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Topic #8531951
JanJan - J/J hating on Sheila. Sharon cackles occasionally. NT 0 Replies #8531951 11:04PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8531954
cannotsleep - James to Josh and Sharon about Sheila: You want to get rid of her but she's just f*cking useless NT 0 Replies #8531954 11:04PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532008
JanJan - Nat/Adam get lightly scolded by Sheila in kitchen for ignoring her "Hello-oh" (ed: LOL) NT 0 Replies #8532008 11:10PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532063
cannotsleep - Josh says Sheila says can push you to that edge where you're like omg, James says it's like a abscessed wound. Josh says like hearing them talk 0 Replies #8532063 11:16PM 31/03/2008
in there just makes me want to take a pillow and smother them, or take a pillow and smother myself. Josh asks Sharon if she's tired. Josh says Sheila was like, should we wake Natalie up, and they said no, let her sleep. Josh says I guess I'm going to get ready to bed, one more day of sh*t that I've been through. I've been in mother fng prison. He says he can't wait to get attacked by the paparazzi.

Josh says he used to watch the Dick at Night show on BBAD on Showtime.
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Topic #8532064
JanJan - In BR, Josh removes the mandana and gets under the covers with Sharon. 0 Replies #8532064 11:16PM 31/03/2008
He's on his belly and Sharon has her left hand on him like compulsively scratching/rubbing his back. Josh is talking about how boring Showtime gets the further the game goes and fewer people are in BB house.
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Topic #8532169
JanJan - Ry/Nat/Sheila in KT. Talking about boundaries....agree it's NOT okay for people in relationships to cross lines 0 Replies #8532169 11:29PM 31/03/2008
for game play. Flirting okay, but not making out, etc. Adam is back to join them. In BR, Josh hops out of bed, turns off lights then back to bed. J/J hating on Sheila a bit more.
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Topic #8532181
cannotsleep - Ryan says when Kimberly started to get closer to Baller the other night he said, wow we have been here a long time. Sheila says he's just not my type 0 Replies #8532181 11:31PM 31/03/2008
Natalie, Ryan and Sheila think Matty might have ruined his relationship with his ex-girlfriend because of how he messed around with Nat on the show. Talking about how Ryan couldn't kiss anyone in the pool that night because of his relationship with Jen, he wouldn't do that. Natalie says Matty didn't even tell his ex-girlfriend that he was coming on the show. Sheila talking about being attracted to Alex. Adam comes in and starts joking with Sheila. Ryan says I get more butt than a toilet seat. Adam and Ryan go outside.

Natalie says there's a boundary that you don't cross, that she would be so hurt by that if that was her.
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Topic #8532189
cannotsleep - Natalie says if she had known about Matty's girlfriend, she would've been like hold your horses buddy NT 0 Replies #8532189 11:32PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532216
cannotsleep - BB calls Natalie to the DR, Ryan says I'll finish your chick for you, she says no way leave her alone, protect her Ryan NT 0 Replies #8532216 11:35PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532245
cannotsleep - Sheila tells Adam and Ryan I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat. Adam says there's plenty to eat. Mentions she's lived in LA for about 15 years NT 0 Replies #8532245 11:39PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532251
JanJan - R/A playing tic-tac-toe. Sheila watching. NT 0 Replies #8532251 11:39PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532275
cannotsleep - James and Sharon in bed, with the lights out, stirring a bit but not talking, James in bed too. NT 0 Replies #8532275 11:42PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532299
cannotsleep - Ryan, Adam and Sheila saying this is the worst slop week ever, saying could they fake an injury so they could go to the hospital and eat real food NT 0 Replies #8532299 11:44PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8532302
JanJan - Ryan wants Sheila to do something to herself so she can go to the hospital (they are bored 0 Replies #8532302 11:44PM 31/03/2008
and he is looking for some kind of excitement). Ryan is bored and wants to eat.
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Topic #8532319
JanJan - James out of bed and in kitchen. Sheila is going to attempt to make "slop burgers". 0 Replies #8532319 11:47PM 31/03/2008
James also going to make something to eat.
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Topic #8532335
cannotsleep - Ryan says at this time of the night he just wants to munch on something, Sheila debating cooking a slop burger, she's making one for Ryan too. James 0 Replies #8532335 11:49PM 31/03/2008
comes by and considers doing something to Natalie's clay figure, Ryan says dude don't, that he's supposed to be protecting it. Now James is making some slop as well. Discussing different things to add to the slop to make it taste better.

Adam asks if James has gone to the DR, he says no, I've already blown you guys out enough for the week, that he's done.
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