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Topic #8298038
kandio - Nat changing to a bra right at the head of Ryans bed now underware w/towel 0 Replies #8298038 4:27PM 17/03/2008
now. Bible reading
Adam wants McD's
Ryan says will eat fast food for a month
M wants to know who was in seq 1st last year..The gay guy
Talking about seq.
Nat says it will be a beach house, saying BB thinks she guesses everthing right
Ryan says he wants a concubine
Matt me to
Nat: whats a concubine?
Matt someone to f*k not to marry
N..I will be 1
Matt saying he might do it in seq
Boys saying the new word they will use is...concubine
Nat saying she only been w/4 guys at 28,

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Topic #8298040
FrouFrou - Adam coming outside with Chelsia and James. Chelsia making fun of Baller pulling his pants up so high. NT 0 Replies #8298040 4:27PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298049
FrouFrou - Adam saying that Chelsia is James' concubine. James says legoinaire. NT 0 Replies #8298049 4:28PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298053
FrouFrou - James talking about the pimples again. James says good job. NT 0 Replies #8298053 4:28PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298071
FrouFrou - Ryan, Nat, Sheila, Ryan in bedroom. Sheila asks about their St. Pattys Day. NT 0 Replies #8298071 4:30PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298082
FrouFrou - Chelsia popping James' back pimples again. He is fake whining like a baby. She got pimple juice on her face. NT 0 Replies #8298082 4:31PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298095
FrouFrou - Chelsia is putting on peroxide now while Sharon showers. Josh enters irritated with Sheila. She is such a POS he says. NT 0 Replies #8298095 4:32PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298112
FrouFrou - Chelsia shrieking about the pimple popping. Josh is really grossed out. NT 0 Replies #8298112 4:33PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298132
WildestOrchid - Ryan and Shelia read the bible and discuss the #23 NT 0 Replies #8298132 4:34PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298133
FrouFrou - Josh saying we are surrounded by a bunch of f*cking *****. Josh apologizes to Chelsia for being grouchy. James saying I live for woman popping my 0 Replies #8298133 4:34PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298147
FrouFrou - James offering to help Chelsia with hers, but she can't do it. It hurts. James offering. He's popping hers. Crawling on her. Chelsia saying 0 Replies #8298147 4:35PM 17/03/2008
please don't while laughing.
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Topic #8298148
WildestOrchid - Shelia ask Ryan and Nat what they would be doing if they were home NT 0 Replies #8298148 4:35PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298156
FrouFrou - James kisses her and gets off without popping the last one. Josh eating in bathroom. NT 0 Replies #8298156 4:36PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298175
WildestOrchid - shelia talks about Allison doing Marathon Monday NT 0 Replies #8298175 4:37PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298192
WVpdles - Josh to Sharon/C/James tes night we need to have study session in HoH, go thru everyone and stuff about them. NT 0 Replies #8298192 4:39PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298195
WildestOrchid - Shelia, Matt, Adam, and Ryan talking about what they would do for St Patricks day outside the house NT 0 Replies #8298195 4:39PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298204
FrouFrou - Sharon saying Sheila is after who is talking ***** about her and calling her crazy etc. That is who she is after. James doesn't believe it. NT 0 Replies #8298204 4:40PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298212
FrouFrou - Sharon putting on men's deoderant. Josh saying Sheila is stuck up Nat's behind because she thinks she will win HOH. Josh saying I stayed inside. NT 0 Replies #8298212 4:41PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298252
lakeview - Sharon/Chelsia in bathroom 0 Replies #8298252 4:47PM 17/03/2008
Sharon telling Chelsia they need to get on a winning streak.

Sharon: Adam won't be loyal to anyone and won't win anything in the game. Just will go with the flow.

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Topic #8298340
WVpdles - J/S/J/C out at HT, they're not gonna campaign when against each other, they know it won't do any good, the other side will just lie about what they're 0 Replies #8298340 4:57PM 17/03/2008
doing and nothing with change their mind.
J/S/J/C are done with sheila, she didn't learn anything after being on the block.
Sharon is done with M/N lying.
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Topic #8298370
lakeview - Josh/Chelsia/James in hottub 0 Replies #8298370 4:59PM 17/03/2008
Chelsia and Josh whining about it being St Pat's day and not being able to do anything for it.

Josh: hard bc other people are having fun.

Now they're talking about Matt going to sequester. Josh says Matt will never vote for him at the end.

Josh calling Ryan a piece of sh-- for not having the balls to get rid of Matt last week and they needed a real man to do it this week.

Chelsia saying if the other side gets HOH it will be some variation of J/C/J on the block.

Josh: let's see Julie why am I going insane? I'm locked in the house with a pathetic middle-aged playboy model.

Chelsia corrects him: Penthouse.

Josh annoyed that Sharon tells him to be quiet when he gets ready to yell.

Josh: last time I checked you [Sharon] were evicted week 1 so I'm obviously doing something right here.

Chelsia wondering why Sharon was close to Parker.

James thinks Sheila's 15 minutes are done.

Josh says whenever Sheila says "interesting" it means she's taking that info and going to the other side.

James: I've been straight up with him [Matt].

Josh thinks the only thing that matters is winning the competitions.

Josh thinks they hate him more than J/C.

Josh: we're definitely 1, 2 and 3 in some sort of rotation.

Josh: at least I left here being the bitch i came in as

Chelsia doesn't want to be "that bitch"

Josh: they're just going to say what you want to hear.

Josh saying Sheila/Adam won't need convincing. It'll all be up to Natalie and Matt - then says whoops, Natalie and Ryan.

Chelsia: at least they're enjoying their last days together.

Sharon out there now.

James says Sheila's telling them both that they are voting for either side.

Josh: Sheila hasn't learned anything since she's been on the block.

Sharon: 3-3 you break the tie, doesn't matter.

James thinks it'll look better if it's 3-3. Josh wants it to go 3-3 too.

Josh is telling Matt today he won't vote to save him.

Chelsia is wondering why Nat is intimidated by her. Sharon says it's bc Chelsia went off on someone before.

Josh: double abortion stripper telling you about morals.

Chelsia: she is a prime example of trailer park trash.

James says they have to win HOH every f-ing time.
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Topic #8298452
lakeview - More of the 4 (J/J/S/C) by hottub 0 Replies #8298452 5:06PM 17/03/2008
Sharon wondering about Sheila or Nat winning HOH.

Chelsia saying don't even think of it, HOH will be between "us three" and that will be fun.

Josh agrees.

Chelsia finds it funny that Nat's not cooking anymore. Chelsia: thank god.

Josh: save her broiling recipes for herself.

[silence...they all look thoughtful]

Sharon was waiting for Chelsia to rip into Matt earlier today. Thought he might push her to that point.

Chelsia said that she told him "you're annoying the sh-- out of me. Just walk away."

Chelsia said that they should've blown up in their face after the POV cermeony.

They all think it's funny that it's a reverse of last week.

Josh: it's like last week didn't happen.

Sharon recounting that Matt said that M/N is no different from J/C. Sharon didn't understand the point b/c James is HOH so it's different.

Sharon: his stories change every single time.

Sharon said that Matt used to say he was going to get with everyone in the house in the beginning and now he's talking about his gf at home.
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Topic #8298459
FrouFrou - Sharon saying Matt was saying he was gonna get with every female. Busting on his ego and how he treats women. He made a girl wait in his apartment 0 Replies #8298459 5:07PM 17/03/2008
for him all night while he went out with his bros.
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Topic #8298501
lakeview - Nat/Matt/Adam/Sheila 0 Replies #8298501 5:12PM 17/03/2008
Nat sucking on a lollipop(for real) and reading the bible while talking.

Talking about somebody Nat kinda hooked up with. He was lebanese or something like that she says.

Sheila had a persian friend who went to the end of the earth for her. "End of the earth!"

Sheilas offering her nuts to the others. [I think they're nuts]

Nat asking god for words for the HOH. Reads some scripture passage.
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Topic #8298594
lakeview - Ryan/Josh by pool table 0 Replies #8298594 5:19PM 17/03/2008
Josh saying that they're saying it'll be 3-3.

Josh saying that Sheila is stirring up things.

Josh tells Ryan he has his vote.

Josh telling Ryan he's not the target for next week. No one that he knows is after Ryan.

Josh: if I win HOH you are definitely not going up.

Josh thinks it'll go 5-1 and if it doesn't remember the f---ers who voted against you.

Josh: Nat lives in a fantasy world where she think she can do that [switch the vote]

Josh says Nat had said Matt has Adam's vote and he talked to Adam and he said that wasn't true.

Josh is telling Matt tonight he's not going to vote for Matt to stay.

Josh telling Ryan to act more sad like he's sweating it.

Josh telling Ryan to approach Chelsia about the vote b/c she said she hasn't talked to her yet. Also Sharon. Just to make it look better for himself.

Josh: you shouldn't sweat it but you should act like you're sweating it.

Ryan asks Josh who he'd put up. Josh says not gonna say but he's not going up.

Josh thinks it'll be a true/false, who said what HOH competition.

Josh: if it comes to mental, I don't think Natalie has it.

Josh thinks Nat's campaigning isn't that smart. She's burning her bridge with Ryan. "Matty is gone."

Josh says Nat's talking sh-- about Ryan.

Josh: you and me are cool. you f-ed me over last week and I can't imagine you'd f--- me over next week too.

Josh walks away.
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