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Topic #8295760
WVpdles - Nat's on another God rant. They think i'm annoying now just wait til i get HoH. NT 1 Replies #8295760 1:49PM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - N - don't mess with a woman of God, you'll get stricken down. NT #8295828 1:54PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8295858
camera12 - Sheila reconfirming to Sharon she is voting out Matt. Better for Nat. NT 0 Replies #8295858 1:57PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8295892
WVpdles - Nat's hoping for a miracle. Ryan thinking someone will be voted back in. NT 0 Replies #8295892 2:00PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8295978
kandio - R/M BB screwed us..Well we really scewed ourself..S: wouder why Matts talking to 0 Replies #8295978 2:05PM 17/03/2008
Ryan. he wont help him
M: i would feel better if i won hoh
S:saying to Sharon i told Nat over & over i was not voting for Matt
M:saying i got someone backdoored now i'am BD
M: saying he hopes to hear the siren.
R: saying i'll vote you back
M:maybe i'am not met to be rich
N: we will have good stuff happen to us..well only the good people
N: just give me a hug when you go
R: saying he feels like sh*t in this house
M:saying he has tried to be a nice guy this whole time
M: saying he wanted more tv time. he wants to be remembered

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Topic #8296047
kandio - A/M/R/N Airplane going by Ryan goes ok here we go. BB said stop that 0 Replies #8296047 2:10PM 17/03/2008
Matt wants a hoh basket.
Adam telling Matt to tear people apart. Hard, hammer them, break their balls, Nat laughs.
M: i dont have it in me
R: laughs a ask are ou going to pump Matt up to do it
M: i'll work out & do it
N: telling Matt he will get a soap opera job that he wants..People love us we will get jobs
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Topic #8296121
camera12 - Matt saying HE is the reason Sheila was not put on the block when Ryan was HoH. 0 Replies #8296121 2:17PM 17/03/2008
Matt, Sheila and Chels arguing about game play in BY.
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Topic #8296260
kandio - Matt yelling at Sheila and C. Why kick me out. C saying when you put James up 0 Replies #8296260 2:27PM 17/03/2008
why did you give me thumbs up all the time
M:i thought he was staying. I never had anything to do w/James going up
S: saying you were not going to vote for me
M:saying i saved you Sheila Ryan wanted you out
M: saying BD is not right. Why do i have to be BD
Telling Matt if you dont like Natt why keep using her
S: kick her out of your bed
M: saying he does not tell Nat things
M: saying what have i ever done to want you to kick me out
M: Saying he is no different than Ryan
C: saying you are annoying people. i dont like how you play
telling Matt he was in HOH all the time when Alex, Ryan, Sharon were hoh
M: Wants a hoh. he never got to stay like Ryan
It was not my idea to put James up. Ryan is the one that shook hand w/people.

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Topic #8296396
kandio - Sheila/M/C Matt still wants to know why he has to go. I have never crosed anyone 0 Replies #8296396 2:37PM 17/03/2008
everyone i have crossed is gone.
Matt saying put Nat & me up. Saying he thought J/C did not like him
Matt saying why me & not Ryan
BD me good play. I'am not playing for Nat. She might play for me
Matt sayingwhats the difference between Me/N J/C
Saying he is using Nat Sheila said leading her on
Matt saying Ryan did it all he was hoh
S:saying Nat cant play the game because of you, its annoying
M: i told James i was sorry about te BD
M: i just tried to be nice to Nat. This is a Nat thing
R: to Matt- tell Nat to stop trying for votes
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Topic #8296508
lakeview - Matt/Sheila/Chelsia in backyard 0 Replies #8296508 2:44PM 17/03/2008
Matt asking Chelsia and Sheila wy him out instead of Ryan.

Matt: I don't know what I can do to stay here. Put me up against Natalie next week. I'm not playing for Nat. Maybe that's hurting me, but I'm not playing for Nat.

Chelsia says she's playing the game for herself and no one else.

Matt says he doesn't have feelings about Nat and she knows that.

Matt won't promise to throw HOHs. But put him up against Nat.

Sheila says he won't turn on her.

Matt: If you guys are set in stone, I'm wasting my breath here.

Matt bringing up the money thing with Sheila again.

Matt bringing up the 2 week deal business.

Chelsia says Ryan did put her up. She's not playing for James.

Matt says Nat was the one who won the second POV for them with the puzzles. Matt's only won one POV the spinning one.

Matt asking for a miracle. Doesn't want to beg but "give me a fair shake. don't backdoor me."

Matt thinks he has two votes. He's looking for compassion this week. Doesn't think he can say anything to Josh.

[Oh, I guess Sharon's there too]

Matt: I can't say anything bad about him [Ryan]

Matt asking what he's done to cross anyone.

Sheila saying stuff about Natalie and Matt. Matt: so this is more of a Natalie thing.

Ryan and Nat walk outside.

Matt: Natlie don't campaign for me.

Matt telling Ryan he told her not to campaign for him.

Chelsia says she doesn't trust either of them. "You shook my hand" [to Ryan]

Ryan said he did shake her hand but that was the night before.

Chelsia says she doesn't know what she's doing yet. "I don't trust one of you more than the other.]

Matt just standing around now with his head down.

Sheila: I know what it felt like to be on the block.

Matt walks away towards Ryan at the pool table.

Sheila: You've gotta do what you gotta do. Nothing wrong with campaigning. I'm not faulting you with that. I told you in the storage room that I don't want to vote for either of you.

Sheila understands the predicament Matt's in. It's a tossup. You gotta do what you gotta do.

[Camera pans for a second to a statue that looks like Sharon]

Nat says she did talk to Josh about the votes before.

Sheila: "The She devil. Let's blame the she-devil. Everyone's going to vote the way the She devil votes."
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Topic #8296766
lakeview - S/J/C/J in bathroom Adam walks in 0 Replies #8296766 3:00PM 17/03/2008
Sharon saying that Matt's gameplan was to have Nat fall for him but that she did it too much and now it's hurting him.

Chelsia saying that her and James aren't like that.

Chelsia is really thinking what will better her in the situation. Who will screw her over later worse.

James walks in.

Chelsia telling James to go back upstairs and lock the door and stay til Wednesday.

Sharon saying Ryan's getting pissed because there are 2 people campaigning against him.

Sharon says that Nat had told Sharon not to tell Josh that she could vote for Matt and then Nat told Josh.

Chelsia asking James to open the bathroom door while he's in there.

Adam walks in and says they calmed down in the back.

Chelsia saying that Matt had said he'd do anything but he's not going to throw HOH because he wants it but he promises not to put anyone up. "How can he put nobody up?"

They're wondering what that means if he'd put up Ryan and Nat?

Adam asking about Sheila. Sharon saying Sheila already promised her vote to Ryan.

Chelsia saying maybe she should just tell them both that she's voting for them because that's how they did it.

Sharon saying James must've gone upstairs.

Sharon: It's 3 o'clock on a Monday.

Chelsia saying it's 5 in Iowa and people are getting off work.

Adam asking when the news is on in the Central time zone. 10 o'clock?

Chelsia wondering when BB is shown in the West. Josh says 8. Adam asks about Mountain time then. Josh doesn't know.
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Topic #8296847
lakeview - Matt/Ryan in backyard 0 Replies #8296847 3:06PM 17/03/2008
Matt saying that they thought Matt was telling everyone that they had their vote. [Sharon and Chelsia]

Matt saying they should've done Josh and Sharon instead of James.

Matt needs the buzzer to go off this week. They need a miracle.

Ryan says "maybe America love you and they'll make it happen."

Matt: America's probably pissed that they voted to get someone in the house and they didn't put that person in. I'd be pissed if I paid $0.99

Wondering how many times Jen's family would've voted for her to go back in.

Matt was talking about his girl and flames. Flames off. Ryan asks about his girl. More flames.
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Topic #8297016
lakeview - James/Adam in kitchen 0 Replies #8297016 3:16PM 17/03/2008
Adam/James strategy talk about next week.

James says that he hopes one of those 3 win because they won't do anything against Adam.

James: Sheila's still playing both sides.

Adam says he never had a side. Sheila's been "playing" both sides though.

Adam says he will keep Sheila and Nat covered.

Now they move onto normal chit chat.
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Topic #8297167
FrouFrou - Adam saying Sheila is easy to get going. NT 0 Replies #8297167 3:22PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297188
FrouFrou - Flames. NT 0 Replies #8297188 3:23PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297226
FrouFrou - Adam saying you were nervous and didn't say anything about it. James saying I had a choice to make everyone say oh what a nice guy. But why? NT 0 Replies #8297226 3:25PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297500
FrouFrou - Matt and Ryan talking in backyard. Matt says time to grow up. This house is boring. Talking about parents splitting. NT 0 Replies #8297500 3:42PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297514
FrouFrou - Sharon & Sheila with feet in ht. Ryan saying I won't to give Jen that. The ability to stay at home with the kids. NT 0 Replies #8297514 3:43PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297523
FrouFrou - Ryan saying Jen wants to get her life moving. Waiting on him. She wants to move out. (I gotta go, can someone take over?) NT 1 Replies #8297523 3:45PM 17/03/2008
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Shar - Jen wants to move out of Ohio. NT #8297615 3:53PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297568
kandio - M/R Ryan does not see his dad much. Matts dad left when he was 3. Passed when he was 10 0 Replies #8297568 3:49PM 17/03/2008
that why it was him & mom.
M: what is there to do
R: it will suck when more go
M: i think i will grow up, get a good job..In America you can do anything
R: I love my girl wants Jen to be able to be a stay at home mom
M: to get a good job its who you know.

S/S/J hot tub
Sharon asking him what a tat means..J: snatch
J: went to a preppy boarding school his mother was into crystal healing
he went to Tokyo when he was 16 because the movie..Lost in traslation
Came home had a hard time getting a apart [underage] ot 1 did not make enough money for rent & food $950 had to get food stamps
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Topic #8297665
kandio - Flames..Sharon saying its a paid vacation. flames 0 Replies #8297665 3:58PM 17/03/2008
James saying he will bike in the UK next
Saying when the guy picked him up for the show he said wow your only 21
James trying to figure out what people spend 30 years trying to figure out.
Saying he is trying to do stuff when he is young
Sheila said..sounds like a book deal. Talking about a book[eat, love pray? not sure]

R/M talking about the coke in Vegas is weak
Matt saying you have to take it w/you. Matt saying if you go w/us my boys will have it. Telling how his friend breaks it down & sells it..flames

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Topic #8297744
kandio - M/A talking about love..Ryan saying he is a heartbreaker..Matt me to 0 Replies #8297744 4:04PM 17/03/2008
Matt gets his eyebrows done w/his new GF where his old GF works
Talking GF, love life
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Topic #8297795
WVpdles - nat telling matt/ryan she has a feeling the siren is gonna go off again NT 1 Replies #8297795 4:07PM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - Nat - BB's gonna save you, you're probably their favorite. NT #8297813 4:08PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8297868
kandio - N/M/R talking about the siren is going to happen 2 Replies #8297868 4:14PM 17/03/2008
Nat has a feeling. Nat came out so they are done talking, going inide

S/J/S/C J: saying everyone came here for the money, not to be friends. We all employees for CBS. Nobody is better that anybody.
Sheila saying you put me up & took me down..James said e took her down for game play nothing else
J saying there is no 5 people 1st place.
J: saying it does not make since that they voted me back.
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Tara555 - Same with S NT #8298008 4:25PM 17/03/2008
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bb9tramps - when you post "J" we don't know if u mean Josh or James! NT #8297999 4:24PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298018
FrouFrou - James going on tangent about everyone wanting fame. Says he misses his bike. NT 1 Replies #8298018 4:25PM 17/03/2008
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WVpdles - James did it for Sheila NT #8298028 4:26PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8298025
FrouFrou - James saying he is having a grumpy day. Saying he blasted Sheila about the acting thing. NT 0 Replies #8298025 4:26PM 17/03/2008
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