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Topic #8303677
rg1 - Sheila and Nat talking in boat room 0 Replies #8303677 10:36PM 17/03/2008
Nat: James doesn't mind if we put up Josh and Shar
Sheila: we have to win back to back HOH
Sheila:recapping her convo with James from earlier about how MAtty never went after him (James), talking about how Ryan has screwed everyone over. She'll talk to Adam
Nat: (about Sharon) she's silent but deadly
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Topic #8303683
catgurl - they think Chels is going to vote for Matt to stay. NT 0 Replies #8303683 10:37PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8303692
rg1 - Matt now over by hot tub with Chelsia and Ryan. Ryan saying that Jen hated Alison just because she was 0 Replies #8303692 10:37PM 17/03/2008
sleeping in the same bed with him
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Topic #8303713
rg1 - Sheila: But, I just need to know, why did you tell me that it was 50/50 as to whether or not you were voting for me 1 Replies #8303713 10:39PM 17/03/2008
NAt: just now this, the reason I said that is because Sharon was sitting right there and I didn't want anyone else to hear
Sheila: they're going to turn us against each other
Sheila: hopefully Matt won't be alone on his birthday, he can have a birthday party with us.
(missed some of the convo)
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WVpdles - Sheila says they(M/N) owe her for saving matt AGAIN NT #8303739 10:42PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8303733
rg1 - Sheila just told Nat that she told Matt that if he stays, he needs to change beds 0 Replies #8303733 10:41PM 17/03/2008
they need to seperate.
Earlier while playing pool, Matt told Nat that if he stays, he would be moving out of her bed
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Topic #8303756
rg1 - Sheila: the minute I left Adam's bed, no one knows where we stand. I have Adam's back but no one knows that 'cus we sleep seperately NT 0 Replies #8303756 10:43PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8303770
rg1 - Sheila just told Nat that she's a 46 yr old woman and is alone in this game (right after she just finished telling her that 0 Replies #8303770 10:44PM 17/03/2008
she and Adam have each others backs)
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Topic #8303860
mrmac - Sheila tells Nat that she (Nat) is "psychic" [ed. LOL] NT 0 Replies #8303860 10:50PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8303866
rg1 - Sheila is telling NAt that she needs to stop predicting what is going to happen in this game and not to get crazy about it because 0 Replies #8303866 10:51PM 17/03/2008
it drives everyone nuts - just relax and enjoy your stay here, it's not all about Mattie

Nat says that wnenever she has something to say (about game scenario), no one listens to her
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Topic #8303920
catgurl - Matt, Ry and Chel by the hottub talking about the HG's 'dirty little secret'. 0 Replies #8303920 10:56PM 17/03/2008
Chel doesn't know what her's is, they think Ry and Jen being together was their secret, Ry says Matt is a sex addict. They've discussed Ali being a pro gambler and swinger. Alex is well off and owns his own company. Matt thinks Nat is still stripping, Chel doesn't know what her secret is. A-Baller, they think, is a pro bowler.
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Topic #8303938
rg1 - Talking about their intros for the show - Adam is bowling, they think he may be a 0 Replies #8303938 10:58PM 17/03/2008
professional bowler and that's why they call him ABaller. Chelsia says hers is lame, she was wearing something she couldn't so they gave her a little kids jacket, hers was shot in her bedroom and she had to take everything on her walls down. Matt says he was doing chest presses and they asked him to name off all the girls he had sex with, filmed him on the roof of his apartment hammering something

Ryan not talking about how his and Jen's intro's were filmed differently
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Topic #8303939
staydownmtown - Matt, Chel and Ryan talking about bb matching up the houseguests NT 0 Replies #8303939 10:58PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8304126
lakeview - Sheila/Nat in boat room in dark 0 Replies #8304126 11:14PM 17/03/2008
Sheila/Nat talking in the dark.

Sheila recounting her conversation with James.

Sheila: ... single parent ... son ...

Sheila: [Ryan] screwed everyone.

Sheila's going to talk to Adam about the vote.

Nat saying Chelsia is silent but deadly type.

Sheila says it's not definite yet. Chelsia's just leaning.

Sheila says James knew Ryan screwed him.

Sheila: he's leaving with $10K. [Ryan]

Nat says she didn't get in the middle of that Ryan/Sheila fight. Sheila says it hurt her when she said 50-50.

Sheila: why did you tell me Adam and Matty weren't going to vote for me.

Nat says they were listening.

Nat says her and Matty will protect Sheila.

Sheila saying it'll be either 3-3 or 4-2. Matty can have his birthday party with us. Ryan's birthday isn't for a while. Matty shouldn't have to sit by himself on his birthday.

Sheila: Josh hasn't been on the block.

Sheila saying she told Matt to talk to James. Sheila telling Nat that Matt will move out of his bed. It'll help their game in the future.

Sheila: you have to separate.

Sheila: James said he wasn't going back in the bed with Chelsia.

Sheila saying it was a bad move for Ryan to sleep on the floor in the other room.

Sheila saying she still has Matt's back.

Sheila: Next time, come talk to me if I'm on the block. Nat: ok, ok.

Sheila says she is alone and is a 45 year old woman. It's horrible.

Sheila knows that people are calling her crazy and James is talking smack about her in the diary room.

Sheila is questioning her sanity. Was this the right thing to do for her son? But she'll never have the chance to do this again. She likes her job as a single parent. She feels like she's a celebrity as a single mom. This is just an experience. She'll walk out and say I can't believe I did that and I'm so glad I did.

Sheila: Nat, you should lean on the females in this house instead of Matty. You can talk to me about anything.

Nat: they're trying to break us up. Sheila agrees.

Sheila: this is a new season. you need to stop pretending you know what's going to happen enxt. Next week, Joshua - goodbye. Here it is: stop thinking about the game. Relax some time. I know this is big to you, but let the game happen to you rather than predicting what will happen. Relax on it.

Sheila: you are probably a little psychic but don't go crazy about it. Relax and enjoy your stay here. It's not all about Matty. Enjoy it.

Sheila: they're down and out. they wake up in a bad mood.

Nat saying "next couple weeks you will hear the siren".

Nat saying whenever she has something to say (except for Sheila) everyone just discounts her. No one listens to her.

Sheila: there are not any more couples in this house.

Sheila saying everyone's going in 2s (thinking Ryan's out on Wed.) Sheila thinks it'll be J/C, M/N and A/S in the final 6 therefore.

Sheila thinks the title of the season still means something.

Sheila: think about it.

Nat asks if she should talk to James. Sheila says no. Let Matty do what he needs to do. It'll just piss James off.

Sheila says James said "go with your gut". Sheila doesn't trust Ryan [I think that's what she said] He want protect her from that psycho out there.

Sheila asking if Nat was going to lock her up in the boat room. Nat saying they were going to prank her. Sheila: why me???

Nat says it was after the POV prank. Sheila says wasn't mad about that.

Nat saying play another prank on Sheila because she's a good sport. So they said they'd lock up. Sheila: why? what would I do?

Nat saying it was mostly Ryan and Joshua, etc.

Sheila's glad they didn't do it. She'd've been pissed.

Nat says Ryan slammed the door shut and that's why it is still broken.

Sheila: Let James make the decision. Matty's trying to campaign. Ryan isn't. That's not smart.

Sheila: let them work it out Natalie.

Sheila says she will tell Adam that she's going to keep Matty. "Let's see what happens". Sheila had already told Adam that she was going to keep Ryan.

Sheila/Nat talking again about how Josh has never been up. Sheila: why isn't he up?

Nat: he's been sleeping all day.

Sheila: do not tell him anything tomorrow. [Josh] Don't tell him anything.

Nat says Josh was trying to get info out of her earlier today.

Nat: if James/Chelsia save Matty, there's no reason to go against them now.

Sheila: [Josh] They should put a muzzle on him. He's is worse than Dick bc Dick would say it to your face. And he would do it to a man or a woman.

Sheila: he's a trouble maker and has to go. Everybody knows it. Everybody knows it.

Nat said earlier she talked to Josh and Nat said she only knew that she was voting to keep Matt.

Nat: he's lucifer. [Josh]

Sheila: he's a sheep in wolf's clothing [??? I think I heard that right but it's backwards]

Nat's not going to tell him anything. Not going to.

Sheila: you say to James do you remember when everybody was lying to your face? why isn't Adam paying for that?

Sheila: go do your stuff with Matt in some other room. Just separate yourselves.

Nat saying again that she's bad about quick decisions [voting James back in]

Sheila thinks she can play the game and sleep at night if Matt and Adam stay.

Now they switch to talking about Keanu Reeves movies....

Sheila: Keanu Reeves is my type.

Sheila know someone who's been with him and it's a woman.

Nat thought Sandra Bullock was cute in Speed. Sheila: what happened to her? She was so beautiful.

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Topic #8304130
catgurl - flames NT 0 Replies #8304130 11:14PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8304157
catgurl - Ryan saying he has grease in a scar from ten years ago. Chel says - how long ago? Oh - I forgot you're old, er older. How old are you? 0 Replies #8304157 11:17PM 17/03/2008
Ryan says 27.
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Topic #8304367
catgurl - Nat, Matt, Chel, and Ryan by the hottub talking about digusting drunks they've been on - lots of puking and crapping and p*ssing stories. 0 Replies #8304367 11:40PM 17/03/2008
Adam joining now
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