies #8300726 7:56PM 17/03/2008
Matt is very animated and excitable. He is trying very hard to convince James. James isn't giving him much to work with.

"It's a little unfair that Ry gets to stay when he put you in that position. I didn't put you in that position."
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Topic #8300755
SouthernBelladonna - Matt saying to put up against Nat next week. NT 0 Replies #8300755 7:58PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300756
kandio - J/J talking about the plan..Saying Josh needs to tell Ryan he does 0 Replies #8300756 7:58PM 17/03/2008
not know now how the votes are going..Get Ryan to promise you a super deal.

James/Matt talking
Matt telling James people are putting the vote on him.
Matt saying why do you want me out..
J: tit for tat..James acting like he is mad at C
M: saying that was not my plan to get you out. It was Ryan. I thought you were staying. i wanted josh.
J: I dont know how C is voting
J: you should have never gave me the thumbs up
M: give me a chance for a prize. Ryan has a prize, Ryan fu*ked you over
Ryan is bullsh*t he was never going to keep you
M: i never acted like i voted for
J: talking about ,matt doing the thumbs up
Matt: why are you doing this to me ..I now know how you felt. I really was going to vote for you
J: the house f*cked me..C not telling me how she s voting
J: you were all happy last week w/BD plan
M: does it have to be a eye for a the world like that
J: C & i had a fight
M: your side is strong my side has floaters. Wish i played w/you from te start
M: wants a prize..Does not want b-day seq
J: you had the chance for pov..I'am doing the same thing that happened to me
M: putting all the blame on Ryan for putting James up
M: saying he did not talk Nat out of voting Sharon out because of the kiss
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Topic #8300779
SouthernBelladonna - M: Come on, man. I'm asking for a F'ing favor. Matt keeps claiming he didn't know the votes to evict James. 0 Replies #8300779 7:59PM 17/03/2008
James says Matt kept giving him the thumbs up and he knew he was lying.

M: And you're gonna hold that against me

J: It might be the thing that sends you home.

Matt still going...
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Topic #8300821
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan and Che are talking. Ry is trying to make sure she is voting for him. They shake hands 0 Replies #8300821 8:01PM 17/03/2008
C: It's done. It's over.

(I missed the beginning...someone fill in the gaps please)
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Topic #8300856
SouthernBelladonna - Matt/James are still going in the BY. 1 Replies #8300856 8:04PM 17/03/2008
They are repeating the same things over and over.

James tells him to "just get the votes."
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mks - Chel tried to come outside and they told her to give them 5 minutes, so she went back inside NT #8300874 8:05PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300862
mks - They shook hands that Ry would not put her up or BD her next week NT 0 Replies #8300862 8:04PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300889
SouthernBelladonna - M: Will you give me your vote? 0 Replies #8300889 8:05PM 17/03/2008
J: This is not the time to ask. Don't even ask.

Matt continues to plead his case...
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Topic #8300921
SouthernBelladonna - M: You can't do me a solid? You know what my life's like? 0 Replies #8300921 8:07PM 17/03/2008
J: You didn't do me a solid last week.

Matt says RY didn't either.
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Topic #8300961
SouthernBelladonna - Jame: I have 36 hours to make up my mind. I'm not telling either one of you how Im voting (in a tie) 0 Replies #8300961 8:09PM 17/03/2008
Matt again asking James to help him out..James saying he didn't help him last week...

(ed. gotta take a break soon...)
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Topic #8300995
SouthernBelladonna - James is again trying to send Matt to talk to Chelsea. matt just keeps talking about how James wants him out and asking.... 0 Replies #8300995 8:10PM 17/03/2008
for him to have his back..."if I had you, I could get 2 other votes"
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Topic #8301080
kandio - M/James..Matt saying he knew James was staying. Talking about different deals 0 Replies #8301080 8:15PM 17/03/2008
Matt saying what can i do. I dont understand why nobody will keep me
Matt saying you know how it feels you have a chance to do hat i did not
M: you are me w/pink hair MH
M:why take your ire out on me..Ryan won a hoh i have not
J: Nat is using the Jesus thing
M: why did you take Sheila off
Matt will you give me a vote
J: like you told me last week go get a vote
M: i'll work w/you if i stay..can you do me a solid
J: you did not do me a solid
last week
M: i should have tried harder on pov
M:help me out/i know i did not elp you out..put Nat on the block
lets work tog
M: saying can i tell Sheila your ok w/me staying
J:go talk to C we had a fight
M: why not backdoor Nat not me
J/ Sheila takes the easy way..what about baller
M: i think i have him
M: have a single mom. Ryan has something to take home
M: just cause i fu*ked you 1 time i wont again
J Sheila thinks she is throwing you guys under the we believe it

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Topic #8301083
SouthernBelladonna - James says everyone F'd him last week. Matt asks if he can not hold it against him. 0 Replies #8301083 8:15PM 17/03/2008
Matt asking if James is influencing people. James says just Sheila because she runs and tells Nat everything....he says Josh and Sharon do what they want...

M: You have punished me enough. You F'n made me cry on TV. I let my mom down.

James tells him to just talk to people.
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Topic #8301135
SouthernBelladonna - Matt is again asking for compassion. 0 Replies #8301135 8:17PM 17/03/2008
Matt asks if there's anything he can do to make James trust him.

James says to just get the votes "I don't want to know who they are. I suggest you get it higher than a split."
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Topic #8301167
SouthernBelladonna - James: I'm not going ot say yes or no, man. 0 Replies #8301167 8:19PM 17/03/2008
J: Just get the votes and come talk to me.

M: You don't want to know who the votes...

J: I don't want to know the votes.


They go inside.
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